Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen checks in with Prescott

Friday, September 30th


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And plotting any he would do again belt felt a. Phil Collins hi bill press guy Garrett. All right I am fantastical hi I have a personal let me thank you for being awake at this hour so few of your colleagues are. I'm done I'm using up at like six that I let that. Regardless you know. Well and I do a morning show so I go to bed pretty yearly bet I'm a little groggy so and apologize in advance there I was up probably four hours past my bedtime last night. But. I was hanging out with frank cannon. You know period. You know we don't we go back to we go back to pre mechanical resonance together we've been friends that long. Now and I was the first DJ to ever play Tesla and I came to meet you. A few times actually on the hysteria tour. Yeah. It was. He was he was like nineteen when we became friends I was probably 25 or sorrow sorrow now again. We just hung out on the bus for awhile play guitar then as set down in. In the bar there at the hotel like harder to Glasser red line he ordered a Coca-Cola. And the the bill came to sixteen dollars and 25 cents in francs as full might wallets on the tour bus and I thought you know I don't worry about it most of this is probably my wine. And that. But done and speaking of Tesla and think going into Def Leppard. It almost looks like Phil call and as they go part time member of tests later aero lately because even out on stage with them every night having yeah. Are hard he would be doing good new single it's presented as. But everybody who cook whose instinct and they'll compete with the pro. Some not what did have somewhere we dropped yeah and hospitable. Well no did you write that song I say they're gonna with Tesla in miner was a more of that hey I've got a song I think it would just be perfect for you guys. Not as we move on your Goodman. Debian and how about what you have moment so they stopped retouched sitting out some. He rumor that was coming up somewhat yes people itself going on. And I'm. It's so even before the song was Pope critics played so bad. Abroad that only yesterday it was basically a couple of they go out and a music producer. Maybe Brian week Tesla bass player probably. There are. But I grew until it turns out grip maritime routes are well. Yeah this is to produce now we weren't big lights on. She coat well tour. And you know actually to value will be recorded some aspects that I did and as such what I have than get Sacramento we do that from nobody focal somewhat. You've got a little bit of I see here he's got a concept and it's really cool. Now I have you produced other bands before a where you weren't a member of the man neither is a side project or. Well usually I'd you know a member of the band achieved. Its Philippine people Matt Wright and even some of the that's what else sure. And producer role as well. Yeah I've got some of the year. Australia. Actually won't. Will be be able and that is that's light as well yeah up in there is. Albeit. I think you're saying and think well I had cold yet achieved now in its press we will produce in the back out. One out bit but it can be tricky to take for example you've seen the rush documentary I trust all of those are the lighted stage. That little scene where Alex life sending Kevin surely reminiscing about arguing about how much to reverb somebody was or was not going to have. They settled and over a couple of pints. Now do you do you ever butt heads with anybody in Tesla and a creative way can sometimes you have to he's a man yet to put your foot down there. Yeah how would target our interests. Yeah a huge tried it might if someone that we recite a definite if someone is filled action. That you at least give it try. You know the most sort of yeah I don't get it quite. Already think should do their. And dollar and that is who you got and then it felt great like if it doesn't and then we can't expect it's really black and white. In speaking Def Leppard actually take it back I remember the first time I met you. You and god bless his soul Steve Clark were on my radio show in Eugene Oregon together. On the pyro mania tour. Boy did you join a band that just the right time Hauser. Because I was thinking back to the first in my ever played Def Leppard end. I know it was Gloria Johnson kgo land who was first but I'm pretty sure I was probably second down in Eugene when we played rock brigade. Up I'd I got into radio the same time Def Leppard did but my favorite Phil Poland in memory of which there are several. And if you don't remember who could blame you was the eighties that it was at the all meet in Oakland we had one of those big jam sessions and O'Brien and frank were there. I was invited to come up and play guitar. Tommy McClendon was their friend UFO low. Why in t.'s second drummer was there and everybody played it backstage he taught me how to play hysteria on guitar. I thought I do remember that thing as saying it was done. President