Disneyland fastpass app

Tuesday, March 6th

Ride way more rides in a single day.


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Portland's classic rock NET three key GO went to morning teary Boyd's world this is the radio station that's gonna send you. To Disneyland yield and three your friends it's as simple as listening at seven. Eleven. Q and five when you hear the code word. Treaties. You go to kgo and dot com put it in and then your in the running to get that trip to Disney. Yeah you can make it their embassy guardians of the galaxy mission breakout which drew is I think one of our favor right there it was done incredible it was fun now. Having just gotten back from Disney by the way that the next code words coming up in less than an hour at 7 o'clock this morning. I'm giving you full credit for this and that hurts all is that rare births. Hurts. It hurts high in hurts low and it hurts in the middle everybody please if you're standing pleases take a seat. Everyone gather round tablets listen to this sometimes and sometimes you do is no there's a big signal that says. You got to change. It's time for a change and I will credit you map Wilcox for this. And it all came out of the trip down to Disney over the weekend. You know that I am a hardened. Pen and paper. Guy I don't need technology technologies. For a lazy people and put little effort into it oh years a couple of years ago in technologies for nerds. Yeah that's you can insert either or and at the end there. Up up up up up. So I have you know I have Smartphone are not operated but I am quite frankly. Pretty damn lazy I don't have a pocket full apps I don't spend all day and my device I use and make phone calls. I'll text in my checking email outside of that. Quite frankly if I can leave it somewhere forget about it that's golden for me and I realize been missed in the book I have in the gaps. I've seen or I really missed vote. Not Norma passports. And that's had it because I am lazy and I have I have handed my devices out of my kids and making you set this up for me. Because I'm busy. And then I forget. To write down the password. And then I don't know how to get an in my divine your kids forget it too because they've got their own world garage door and you know they're not my assistants. As much as I'd like them to be nice if that's there they're not my assistant. Use scored. Significantly. Greater and I'm just give me this info because. If you're like me Connick curmudgeonly when it comes to technology don't wanna learn it. This is a real reason if you if you are the person wins a trip to Disney and EF four chances a day I mean each has a pretty darn good. Make sure you know how to load the fast pass out because you will be ripping through the parking going on rides white faster than in the rest of. I don't think even if you don't when the trip to his senior player and taken a trip down their Disneyland hasn't been a really really good apps that you can download and it tells you. All the wait times of all the rides that you wanna go on C you know exactly it even if you don't do the pass past you know. Where to go and kind of the you know plan your day and then if you if you add the fast pass feature to this Mac's passing. It is amazing because you can schedule your fast pass from your your out did you hear it. You can schedule. UK yet. A lot of them is gleaned using excited that you can do that then like an hour later he can do another once you can load up these fast passes. And in no and just go boom boom boom boom and there were a bit there was very little time that mean in my family were not on Iraqi feel guilty they'll be B and and just I'd just ask because this this and I I know Artie know your answers I was gonna tell you is gonna say now. But the infield guilty walking past all of the rooms. Who didn't have the idea or to get the fast pass and they've been sitting in the outline for an hour. Our you're clearly a VIP. Dog there are going witty and you. Right I am looking at these people thinking what are you doing Brit before we left yesterday we went on I we wanna do do do one last run on on big underground railroad. We got on their. Once I got on their knees the pass pass I was able to schedule another one right away so we got off the ride and then turned around and got back channel in the fast Muslim. Got we got on the right again. On the first time I'm looking at someone in the in the in the crowd waiting in line who had been waiting for an hour and I've I've I've told him he would have a seahawk on. My goal is to get in front of him again. And we did it cut back on and did the right before this kid I felt bad for the kid but it was like. This why are people waiting alliance along just got an email from my eyes says guy in the sea hawk had Matt is addicted there.