Death Row

Friday, November 17th

Too sick to die on death row?


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The only good morning Carrie Boyd's world easier than Lackey is gamma world the most unlucky guy and the world pretty drastic. I hope he is in the latter of those two categories. And that aids. Like he is world has been turned upside down because this guy is a a murder. Is name is Al what Campbell. Yesterday the was sentenced to death and they went to give him the lethal injection. So think about how you got in on a mean and this is and you can Sammy all the emails and phone calls you want. I'm not change in my opinion. On people that commit heinous crimes. I want them to suffer just like their victims did he killed a teenage. Girl during a carjacking. That is one of many. Many crimes this guy's commitment. So you know all that nonsense litigation in an appeals that. These guys are an up on death row right it takes twenty years to offer bad guy I think is say it's more expensive when they go on death row because of all the appeals and everything never ending this guy couldn't get off. So they yell night before you know that tomorrow you worked check in off this planet. They'd taken in they lay him down. They go doing object in his arm with whatever it is they give you he's in such bad health we can't find a vein. They're poking around in his army are gonna get your blood taken out and get some we can't find your veins and it into the blood the labor costs. They're poking around poking around poking around poking around I hope and how hurt like hell on every single pulled that he got. And they had to give up. They had to give up because that he wasn't healthy enough for them to kill him. That's a bizarre statement I don't think he's a lucky guy because I think I would've. I mean I'm one wouldn't be that position but he probably already mentally got himself to the point where he knew gain and then now it's like being out there's another day. Dean and now he's got to go back to the whole process again so winner they gonna. It do it I mean do they have to wait from the get healthier witness got to figure out how to how to give them. Yeah administer the drugs because you know we have to be compassionate we have to be kind I mean this guy wasn't kind nor is he compassionate than they do it in gas form of it I'd. I think once the state has its sent. Framework they can't get outside of it. So yeah I hope that you know every day they keep talent yet tomorrow. He airway were knack where Redick has some dismay and keep going through it forward. A short window. Short and you mean like a month and let him a big trade I mean I elect desire to drag out that long but am I mean just think about tying Ernie that's playing out in the steel ranked. I believe he's the most unlucky and rightfully so but there would be some that would simulate another damn this planet. More days then the people that he victimized and that's the bottom. So. A hearty conversation is about to happen when somebody comes in and says. Giant like new on something. And you know. Something is about ready to may be. Hit the fan and if you lately it's Mayhew are bartender residents who's in here with us this morning. When he came in in east were we're gonna get to the Walking Dead wine. And we knew watching you sit down talk about the Death Valley giant white knew I was like a loan note here we go. Right well yeah especially when it's kind of a minute and you may need juggle one ball yeah a year and a fantastic job of doing that. I am constantly amazed by EU in the amount of things you're involved in. Who knew you were involved with death row inmates I am a mom on the board of Oregon and throw alternatives to the death penalty. We you and I are diametrically opposed on on the death penalty right. And it's it's OK to have whatever yeah alum and a timely I'll ask is that people informed. And that's the big thing or youth academy I thought. Because it costs 700000 dollars to house an inmate on average life without Perl and it's between two point one and 2.5 million dollars. To get through an excuse is a lot of that cost because of appeals absolutely. Absolutely believe had a hundred and since 1970 there's been a 155 men and women in the United States that have been exonerated from death row that means they they put somebody's. Mother or your son or brother. On death row and execute that person for whatever reason and then they found out that there accident 155 people so for me I'd rather err on the side of let's I'd rather keep the guilty alive then been killed in some. I guess that's a pro and America's holy Roman number that's a staggering number in a staggering statistic. But if you look at from the victims side how many hundreds of victims. End up happening because the system breaks down the other way. Her timing and you know there's this is not an easy conversation for any amount and it's a conversation when they execute somebody in this January that they haven't and that's in the 1990s. When they it's the seat or in the does that that's all of us we all have that responsibility what was the other statistic you roll out a public defenders or summit is some crazy stat they rolled out and I was trying. I was trying to listen Joseph but I didn't want to hear all of it is a wanted to hear it went when you rolled it out shirt so there's a statistic that one in four. Public defenders into death row that you've got thrower. And up at some point anchored either being censured which isn't in Italy for misconduct or disbarred. These are not people and when he 5% want another wow that's crazy and then you know you look at pound at them was applied. And it's abundant or applied to people of color I mean it's. It's it's it's not applied evenly and and so Eminem insists this broken system for me. And I just don't think that you can that you can ever eliminate the risk of executing some innocent and it's just not worth all of the machinery and it goes along. The valid point I Mets eye opening stay in the mad about it rather there were on. Incarcerating the guilty. Then making that pair. By a exe cute actors that is as tournament re a there's no fixing it and you make a valid point Q there's a lot to. Say that executions and easy way out. You start bringing out lifestyle for the rest your life might be a much harsher penalty I hate the thought. Of the costs but it you know the numbers are accurate I'm not downing him to sing if they are two and a half million verses 900000. Or 700000 pounds and is it is a significant savings and blah and have been death row it's not a pleasant place. It's it's Thursday. How many people are in there at any given time on the scene where we have 34 men and one woman and a throw do they sit in solitude in their own room for errors today. When are they able to talk to each other like can Holler down the halls. Get some yard time together and you know. But obviously not a lot of 23 you know Tony three hours of the day they're by themselves yes then they're not allowed in the pit. Not a lot out the other inmates all of these solitary yards but I've. I've been organs imprisonment of the conduct. Is it not for anything you've done to visit people just in case people are just tuning in and kids and pretty good attic text why why was it scary for you. Oh it's it's. It's an intimidating place I'm not and you did you get people have nothing to lose weight course it's scary man they had this and do what else can they duty I having never been convicted of I've never been to prison and so and you know futile urgency prison the regular visiting. There appears they park on everything. If you of his death row. You'd drive all the way around the prison to visit to the back in the you have to go through these guard towers and everything and as a hint of what's coming it's a maximum security facility it's it's nausea but I mean where were you worried that something could happen to you or which it was it with just the the vibe in the feeling in the mood and everything else that goes along with going in there you know the signs saying no warning shots fired the if that your intention.