Cut The Line

Friday, November 17th

Quick cut the TSA Line.


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Whenever the commuters messed up you really messes up your day yesterday my commute was 2400 miles to the that there it was a it was a bit of a challenge. The end I did it all. For you to make sure that this holiday season. The latest greatest technology. I tested it out it is a very Jason Warren. Black list. Like experience of very noble of you to do that out with what what is it that you experience there is seeing new thing at the airport and I'm telling you as someone who prowl eight on in my life you'll. Absolutely dig this. It does come with a bit of catch and I'll tell you eager to suspect it think it's called clear that you get to the airport had time. They take your fingerprints. Retinal scan they'd take your life since they take a picture of viewed in that put it into this. The kiosk which is kind of a cool kiosk once you go through the process. No more waiting lines you can go to the airport twenty minutes before your flight leaves. Like view him forever like from here on out alright yeah well you have to pay if he right now it was it was free for like a thirty day trial so it was easy assignment is to see out. Worked great era. It's unbelievable. You once you go through it took about five minutes to do the whole process which you're dead I'm talking you go to the front line. Passed every single thing that's gonna doesn't matter if your TSA fast track or any of the other things. You go to Q the absolute front line all the way up to the metal detector. Well I mean that's where they drop you. And like oh right on through so it's like you're buying your VIP status absolutely there at ten OK so that's one of the catches. You I think it's like a hundred some bucks a year but if someone who's if you fly a lot. Think about the X you're trying to get to put back in your pocket right back and yet that's I'm. You get to keep. But here's where got awkward act I'd be honest with. I don't like lock in front of people cutting lines I did not like that part feel weird. It did like I like the time savings like the fact that there is it warmed my time will be my time. But it was a little bit awkward looking at the faces of people like what then. Hell over the him that was like you or want to change. Which is weird because a lot of people would with like like flaunt it yeah. Hey look what I could to get the good do I get to walk the front line near him in and get to gets in my Starbucks early break in on the plane yeah I felt incredibly guilty until I got past where you prick your shoes back on. And I pilots and air and a editor. In a hurry it's sucking about wanna check out there this holiday season but did you find people staring at you down and get of the terminal down closer to your airplane where they saw these saw you do that then there they're giving you those those eyeballs like. Not just because they were in line but leader. They've got others that jerk who got to you know got to go in front of us I think that they were trying to figure out what it what it is excuse that it it app that. At the deal. And I at the gas Ellis said. I want to IKEA us that said clear and I think you could have hit them then that would fit. So if you are thinking about flying out than a lot of will be for the holidays just remember that clear kiosk when you get to be airports ninety Q3 kgo and.