Dead guy on a plane

Tuesday, March 6th

Dead guy on a plane is a bad thing. Proximity makes it worse.


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We're talking about flying right now a medical emergency. My plane which is weird and all the years I flew doing super cross all the other TV work. Around you is this happened right. In the last two or three years I had a happened three times. Just ran I didn't even know that they you know have this direct patch into it into a hospital or legacy airlines medical facility could be the play tennis to put it. Headset on our there's a doctor on boarding can put it on and say hey we need this. You know they they can big in big being get advice in this guy look like he was dead turn a resistant like a mild coma totally due to dehydration but none have come off complaining. Left and an ambulance. Jordan says. Please don't use my last name goes on now work all right George onto your last name because your work. I was on a flight from a. Lannan to LA. I guy died in my row. For three hours we flew. All the way to LA with said dead guy in Meyer row. Nobody drop off on the way could you imagine being in. In the same Murrow with the guys sitting next to him he says it was creepy for Earl YL. A we all decided to raise the coast. Around the rose around the body the majority of the plane stepped in. So I wonder how long it's like it was for you talked about what are how long it took before the entire plane new. Today what was going on is I think it's pretty immediate because let me tell you wet windy when they make that announcement is there a doctor. On the cleanup planes like real owner aren't really noisy yeah. Science and I mean that that the confirmation that the person's passed away I mean there's probably a little bit of rumbling here in the air and that it you know. And it's like a forest fire word catches through plane. I'm pretty sure with the ideas they get up on the an ounce prime yet they do they are I I Alina well and we. And take it up and the guys I didn't know poking a pitchers know sell trees ran I I mean in today's what he prior to say something like that. I would imagine and I and look I don't know firsthand. May be may be of inside knowledge. There's not gonna ask your question right now. That is so out of bounds I know it's not announced but it seems reasonable in my world in my mind and am in my mind this seems capsule reasonable. I think so much it went through his wallet found out where he was from and then if there if there was a city. Between Atlanta and LA agent with Atlanta they're. Seriously. Probably body aren't we fly the body all the way to LA if you dump Ramel. I only know George might not have wanted to make that sub because he had to get to Disneyland and so he addressed them like that just them up like we can of Bernie as bad as they try and get everyone you know differences to the destination. Does that seem odd I mean this seems like somebody. Should have probably try to get an identification somewhere I don't know BC all time in movies and TV shows was first thing do you when cops pull up. And there's dead body they grab the law. The cops do that's the point. I he should do it there's certain people that shouldn't argue water at a sitting next to the guy you should not be digging terrorism ball. Are you automatically. Like once I believe that's part of when he appointed. You're deadly attack if you adapt to try. To kill. You. You are sort of an air Marshal at that point where you where you do have some authority over zero. You wish somebody is somebody needs that authority in that just the like the weirdest that's the weird is the email. For short today and maybe for the week and maybe even for the year sitting next to a dead body. Three hours. What if you're the guy in the center seat. Do you buy your way out of this intercede what is the moves and the guys the senator's seat. In top populate it up Wednesday night brings up a bunch and they're like your judgment of the body and move it may guy trapped at the Woodrow which row which Rudy movie tour which they you know honesty no and it is seems it will remain normal. Pick the body of move to one of flight attendant seats are just staring at the game open.