Getting lost on the internet

Tuesday, July 10th

Old guy fight videos.

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You more than likely did it again last night I myself that I got busted by my wife. We're in the middle of moving. And guys who assist the minute we have short attention spans. And we're packing and I'm unwanted child shiny object. I didn't wanna do it anymore and computer is they're set down ten like there was going to be doing some work for a second. Click next thing you know how much an old guy fights. All guys fight all of those I loved watching those videos were like old guys on a bus and so once given a hard time an old man gets up our knocks him out I. You aspire to be in one of those movie yes it. And I am I I don't know lie I gravitate towards him and then I can spend. Hours will go by our older people. Gravitate towards. Adds that though they all have that ball back that debt thing that you know it's and it's almost a picture of who you are. Based upon what what you're what you're searching and what your what what you're watching. I'm sure you do it Matt you have to get your computer click date next thing you know you're in some other La La land are wasting our. Absolutely get caught up on the computers far his videos that I watch though it's. Sounds super silly but it's roller coasters. Like. People on roller coasters that videotape my point of view yeah like is if you're on the rollercoaster Kazaa was he with a roller coaster does. Do you like roller coasters in time to I withdrew many years where did like roller coasters at all in and then as soon as I was willing to start trying to again. It was like I've I have to do these roller coaster only to go sit down but I do like roller coasters are likely the guardians of the galaxy. Sure did and when you have been yelled out and get right but there's a lot of different versions of the because there's different songs in your life. I couldn't go on all the versions but I can go online and you can see what it's like it's it's nerdy but it's cool there there's there's a cool there's a cool factor do you to watch him those videos I've never gone on the New York, New York one in Vegas of the roller coaster on that it's an all right roller coaster but I am I you im gonna go in October and I wanna I wanna you tournament like this idea EU three plus -- watch that wanted the united they test your tolerance do you sit and drove it and then see. Did see what at what point you might get sick to your stomach when you're really ride it nullified door melon is going to be first thing in the morning San got a printing and that's for sure 503733. Kgo winners are numbered good morning. Good morning gentlemen he struck Iraq argue he wanted to. We're doing get rob what do you Los we sit down your computer. ETJ watt watch. Out you are all right. Hi Lou. I term occupied you're looking at actual. Well right up there and Portland or route the show a lot about it. We walked. I'm it will all all out there don't pull it out it. We're all over my older it just. And it from there on I'm if your age and I'd look a computer and yet. Watch that now quietly you'll. That date I can't quiet and I got eight at eight. You know what should I might try to fight a fire it has ordered a lot of my apartment and got out. Yeah that's you know it you're right that's kind of where where the Internet has gone it's gone it's it's taken men. The laziness of having to convert all your VHS stuff you know overnight a dvd or figure out a way to get it downloaded cellular digital copy. Someone else's already done all the work for you they've done in the footed on YouTube. Sling eloquent and he has not I don't buy all that actually or my out Google wallet on the block and pop up. Our question where is the lack of our eight report yet he never yet no you don't want order. Trap a well known him. And strong what I'll agree that look like it you're locked up light like. My wife. And I thought don't even try it he'll never be figured out there like where did it all the. Relive and in different times that's who a goes blame man turned around appreciate the call my friend. All right guys you are rocket. I didn't.