Generational breakdowns

Wednesday, April 11th

What was your biggest generation gap experience?


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Hayward is talking about a generational divide the generation gap everybody has dealt with a some of us on both sides well we were kids we always said they were gonna be the cool parent. A long weekend apparently real. Oh. I Wear dockers and a lost I lost my way on the cool meter or OK I mean we really. Hit it just somewhere along the line your belt line moves up and and you just. You lose touch now some go for comfort. Amkor anyway and that's a great way of putting this all comes out of the whole thing yesterday we jumped on Jeff one again Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg I always wanted to call and Jeff. Sitting in the hot seat from the congress and you or shocked. Least congress thinks they were that FaceBook its offer information. Those guys had no clue. What FaceBook did how it worked the questions they asked were absolutely asinine and they just work the generation that it really led to the generation gap. John dropped us an email he said biggest generation gap for me it was when I moved out of my house someone a little my girlfriend is was a huge dilemma for my parents. We finally is not resolved when we got a two bedroom apartment. Wow. The go living in sin and yes while living in sin I respect ours is I'm sure you guys they'd Nuremberg courts and are you go to your bit of an element that once we lock it down remember on the and then we can meet the medal I I'm pretty sure that that congress is Republican I'm your have those when your kid kids you're you're a few years younger than me see your generation gap. Would be different than what mine would have been my my big thing it was a Peter when going to get a paper. As when you mind if you want to go into business for yourself you have to have a major and in at that time my parents or the broad digital. Drug dealer. Not have a paid her. That was the connotation of you're right I mean if you had a page here you were up to some them no good. Maybe they. With that and your business and at that age of your page or your ball or. Like it would show an hour you know you bag the days to have an of major. And I oriented to swerve off for a second here might have been the single most disgusting thing you can ever have because we didn't we didn't have cell phones yeah then you have to go to a painful on. And wouldn't pay phones smelled more like toilets then at telephone with that was technology that was the technology that we lived in and in in my parents didn't understand. So I mean that was that that that gap there where they eating yet. The importance of communicating with my friends or with you know other people yet today other related legal wrong. And I. Think it's. I I love by a wave dearly we have been together for a long long time. My wife. Was that cool mom were right up until about three years ago when happened she'd I think she's just lost touch with technology. Doesn't understand the whole thing. And it's about one thing about our kids in the way they look for jobs. While at the out knocking on doors why are they out fill out applications on like they do they do an online and that's how you look for jobs now. That's ridiculous. It closed. At exit. People but it think about it that is an and it's hard to wrap your head around has all of us had to. Physically go to a business where there was a grocery store fast food or whatever it is we wanna get a job he would sit down on paper application. He handed it in and you waited for you know. If becoming giving an interview. Yeah you really hope for the interview right away news and have him back you know dressed up again. Or you hoped that hey call my page here.