Fathers Day gets no respect

Wednesday, June 13th

No more ties and socks.

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Sunday is going to be like all other father's days and I'm basing that basing that on what the number one Father's Day gift is this year always if you didn't even realize that once Father's Day. I was driving home yesterday and we get a whole thing at the end of the show. One like it's going. He so we do this week and I have no idea. And then it was like one who got things in my white male what's up what's Father's Day. That's how disconnected. My Father's Day is from the entire world. You just wanna be able to say I don't know what am I doing this week yes I question my yes Beckham he will actually what I'm doing is we. Acts just like when it comes a Mother's Day jag can't take production he really is a mean Hanson warns I get it. We love our mothers we really do. Both fathers day. Where were a second class holiday you know you know where we're like or like May Day. That's I mean are what was the last and he really celebrated May Day yeah you know throw bombs through the front of a business window right now and he thought that usually goes on him May Day around here you know it's it's it's one of those kind of things you know and as you so brilliantly. Pointed out. It's unfortunate we're Father's Day lands we have to share Father's Day would grads and I think grabs and let's be honest when your child graduates it's far more important than Father's Day yeah but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't get a chance to celebrate. Number one pollard's they gift this year. Meet scented candle. I don't wanna meet scented candle hilarious I wouldn't want one either if I'm gonna smell that meat I wanna be able to eat the meat is exactly right handle. So we we would like to us public service not as a whiny. Mainstreaming. Situation you know because our guys do we we man straight from time to time we do is get in those moods. This is our weekend as dollars. We ought to just put together a wish list. They give us as. Your Father's Day Santa clause. 503733. Kgo winners are fun ever because we don't want you begin. Pair of socks. Pair of socks is not a great gift it's just not now. I'd rather go to 7-Eleven and get a big goal. And a pair of socks yes. That's just me that would got a package of socks is that Pakistan does not as much different than a pair of socks a package of socks. Because I'll be honest there's nothing like news Sox not the Sox feel pretty Iraq. Come on but Joseph has just gotten wind OK okay are. That's trying to figure morning woods. I in my car that revision of those. In other talking about Boston a big production it's because on is there rated hardest job in the world. Our new our argue that it is our job. You don't think yeah you don't think dad's work just as hard. Although I'm not bothered amateur and well in the gap that bombs that are eight. They've figured every day I mean they're incredible look at any. I I don't disagree with you on that bit c'mon. Aside from the hallmark moment here you know there have been times you're like and yeah okay I I didn't need another pair work boots. I get it'd be certain way yes certainly. You know little it's. Yeah it inside and I are as that you are you're obligated to bite me either. Yeah it is that Hewlett they have you know. So we're Graeme McDowell moms are special we get it but if you could put something on that list this year. That damn you want it what is it. He's. He's stereo deep birdie gamble everything. It's always a big ticket item that's why guys that's where again as we get we get through there's nothing inexpensive. In dad's worldly compile on a list appreciate the call and thank you. I'd kgo and you had been well what do you wanna put on that list. Public IP and sure. They're always want. Every. Are they art it would bode well regarded. Yeah. That's not the time away from the family. Or what but at the Buick right you and have time to have a beer while you're efficient right. You know they say about teach a kid to fish. Or or. Thanks for the call buddy appreciate it good morning Joseph what he won and a list what this figure would be your. Like right we're here for the rye whiskey is there any rye whiskey in particular that you go through. Well there's so warm cold Alberta. That's a good one for members of bullets stopped the good one. All to pneumonia bulletin van dam would bird rise pretty good man I mean there's like 25 others you have in your ass back their own share because. That's a very reasonable gift to give her Father's Day. You know and I hope we have it was a. What's what's one of the low lights that you got in the past as a dad. All you don't just occurred. At. Mile Odyssey I don't mind a card I and I I would jokingly telling Matt this morning. I wouldn't mind a handmade card for my adult kids because it would probably be funny and I would frame it. There. When I don't want is another T shirt that says world's greatest dad I. Her popular a right it's too much pressure I don't wanna have to represent that there is they had out there that says world's world's okay is dad that I Woodward that. They go to money yeah until I agree with your I'm with stupid shirt with the arrow into your left forever. Exactly go straight ahead do you. Sort of aura through what are well thank you thanks okay the. What we're working on is a that the quintessential. Perfect. List of gifts for Father's Day this year wanna get a couple more before we got to get daddy here what do you think arm. Rick from all of our order that we do. Mo in the long arm contract now a hundred. You know all our hard earned record your view. They would argue that that's what your work week is nothing. How happier and. It. What alternate pretty. Then by god got me because we are mob. Mob and an all electric and give it. I'll like we are gone with that that's a great suggestion thank you so much and thanks for listen men enjoy your Father's Day. I kgo and it. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the quintessential problems date yep. It takes the pressure off of everybody concerned. What is our line up card. I don't Carter if you dollar gift card or whatever money you're gonna ban on the use. Lame brain yes you're gonna worry about it like Eminem. That doesn't have to pretend that he likes a larger eager to share your total Linear course. Or just part of our traceable so strip club. They've got out of jail free card or an armored citizen says. Or talk kinda but actually gotten. Back to somebody's yard. I would agree with the Allen that is a fantastic. Idea of the gift card he can't go wrong. They have a great Father's Day a great weekend my friend. Yeah edge rusher you're a great not an amount a lot of insight on the radio. Day amassing great dad I'm I'm probably on this suspect level but I have a great we get men. You it's your guys arguments. All of the fact that you know nothing says Father's Day like untraceable Latin dance for her and I and that's a.