Ronnie Montrose and those we've been bunch of songs. Yes. Yes. Yeah. And here we are in 2016. Def Leppard by all by all appearances seems to be Golan as strong as ever a Guinea gas though you know Vivian health problems have been well documented that Fuzzy feeling now how's he doing like this weaker today. They've court and wouldn't voted anything wrong that I did what we can thank you. You know the treatment you've been taught me is that some really pitched like he thought mentally physically about everything. I can in good shape. Beginning good shape when I was actually interviewing frank a couple of weeks ago I said in case you see Phil Collins before I do figuring the odds were pretty good that he would. Tell him to quit working out so much you make in the rest of us look bad. And to kick boxing and stuff I mean your New Year's all manner of healthy area. Yes you are is it's funds from the you know on the other side defund it you know a bit problem in the buy something and you know so I. You know moments of the suite Simon and art are relics of the ideas. You know are just about but it very helpless so rabid and you know Eugene Oregon is great winter living in new movie yet I would the why. Quite. An urban garden his art which planet your book music until it was bulk of its problems with some. You've always got it up on it and got nothing to benefit from Vietnam. How could you know there besides you know I kind of have been issues like the legs back all good. Now did you did you back in the when you were younger did you have one of those party phases the a lot of us had ended the wiser ones left in the past. Oh my god network would not so good you know around the white mark my best when our own allies in Europe. Really. As the clock and then with the birds wouldn't keep him when he steps on. Yeah it was on the it's not going. Yeah well. And as Franken I reminisce about the eighties all the stuff we don't do anymore at the end of the day gorilla the real great take away I've found and I'm sure you have found this is. You actually feel better. Yeah we do we get all those things. That we get all those things that we did to. Feel good but it turns out you feel better when you don't do them. And and I'm sure you play better as a result and all the other benefits that go along with that. During that. One Austrian army decides they've you know. Alcohol so we've actually been but it turns out you nobody recognizes as poison yuck magician yet so. You guys you know put everything on hold. Yeah it's always done you know it's good now again that's going out for me. Yeah yeah you have to kind of letting go is a food group. So it would Def Leppard now we have. We have depth look Byrd Al arias speed wagon and Tesla tonight. At the Matthew Knight arena in Eugene. And another West Coast and northwest date tomorrow night at the Tacoma dome. In Tacoma and I know why they named it that so. These are your last couple chances to catch Def Leppard in the northwest is and I believe your on to the midwest after that. We out here but yes it's so old school in and October the tenth of them hello I. Is it hard when you guys are planning a tour eagle over the settlers when you look at. Amazing body of work at the band has isn't it hard to narrow down a set list. I mean it's hard to get news don't get past that audits. If this as did it. Is pretty much take care of itself as there's so that people really want it to justify. A. You have so many. Is. What. You did you could. You can do a Bruce Springsteen four hour stint. Yeah the fifth and then get good luck talking the other guys and that. You're willing to on the basis you know we've got some good that we don't have gets up. Everything will not completely different songs we do it this year I'll. I bought out Blu-ray. I bought your residency Blu-ray by the way I loved it and how awesome being your own opening band. Yet the other but did that actually it's quite. And they got. So we'll see you onstage obviously with depth look pretty neat come out and join Tesla for the tune say that goodness that you wrote in producing your produce and a Tesla record. And I can't think you know for joining me here and and helping out because you make me look all manner credible when you check yen. And done. End and a thank you for working with Tesla because I was there I was the first tee Gator resumed play them on the radio and they were all in studio when I did it so I. And then and then the first. Really amazing tour that they got was when you guys took them out on the road for the end the round tour. On the hysteria Turin that really broke out band opens so. You you back then and even now had a big part in net in getting test fly out there and keeping Tesla they're so as a friend and a fan of both bands I think you for that on behalf of everybody else. All right they're going to do some kick boxing her some weightlifting and her have some sort of healthy smoothie and I think you for chicken in. All right take care they're still calling from Def Leppard on the press got joke.