Foot Wash PT 2

Thursday, May 24th

To wash or not to wash?

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If you're just waking up to conversations warns about shower habits Matt is a heathen. He does not wash his previous lets the soap and shampoo who do it as it runs down across the shower floor it works it works they have no big cleans my feet there's soap all my feet. Just from that. I'd during the week on my work showered I'm making them on the weekends my long shower I struggle. So your fifty years I've got this seems like a politically correct is that you wanna be in both camps rates and grow. It's really a big daddy had to take. You belong in a popular shower. I just walked off the ball. You take showers network during the weekend and on the weekends you're home. Now I'd. We're gonna work in the wake up and great cop and then although again when I hit a really long hours and I usually of ninety. All right so your I'm gonna give how many you partial credit both Kansas a 5050 dead into. Are all right all take your word for it. I kgo I would he do man you wash your feet or you just let the so front over your nose. I'm Matt Jenna and her water broke out. And so that I'm doing a repeat our. How many pairs of shoes do your key I'd nails cut through like middle of the month when you haven't done your main. The it. All right man hey thank you appreciate the skull. I thought it. Thank you. I kgo and we're talking about feet so Matt let the soap run over his feet direct way and now I'd say the Gregg would be a wash your feet what do you say. Well actually hit me very good at talking about the jet the other day are my life but I got a jet shouting governor urged like picked my. And she would bite you're not even sure legs. On the other I want adults I know what they think well. So that gentle and I bet that's. Our south you go bet your line of demarcation in your junk I'll love it all of them text that was your life completely freaked out by that. Our. We're it was just very that I did you know Russia what Atlantic. Craft a path. So are you gonna switch now become a full launcher and I would hopefully washer. Well I leave the leg archer all have been about about my. So we're talking about the thing about foot washing when you're taken a shower what do you do deal wash your feet. Or do you just let the soap run down mats and let the soap kind of guy ran down. Cross is big giant square feet it works are you in the norm are you a heathen when it comes to washing your feet. Anywhere either don't watch or street. Just eat. That's the outweigh the odd 1000%. My friend. Don't want companies start at the top and you work your way all the way up or down zip between your goes up automotive speak. In my arms or at least six people are correct arc arc toward. The end times or the UBJ. Old man told me one time Mon you take care of people on you who are. There you go right as far as let's live by that motto appreciate the call Patrick. I kgo and where to start about washing your feet Mack and Matt and he then he doesn't largest feat the so brands over at what do you deal. Well I'd do well I'm sick sort court to order and ship it back out and I got a large my feet are out of Europe there. You are or who are. Well I love the way that finger steal the three close. Our market I've got to go guys why you've got a also. All right this is really good. Good then they got like a 900 member back in those days that is gonna creepy oh my god should see what you're missing out on their man. They good unless. He analogy would be.