Deb Knapp

Tuesday, April 24th

KATU News Anchor Deb Knapp has a secret she will take to the grave.


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Good morning kgo land. Yet nap news anchor extraordinaire from K to the other night. The other night somewhat in the news you're talking about David Copperfield and for people who don't know David Copperfield the world famous magician. Had to give up one of his trade secrets worry makes the whole audience disappear because. Saudia hurts and had a brain damage and one of those pesky little lawsuit but he had to reveal a magician secret bullish news the heat and actually make him disappear that's a terrible thing they view rights. Excited about the bait and they actually didn't get the year. And we had declared I've met. So Depp revealed a secret on the 5 o'clock news teaches casually puts nothing goes. Uptick in the magicians go up at and why why why this Deb nap from kgo news have to take a magician knows. Well I do long time ago but it was good and I on college I was in the and and that we take these things very seriously and we unite about the secret that the trade. Yes I can commit to. I can't declare what it lack. When you take the oath. How long did it is that both really good for life like you've got to hold onto for the rest your life. I mean I have I big you can think you're a bit. And let than a quarter of a lot like David Copperfield you know yeah. Tell us that you haven't even told your husband here and any of the tricks like you you're watching Michael you know there's a great show on ABC on Sunday night called deception. A lot of magic out all about it right and because we're magic nerds I love magic. So your husband's watching that winning goes okay c'mon Dan tell me how they do that. Might that ideal or I think. I mean knowing her secret of magic and have not telling a pretty. So you've held on to this so firm. How however many years what is it. What is it can't can you say like do you know the secrets to some of the biggest tricks in magic. I don't know I mean we were not bad it is that and become a Seattle area. And I wasn't an attempt to a statement that it and I read that I mean I know how to. Appeared at and Epoch and I have a limit it and up from the cart trick you know. Have you ever been son and pastors who end. Up. Careful there's a good as did the world so I know there are limited in the world I would add that would yet finally did reform. Will not secret that I I've gotten my dad and my more fun than being a magicians assistant orchid didn't rock. School would you do there. I added there of about act act better right pilot Ettercap in the I got so is he camping on the tracks. What really act as a legitimate academic training a week to. Yup that's much like a lot of cruise ship god cap. Glad we got the 1000000 this morning dead now for you news. You know magicians assistant. Apparently don't take an oath when you work at Disney she get away all those secrets of the and and or news news anchor extraordinaire. And oh yeah thank you found but he's really nice yeah. Interesting that. You see these punitive 88 in new thinkers phone of that category rather like teachers when your kid. Where that when you see him outside of the they're there they're domain that I just seems weird yeah like that when they they don't have the news suit on or are there you do it in. It just seems odd to me that the person who gives me the news and on tonight the right word it seems surreal. That I get the news from also wants to be softer and I'm.