Funniest thing Terry heard at Disneyland

Thursday, March 8th

We have all done it, mining for gold in our nose. The answer from this kid is unbelievably funny.


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Portland's classic rock that he Q3 key GO when this is the place to give you four chances a day Monday through Friday to send you to the happy its place on earth Disneyland all expenses paid for four. People take your whole family on us next chance to Getty a code word. 7 o'clock this morning but we do have four times a day 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM don't place where there is a big crowd look it's on you ruled to have the right attitude. There's pretty true you're going to run into things and look I know is saying. I some people said I have an issue with attention. And patients. It's like a light switch it's either you have it or you don't it's totally your hero and I will tell you when you won't travel with your wife. My wife is a saint on those type things them. She's Jimmy's reminders like the most secure world are going to have fun today that there are well. Like this. Here is the object here here's corduroy we're going to have bought into these are three things is your fly up. Did you go potty we're going to have fun today it's like there's an ruthless and that's exactly how was right so I adopted my six year old mindset. And I heard the funniest thing on the entire trip because I was in mice six to eight year old mode. Sometimes when you're cruising through a place like Disney. You wool. Come upon a line were to lose so we're standing in line and there was another family that was standing in front it was they had a little boy with them probably six to eight years old. And he was doing what little boys give. He was standing there Ernie when he and he went in for a deep dive finger in the nose. And I thought I saw what was going on and it in his mop his mother and I cross dies at the same time and before she could say. With you know when she was raised today. He ate the blogger and mobbed. This is about how long I'm mortified mom says because this gets so great is this get so great mom says. We don't pick our nose and we certainly don't eat our border is important and his response. I only took one. All right no rest for later. I all Clinton declined. Had a bit and a bad mood I wanna miss that gold and you know one of the funniest things did not the funniest thing no you know we have a lot and you're right.