First day on job screw up

Thursday, June 14th

Worst invention of all time according to kids?

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They were talking and we're talking about first day on the job screw ups. Science. Says there is a 5050 chance that this is gonna happen to you. When you go to the first day on the job now we've all had our first day on the job where we are screwed up. Kenny. Dropped an email to us. And this takes the first day screw ups that are really going to think about this isn't as I'm share in this email with you. Kenny says I was going to school to be a dentist. First day working on alive patient. I leaned in to do some tool work I guess that's a dental term probably on the Houston used in the scrapers the hooks and you know all Macau looking tools and seek. On a trailing me not wanna go to the net gas exactly. He's out so nervous my stomach was just in knots and twisting all over the place as they leaned in. I couldn't stop him. Hoping to break into a tape yeah but I. And this thing. I'm glad they're going after one Bert what do you I mean I there have that we just donors he has keep. I mean you had your way so I'm glad to say I don't do that anymore keep up the good work guys you ever stop and think about that. Doctors and dentists and nurses. They have their first day on the job to mean what do they have to sneeze. All right you know give me the game stands I have annoyed you with those things are they spread the body open and also in. While ago. I think those masks. All my guy you never stop and think about that the people that you go and see that know every infinite detail about you. Had to start somewhere somehow. In their career which means. They had to made a mistake or two along the way doesn't matter what you do you've made a mistake and a big ones though if you do 5050 chance it could happen to you on the job.