Dumb Injuries 2

Wednesday, June 27th

Are you in the club?

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Stupid lazy don't hurt yourself this all came out of a story about Chicago. Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow. Economic short in the locker supposed to pitch. Throughout his back. Bob Dunn dumb things and then. It started to get a little bit weird. It started when Matt talking about getting a Thoreau wrote cramp when he on the moon had and you went through this. Unbelievable explanation of how you Robin out there and you know anytime you hear that term of course Arabic chuckles yeah it's just like. You get a crimping your leg you're trying to you know get the nod out or whatever it is it's it's becoming not up there. And he got a guy got to figure out how to get it out and I and may have a common thing I've never heard anything so bizarre love a hold of the guy goes Diana yank its program. I said you know in order for it to be legit. You need to have. Three days Germany's jobless well. Call it agree with Matt that I get pro am and what I. He had that hell had any energy on. Yeah it's weird yeah I thought you guys wanna have a club that's all it is now others Hillary if you guys can now have the throat cramp or club. The TCC. Where he had never happy when I was younger and then this one time I let it out literate you know they got to go let's get a little bit and it's just cut and the lump in. There birds are really got you get a leg rub it out. Yeah I left I expect. Are right why well John since you made three ominously it's a legit thing. Here are pretty honest John yeah Mikey GO land. OK and on the third person I'd have done that before actually the formula out here are the horse that pulls it in our program berg. Can't solve my god now I got another line on email that is the fifth. Jerry. You're near yeah that was. One thing out again this year Mao the little quick story we're idea. A one time before out of state something was legal here in origin and it wasn't about the beer. I was standing on my buddy and we're looking at my 6970. Q Ford Ranger what are or pick up. And there was a been X honestly get the man apple and it just. I going because it's right there with an ankle why are we just push a gatherer. I put my two finger Lama pot Matta Oprah Kennedy. I think are swallowed up the bagel blisters because I would just that I like him believe it either I was a lot of pain but the throw one man and on yeah I have done that. And they had a cramp and you just can't generator Palawan you're like oh what better stop a terror bring up Mike aren't. How surprised were you the first time that happened. You know you know what I did when I did it I was secure what got you got to crack on the public pampered get a yard and and it was a need all the way down from my. Basically the bottom my job was surprised that it hurt so bad. Them the added Kerry who just hit a Sonny knows idiots actually to throw at some awesome between my chin in my neck. Hurts like a bit down. Now that the one of the credit that yeah he says member club you yeah. Yeah. Yeah gender rhetoric period. No I won't I'll I'll I'll I'll buy don't bit of radio I now have a club I can join a pet never. I am just shocked at how many people got this program and I never ever heard of liquor may have because if this hasn't happened to you you don't leave and other people's eyes drew it up Travis here in this program club. Absolutely you know at I think it's funny because I didn't think it happened anybody else but it just randomly happened that rewards already on. And I'll get what this program and it's it's quite painful and I got to do the same thing I gotta like rub my throat kind of like. On an hour shift yeah. I'm yawning out Intel right now he told anyone about this because I've always kept it kind of a secret. And you know my wife taught me one time when I was yawning and I are. A little of what's going on here and I'm like I got this trip might draw I don't know I just have to look. What what was your wife's reaction. You allow them. Yet that's that's interesting. We got on this whole thing you know we're we got. To this point was about weird ways we vineyard ourselves now that's weird I had to Delhi Travis I think it's weird. I mean not close the only woman happens you can eat that apple and anybody else but I guess. More of us. What Travis appreciate it gone because I injured myself in a really weird way last week yet even home out on this one. I'm holding out because two reasons. My wife was there when I hurt myself and I was asleep. Are right when I hurt myself. When I pulled some of my bodies. On how I hurt myself. I think it's funny now after the fact but their reaction has me worried oppression share the story. Because it was like silence and then. Hug a I don't know what to say to that and so may be Yuri you on in pain. Is it is weird is the way I hurt myself last week I think I can tell it on the radeon and I'll do my best next year in 93 kgo when.