Flu protection

Wednesday, January 10th


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Lou I'm a lot freaked out news has got me down got me worried. Must involve sickness. I can't the most outs my day I met in my financial advisor the organ lottery and I cracked open and there might. My powerball MI Mega Millions tickets that I knew were winners us as well. 00. Oh NC how strong is daddy you jail when included in the reader. And as I'm reading my cards I noticed this lady walk union. And it caught my attention because she adamantly the couple overhead image was barely move being. And I'm like. Ohno should count to a buying like you know the sick walker irons talking Denish all mile just this item a zombie right and she just walked right up to the counter and like there's a line you know me go to plaid pantry around noon they're usually aligned right steps up and just go country from the line. You mean anything for its teams. It's moves. It did you feel it yeah the duct a year on the sitting there and I'm like oh Mike and you like watch the whole line. Step back one guy puts his arm up over his nose because you know we are in ground zero for blue for the flu right now. Pacific northwest is exploding. With the flow and the fact that you were in the same building as this woman all Mike Garcia an hour. Two things a McCain is a Walgreens less than two blocks away why did you come in here. Eight watt what did you crave and how some one because someone draw over there what that person get out of the car right and our site. I'm exposed. And you know that I am not I'm not I don't have the I'll get the flu shot even though I got the flu last year. I won't get the shot for one reason in particular and that's worth the news is Demi freaked out I don't leave them I don't trust them. Last year's flu shot was 40%. These -- effectiveness is ten purse and this year it's weird weird I don't really I don't do the flu shot either but I. I don't fault people for doing it the doors I think they've it's weird the way that they figure out the flu shot the air of the flu vaccine because. They have to take a gas that would strain is going to be the big one. And they guessed wrong this year we think by now that they would have a better. So it's that. And to get dark and my thought over they're given a hit or are aligned to yell at them the TV weatherman. And all the time I know that's exactly how and he's got a weather wield their TPC when he throws he spins it throws like a big lawn jar and when he hits it when it's what the weather is for the day I don't look back I think it's exactly a -- picture that guys with those old doctor metal -- on -- that. It's that we got this is the magic mix ours is the one that's gonna work part doctor part scientist truck. It was on the phone who works in health care is his dad isn't inaccurate you wanted because it depends upon which strain you have you guys. Freaking out over the whole fluke thing oh. Hillary. I was concerned about slew of they are more concerned about publishing that people don't even look how. He says when you work in health care do you guys like John the backroom ago. Oh man you gotta take this one no we're drawn straw right. Now you can block up might well put under arrest. Should turn out Deirdre. Why is that when you're not work the pay really close its instances your round table we'd like everybody my dad to everybody I'm like if you have. Compromised immune system which your own or pregnant or elderly or not you know it to a cure communion. Even health care workers they got there they got their move this time of the year and a gimme too. These are your moves it to do is elect everybody has a move whether they're willing to admit it or not to prevent getting sick and to get their keep from getting the flu outside of joining getting a vaccine in an animal a debate getting the vaccine may yet I'm not a doctor it's your choice me I'm not doing it not would success rates just too low for me percentage so I have to go to alternative measures. Have alternative medicine. Number one outside when I come here. If you if you see me I always have my moto cross gloves on the stand here. I know the temple in this building cynical I only got a couple here I go to the gym motor cross gloves on I go to the grocery store motor cross close on that shopping cart. Everywhere and by the way when I get home I washes steering wheel. On my car in case you forget to put a motor cross gloves on I really. Watching an episode Dexter. And it's not. Now here's the next level of what I'm thinking about going through and I know you're gonna go wait a second year way way too vain. I'm thinking about dawning of the doctor mask everywhere I ago. You wouldn't do that window then when air quality was terrible why we know is that this I was trying to prove how tough I was then and I am getting sect. No I talked to her in he went public golf all day and pledged Wear the mask. Yeah. I hey how you got the flu last year I had had it 25 years I do not want it again. The mask is coming into play I'm just like everybody. Everybody has a move made you stop I opt out be perfectly honest I huddle in place. This time a year but he mean you huddle implies don't go very many places by I like I hermit like literally the cupboards are bare. And in our house because I'm calm panicky to go out have you stopped drinking anything like out let. Me know I minds and know Ira and I think that kills the Durham its well I think he did pick easy there's some tough. And I.