Fathers Day getting lucky

Friday, June 15th

Gauranteed to get lucky

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We started the week off. Really bring in the like the elephant in the room Father's Day to rip off. In comparison to Mother's Day and you have to and that is not to say that moms are deserving American League yet they absolutely are. But dads we are aware you know we're talking to the curb where we are and I mentioned this word from May Day. Of of holiday yeah it's not in the same category at all right there's not because we have to Cheryl grad threaten and showed dads tend to gad. The short end of the stick when it comes to the parents' day whether mom. Big huge thing parades do you see commercials for five weeks out dad's day. Correct in its most people even know Sunday is Father's Day so we started to build this alternate list of gifts now listen and tell me if you kind of sense a theme here. Are they well I am I've given myself a gift my out when and why is that what you wanted to. At a moderate or more early goal to ride on or like ordered by a larger you know might buy it. Yeah I'd do you know it in a beauty you're you're corporate Cabela's morning Dicey and they're always want it. Every. They you know what the boat or guided. Yeah. That's the time away from the family know what the yeah but. You're right you wanna have time to have a beer why your fish and right. You know they say about teach a kid to finish. At all or. Thanks for the call buddy appreciate it and that is that that's just the sample of some of the things he can find in a cage UN dot com our whole Father's Day. Gift list. But in our quest to find these gives we didn't figure out. There's some big cost when it comes to data in comparison to mom gives them. Dad's stuff is expensive. Howard just hit us an email he says all I want for Father's Day is be sitting in my chair feet up on a stool foot rub will lotion my favorite ice cream. And it TV's clicker in my hand foot rub the lotion there's a different purpose. Fat that's all and maybe a nice meal keep up the great work coward so he's sort of gone down a path that would be. A freebie right. It's so the mother of all freebies right. Would be is to stay in that category holidays where you get that guaranteed sex. Is it. Is it in that isn't in that can't because you know it's an unwritten rule on your birthday no matter what you get him. Break you know you may not get that all year long but you get it on your birthday or you should if it's. That's high level men here you're adamant about you should understand it's an unwritten law. But as far as follow Tuesday. From a this why did that voters is not a day of guaranteed. Why he's hit one easy apologist I did think about it goes back to the roots well that's how you got to Father's Day your right about that but it the last thirteen years is not just the way we're gonna let it. There's not an eight why why do you say that I need you do you go into the game. Think in the owners know winning can win this game ready going to leg into that gained on. You had today is day. Yet to you have to start laying down the center the center of a hook of a hook up and that's probably not the right word now that. Ha ha ha ha. We have disorderly betrayal trail yeah a lit the conclusion. End and the gift that you really want that's a difference because on your birthday shouldn't have to leave that trail right and at others they was that the idea of guaranteed. It should be without having to to leave that trail without having to set up all the ground work. Without having to work for it so let me just put this in the back to your brain and email literally receives the while there's a Freudian slip you an email that I relieved. An email that I received from Casey. Casey says it by the way the email is titled. Captives may be question mark. She says no guarantees man. My husband works anyways in her son has a baseball tournament it's supposed to be stupid hot and depending on how well the idea of getting home. Around nine to ten on Sunday night is a real possibility. I'll probably be sunburned and exhausted capitalized. And still have to work the next day so no. No guarantees. He knows where he stands there exactly where where where that situation may be so if you're gonna put that guarantee in the play this weekend no. That on the other side it may be to wait to be easy and don't have. Super high expectations interesting that the heat came into in the players do and high ZLX stupid hot. Which is true when it's Cuban side in a matter what day it is or what guarantee. Can I just gonna get a rain check when it's a little cooler.