Dr Demento pt 1

Thursday, January 18th

DR. Demento changed my life.


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Portland's classic rock and 83 KG went to morning Terry boys were monetary I'm Matt and Dow yesterday after the show. We had a chance to sit down with somebody that. And I was a little spun out to be for a you may think I'm completely clowning. When I say this but we're gonna play it for you were real time here in this second a segment from the interview that we did. Any in our career would what do you think your thousand plus interviews maybe with people they know if they're right Ingram charette and for the public it's cool and we've had good interviews we've had good experiences we've had bad interviews bad experiences. The bad ones are on us there's never a bad inner interview to bad interviewers. Are rarely if he gets spun out. And yeah I think I'm crazy when I tell you who it is does this person is in town all week. All weekend do you have a chance to go on hang out with them. It's doctored a Manto right doctored a man no radio legend and you'll see why. In the course of this short little segment from the interview from yesterday as to why I was so spun out and this is real time how it really happen. Titus is joined us. Aero and doctor dement so. How are you guys great. So. I have to tell you I'm on DD and I rarely ate Guinea but I'm giddy for two reasons John you are an icon in the world upon music. But I but I have to say something to doctor dement though. Doctor demand so you literally. Changed my career path and course in life as a young kid. I would listen to came ET I believe we your home station at that time correct right. And I would Sunday afternoon I think I was I don't know 678. Years old and fish heads fish heads Raleigh politte fish heads. Eat them up yum. I love that song I would drive my prayer request. Right and that would drive my parents nuts and I thought. Man this dude is so cool this is what I wanna do for a living. Anybody who drives kid's parents not have to be up. Exactly your and so doctor amount you mentioned that. He sheds most requested. Song in your history. What you but he also bring up weird Al who is probably the most iconic. Parity song writer try hard to argue with the success. That that he has had. Art. How did it come to beat EU were able to discover him or he. Discovered Yule or you may in your eyes gazed at each other and you knew now you're up there they should be. Well it would audio. You get like thirty years or cassette every week. I have it would sometimes be a short list to took them but when I put down enough that the first cassette that we are now that they. It is really jumped down I mean just achieved record economic cassette portable machine. But. It has present his point jump right out there. And the lyrics were funny and then there were he accompanied not on the accordion. And it wasn't a Paul Kruger anything like that Hitler deplete the accordion from playing along with rock and roll records and Elton John and things like that. Before you met and did you have an idea of vision of what you might think he looked like because. You know we've had the act occasion hang with him many times he's changed very little over the years. The first time I met him this current native dress up so we have a new device. Two K I've only twice in my life of slavery you know whether you tie the other time which is where it. Sacramento is who were talking we yesterday after the show and there's more that will surely be a little bit later on in the show. As to where you can see him this weekend hang out and there're there are several places actually around down. And they have some cool things that are gonna doctor Tamara is gonna new album out covered him punk. And that's why John. I would butcher his last name kept hero of was. Alongside them know fully on the details and probably after seven. It Airways and thank you for allowing me mad too. You know he's got. Geek out hog up a lot of the the questions is doctor MLB bring ever really get one a little bit later on so probably at 7 o'clock due to ask you the rest of the doctor dement though interview.