Dr Demento pt 2

Thursday, January 18th

DR Demento is town this weekend.


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Let's classic rock NET three key GO and good morning steering Boyd's world yesterday after the show we had an opportunity to pay. Can act. Now did you even do this right now you did not know how important doctored amana was in my world I didn't know moon we are set this up it was a very nonchalant and then all of a sudden it it was almost like you're trying to hide that I was because I was I I rarely feel nervous they're really feel are rarely feel. Pressured. Any U miner mr. from earlier in the show but it was the doctor dement OSHA that got media as a young kid to go listen I wanna work eighty moon. Then you know that affected a lot of people that are in radio and you actually asked some pretty good question because there are places around town where you can meet up with doctored amana. A doctor to man you guys are going to be in town over the weekend at Reed College. What's likely to come back to Portland did you attended reed college and they're gonna come back in and and do some Summers there. Not political compact era every year in January when they have an independent study program and that I can talks so. I'm gonna do my life in dementia. Are going to do the like music Frank Zappa and I'm going to do pulled from the beginning which fits right in with this new album. When you first started on back to Reed College did you go back and run ended teachers who gave you a tough time. When you were a student nick and may slow when a different way right. I mean by the time I started coming back there I wish. Starting to make a name in the world I was one of the better don't alumni national sort joint get respect even if they didn't. Well always appreciate my work before I wish I would not mean most brilliant student but I've I've certainly. Eight something an idea they always give. Props to Reed College the but he taught me how to think about what to think that out of. They were talking would doctored a meadow in John camp hero punk rock legend John you looking forward to coming to Portland as well. Absolutely yeah that's going to be a blast the fact that I'm in addition is that docs to lectures it read we're also going to be doing signing at a Q and at music millennium on Saturday at about 3 o'clock. So the dock and I'll be there to answer questions for anybody that would like to talk about the project or even just the doctors courier or some of the other things that I've been involved list. And then we're gonna find records for everybody that anybody that packs a copy of doctor dement a covered in Hong ball the docket I will sign none. And we have a special treat in that the first fifty people that buy the records they're also and get a special cockroach that it Cincinnati trading card. Which is the song that the missed its cover on the albums signed by Jerry only of the benefits. Just really cool man you guys are gonna dig hang in at a music millennium teary courier has done. Such a great job would music millennium and I mean that data is like a ball and two itself. And then I always stop by there would I come to town and we're really looking forward to it's gonna be a lot of fun in fact we're gonna shoot some footage there so everybody in the Portland area that comes down to see us. Will end up in the footage and might end up in the future doctor demands a documentary. Really really cool man. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule look forward to seeing you guys this coming weekend. Well thank you know not great pop new terror you don't forget state. And yeah yeah and. Now that right there that was the bed just. I items on him and I was like 78 years old maybe nine. He said your name and I know it they are like that out I was just yeah you Gloria I I've I act absolutely did.