Don't buy a house on a bend

Thursday, December 21st

My father always said don't live in a house on a bend.


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So how bodies Sydney yesterday. On the show we're talking about things you can't live down right. Yeah no matter how much you apologize. No matter how much time goes by. You can't live it down. Last I'm sure by now you've seen it and if not will open the pictures up on kgo in FaceBook page Evan Turner the blazers. I imagine yesterday when this happened he was probably asleep in his home. And eight dump truck was coming down the hill. By his house like one of those big big dump truck right double ax one of them. In a loss the brakes to dismiss the turner whatever went through the guard rail. And I can only imagine what the driver was thinking at this point because the pictures that I saw in the paper. Look like you're gonna fall right into downtown Portland he lives. Evan Turner must live right up there you know on the West Hills right up right up on that Brett I mean literally right over everything's a cliff basically pretty much and the only thing that caught the dump truck miss the house. Landed in his swimming pool. After the pool. Just the deck in some and glass real that's it now but the guy I was like you know pain in the water right in the truck. And that's probably a saving grace that we elect our this is uncomfortable but I'm still alive button. That ball geared up falls into the category right like I would imagine. You're never gonna live this down Evan Turner is gonna remember that forever he's always going to be known as the black eye and a blazer remember that dump truck went into his speculated swim people giving all the crazy stories he probably hasn't his life from traveling around playing basketball right mrs. gonna be repair at the top I bring it up because listener Jennifer yesterday after we were done. Made a comment on FaceBook about it she said she ran into a house when she was twenty years old she says I'm 43 and it still comes up. Right and it and as I was as I was looking at that story two things popped into my head number wine. Was debt from the time I was like six years old my father used to say constantly. Never buy a house on a bent. Never buy a house and a bit into the car is always gonna land in the town never buy a house on a bend. To this today. That burden in my head to where I have been out looking for a home with my wife. Lobbed a house no edits on a bend you can buy a house on a bent for. Meal is always in like even in the neighborhood that where the streets vacant T yeah in if you were on the end of that basically the street coming to an end. You don't buy a house when I was younger it would to me in a neighborhood where the that street was was kind of hill. And someone's breaks went out in it just the car just rolled downhill and crash rate into the house. You can you can always tell the house that is accused how Washington apart pound it every single. Year. I see it on all the news stations like especially in the winter because people slide down the hill. Bang into this counts every single year it happens they show up and it everytime they interviewed elect. Every year this happened. I'll be built Embraer and it doesn't stop them we made a joke and the guardian may get over the over the top. Proof you can always tell though the people that that know it when they live in a house. On a corner. I like our whole house in a band because they have. False sense of security by putting a stack of boulders so well what's cracker like. Some sort of spacing like that's gonna stop the stop whatever it is that's going under you're still gonna have the crash there and it and it was I it's just weird how those things the appearance. Tell you like. Not do your homework doesn't really resonate. Never buy houses and Ben does I took offense.