Fun suck Big Foot

Thursday, January 18th


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I was really worried and worried about how the show was gonna go to day care is Matt fund sucked me right down in the beginning where am I don't know I didn't get a sack and he sucked the fun out of some then that I. He did he started out by gay. So. And you started out today's sock and all of fine right out of the show when he handed me a piece of paper that said there was no abominable snowman. Because there is they that you don't know that for a few days says there's they say that there Asian barriers how out of these Asian players get out in the middle of the mountains right that's all you got asked the real questions that matter right. And I was up well when I came in here because I've watched big right. Documentary last night a Netflix about bigfoot now albeit. It's from a Canadian researcher in las beyond as the comedians are a little Lucy deuce he would their research claiming they only have three great rock band's lead you to believe that. Doesn't do a lot of effort in when it comes to reconsider its all right. All I can tell you was during this documentary. This guy went out a middle nowhere. And that damn this thing happen every time. He got hacked by big pockets and the camera shot up well you could yeah pray with you Adam. That's big wood has about finding grab your Cameron's yeah they get beyond it. You're getting to know you could hear the grinding and learn and that whatever the noise that bigfoot makes. But unfortunately. His camera shot off until the very end. Any dare he got a picture of the big foot through the trees now you have to look really carefully and ask whence they actually got behind oh they actually do they actually view and like the fall all circle. Like you know like Madden would do right here both you can see the nostrils right. And you DC in Austral conflict. Now. I'm gonna believe that it's a big foot. You may not believe whatever you want on our phone I believe we have someone who really has had an encounter with a big foot right here what happened. I was security at my brother when I was seventeen models that he's now. There's a certain area that I liked it and I had the sun come up but the public act in the morning when he came up and hoping to see here and I black spot there on the apartment unit. I America that you're it was there and I are the errors I I was well into Peters net. These ports that let the air at at. So I was just. I'd lower McDonald's but any channel this. And yet I guess the question did you have a scope on your arrival we a little like get a good look at it. While the best that it would look like the scope. I don't like the the CR is that. I want it struck it well and look I guess I didn't like the site date all Selig at these big baseball like guys and we would do. There was only one. And it gained the most in all right back and I backed all I am looking at jittery and it may start. The most on in it currently. Thought I'd break out there and it got mature oh that's but rather I didn't talent two years that he when I look at. I don't mind at. That spot thirty years I've eaten there last year the papers and. That scared you read is like OK I just saw something I cannot explain I'm freaked out by. That's crazy man well hey up what will partner not the way your secret spot but can you give us like a big area where you where you think you saw bigfoot. I know a court. And he urged. Wow are it will cool man I who knows maybe bigfoot who wind surfer we we we have no idea. Right now. Maybe we or started any rumor their one thing for well two things for sure I've found a found that two things the last five minutes up one you can't question remains scope. Again as Hitler and Kirk and I think and again and they take exception you hear that what he and eighty. I the past all right kitty just assumed it and the other is you can't imply that another guy fund psyche because like that they can.