Don Brewer Grand Funk

Friday, August 3rd

One hit song can lead to a whole lifetime of fun.

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Railroads Clark County fair this coming Sunday. Yesterday officially chance get your it would Don brewer drummer drummer for grand funk railroad. Well here's the first thing done that we wanna get out for a chance to we know your comment to our town you're gonna party down because you are an American band that's. Yeah well we're gonna help you partied out they were negative equity on all by herself. Well I gotta tell you what one of the most iconic songs ever written and rock because it just punches you in the face I mean that's just what rock and roll is all about you're the guy who wrote it. You know the first and I heard the song on the radio when what I Wear a black got that shot writer and record you know and and it is still Augusta you know the way it comes on with a cow bell and the comment or you don't adjust to just goes. From beginning to end three minutes and thirty seconds long you know it says it just as Egypt as the record written all over a. Don brewers who were stock into one of the founding members are grand funk railroad the going to be at the Clark County fairs Sunday that's going to be a great show. It's unique though because you know you're drummer that's not the norm to have the guy behind the stage front and center. Well I'm not really I mean there are there are you you know Don Henley gets pretty good job of China and and there's a few others that I can remember. You know he's. The dude watching guys as I was coming up you know and just I always was one of the singers in the band you know line and I actually at first our playmakers imaging has. Masters obviously I need to stand behind it. With a microphone between my legs and played kit and saying you know so. Is it just came you know 102 nature to me attitude. If I would have and ability to learn how to sing along after I've already learned how to play the drums I don't think I could do so you know learning them both at the same time help. Don how different do you think your life would be if you would have stuck with the clarinet. Major Majorly different domain and my mother wanted to need to be you know and she she says you know you. You can do this music that you gotta have so the ball back you know if I it's. Or. You know I I hear you analytic knowledge you know what I did get is this green all set but you know music on my love and I'm so happy. That here I am coming up on seven years old and still doing what I'd love to do my whole life it's pretty. So we're talking to Don brewer grand funk railroad the mid Clark County fair Sunday. You hit things you hit that magic number and and you know seventy all these great rock drummers including yourself that is the toughest position in all of music man to play the drums it beats the hell idea Neil purity of rush. He said he can't do any Mormon and I can not play at the level I used to play are you facing that same sort of thing. Well not yet you know I mean luckily I I'd really I really. We're taking care of myself I walk everyday about our mile and go to the gym every night you know I watch what I eat you know I I do all it BR seven. And I am I a twenty year old drummer anymore no. But yeah I still keep it up and I mean I still haven't gotten the point where are you embarrassed about it. I mean some guys who really haven't I haven't issues there with old age issue also Collins has got our track is so bad teachers in all hooker comes sticks and more. You know so luckily I that it instruct yet. Be honest would be here when Jiri young guys and your whale away back there. Here's your cut yourself your smashing your fingers and symbols and blood line everywhere you think it's cool now now all they go. All of them. Idea I and that's and I make sure I don't do it on the news is that. A sometimes elect Ian so art with a drumstick. And outmanned church open. Yeah you know you just you learn you know as you get older you're at a. Don brewer grand funk railroad Sunday Clark County fair and this can be a tough question for you Don. Is there one thing in your career dead stands out far and away above all other things. Although the couple you know I mean we we played Hyde Park. In the street shell in Hyde Park in London and it was just a sea of people in opening up Christmas humble I. That the standoff mind that another one we played was in Tokyo to and we played a baseball stadium. I sold out these Bosnian Tokyo Japan in the middle of a tight room. And the people stayed and we played in the rain was actually belongs side actually no I was just unbelievable and not so we are a legendary the end in Tokyo Japan or claim that net shell. You and David Hasselhoff to get together and you'd be legends on two countries' tensions. I. Looked up. On Alec affect yours your humble you know that you in a life. A yeah by Emily keys you know. There was have a way of doing that and by the way grand funk railroad will be at the Clark County fair Sunday night and they do put on a fantastic show.