Cuban Cocktails

Friday, February 23rd

This was one of the sauciest Bartender in Residence segments ever. Cuban Daiquiris.


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Orleans classic rock 93 KG going good morning teary boards were in Ontario I met and Friday will bartender in residence his name is Lance Mayhew. Today he brings a guest with him it's brandy fight. Hey old from Palomar that's a brand new. Club breast front right that's cart ER are going to be opening its Cuban yes so we're gonna get into a different kind of drink a before we get into this. I wanna get a perspective here because we don't have a female perspective yeah. Lance you fly a lot just like guy I've I have flown. Would you rather take the super foreigner or the pay any drier world and it when he said that in Kissimmee just tuned in. Two flights this week were disrupted by bad behavior on a plane to video by the way exists on the kgo and FaceBook page. One was a guy who would not stop party they had to land the plane and kick them off appointment. The other is a I young lady who dissented or underwear off mid flight center seat hold him up to the dryer. I don't think dry drier it's it's the Grammy yeah here. Lying to show your it was drier lancet would you rather the harder the candy jar Wilson's I have probably been that far after a bad trip to Mexico until our common. But if you take your Norah male or female next to me on a flight. How poorly his friends LA right right there's a lot there's a lot more work for a guy to get their underwear out that is typically for a girl to get their underwear on deploying and we ask that Clinton I see next year lays out you do that she sees that it's just such a weird weird thing. Brandy is female look which only do go. I like Casey while it's operating as only he has control over it the fifth and I'm just wants. Let me ask them anything. I don't feel the bartender I honestly it would land at the pay any drier because that's such a good story. I'm not a word owners. I mean I would risk my own it and discussed just to be like okay that's again this happened and I have video proof of which is a fantastic. Some pretty loose talk about Palomar it's a new Cuban bar rank high themed bar yes exactly Cuban inspired of the B rate division and ninth. And I'm really excited about it owner Ricky Gomez he's CB in tear drop lounge a bartender. And his parents are first generation immigrants and he's just like let's bring some flavor and fun and I've been important for eight years but originally from Chicago and vicious. A lot of good cuisine and diversity so I'm excited public Q Ron Allen a good place to get good Jack cream but. Ross are gonna do like old fashioned Manhattan's. All the classics so that if you're like well I am all soured drink out. You can snow coming down like I really as they have for enemies RT and a anytime homer Matt's house that's a promise hours Soto has no idea and I don't know if there is terrible. As a mark when you guys open. I'm were hoping for march 9 tenth. So bring him. You know new construction bill runs sound gets pushed back a let him really. Let's talk about this delicious he had smelling drink that the governor and with the with a this is a factory and a lot of times I'm exactly the bar. People like Lee is agony froze in and sometimes that's fun but it it's just rom lions and shook. I'm so this is Iran's top between freer it's a nice start trying to ram. Some line and then I used Emory air sugar. And just are attending there's a lot of Serbs on the bar and people can get mystified and I've taught a few at home cock feeling classes. And just taking a let. Shudder shudder shudder and it's eat whether you make a simple serve back home. You can also just seems like maple maple syrup or I'd pick up a copy from the store. And it's like five dollars so it's that's it shook very used to it's different than refined sugar it's a little try here. This is pretty darn tasty pretty fantastic and by the way the voice you're listening to very hearing is Brandi fight from Palomar senior Cuban inspired restaurants can be opening up here in March. Jack Korea have this weird thing alms giving you the guy acting okay yeah I got. I'm not order an Dockery contested campaign can ask to be frozen it's kind of who fully but this is a reminder that that's not the slow Hemingway that was his strength I mean he is a directory and ran oh you know many UP one have. Despair is Ernest Hemingway and do you think Decker is now masculine enough I would suggest that perhaps he recalibrate things. And how they'll literally I think it's because your user that when he here downright eerie you think of it is gonna blended drink brands as more girls cocktail I get I I don't know and taxes raise energy editing I try to test impeach dec three. Maybe not yet you think about is really just a Margarita with rock. Let's take a really really he really gotten out march. March 9 march 9 hopefully hopefully fingers crossed it and at the Billings not done though has been on the side you ask don't buy. I ever asked that aggregate. Brandi thank you for coming in Miami there's always a pleasure to talk to you thanks for your insight to when your wisdom. On flying and can I like erratically and I'm I'm I'm sorry to go more towards meant little path but the bottom line is he's got a tough pill. He's three kgo way.