Friends shocking news

Thursday, January 11th


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So we are talking about your friends not your friends. While they could be friends and it could be your friends we drew a line at five that your number six in the friendly you don't you'd yield counting every years you're good to me. It's funny how he we'd draw these lines of demarcation right cell inside your circle of five do you feel like these people should be. Sharing their lives as you share everything about your life with them right and I am willing to bet you don't share as much as you think you share but you do expect all by sheer weight too much most of the time PBI adds and I don't want to know anymore. I hear that a lot. I'm a free spirit. I'm open I think it's the stuff that you share they don't want to hear the it's very detail oriented than it. One of my friends in the circle five. That this person a long time to get there and in Canada it's it's breach trust now when I got a vasectomy never said a word. Only the only way I found out about it was I was like can I get a tee time for this week in Europe with Gump. No wind turbines and motors and you know it's like why. Got a vasectomy really. UN did that without consulting me. We've never comes from Korea I hope that we picked you can get my approval order saying I know it's a very strange that I'm calling your doctor Victor goes the call it. You get a second opinion on this on these type of things. You said though it's happened you know I don't Ifill a joke jilted over it so I have a right everybody had in this is in my close circle of friends and. He. Used to live really close to and he disappeared. It it seemed like for probably five months I couldn't get all the it was really bizarre. To the point where I was ready to start putting missing signs up on telephone posts because they couldn't I couldn't get all the and then out of the blue he sends me a text. They says they won't go grab a beer and I'm like yes Whitney and you tell me when and where all be there conveyed you know I've been trying to get ahold of you for five months it. In and and yes I want them you know wanna catch up and see how you're doing I'm worried about it. And we get together in it was about an hour in cities like yeah. You know we sold our house we don't we don't live there anymore. Oh OK that I come at a neighbor heard rumblings that you were thinking about selling your house. Didn't yield used to live next story this Iceland external Kenya Africa and and I moved out of the neighborhood a couple of years ago and so. I knew that he was going down that path they were gonna sell outs and there are going to be in a figures and now. It was like another hour into the conversation where he goes yeah and and I got a divorce. NN no longer with with you know so and so. And we used to hang out with these these people all lot there I mean we're gonna Las Vegas with these people and he dropped that I was like oh my god I can't you know. Fell off the radar for valid time because he was going through all that goal so that in the it was frustrating because it was like. And we're we're pretty damn close lady and you call me you know I could to try to help you through some of the stuff right. It you know but he and Annie dropped and he said it is your mind number six yeah.