Wednesday, August 22nd

You have the power to change lives for simply Rockin.

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Remember last week we're talking about how miserable guys are right now where is unhappy we can't finally got to happiness really came to big conclusion and that out one of the things that make you really happy is when you give back. And it's an easy thing to do when music is involved in it. A way to mark off on your calendar October 21. To Sunday night. There is an event. I'm calling in it at an event because you know in your lifetime you go to certain things you go to concerts can go to shows. But there are very few things that come under the category of event. This is going to be an event that revolution hall it's gonna star CTA California transit authority you know that'll legalese. You'll bands that's made up of Danny Serafin build champ one to the founding members of Chicago. They're going to perform. Thirteen of the songs that are part of their set list are number one hits number 117 total but thirteen or number one hit yeah. And believe me the other four songs are going to be highly recognizable and probably hit number two or number three right. There there is no arguing the body of work that Chicago. Has put out. Yesterday who after the show we were talking wood Danny about everything that's coming up because it is this is a benefit show. The show to benefit the children's cancer association which was founded here in Portland and they change or lives. Every single day. Which I'm telling you. I hope you never have to column but if you do. You'll be so glad that this organization is here in our town has we're talking with peony about it because he doesn't live here he you know he'd. He wanted to know more about it we got talking and just came up about music and all the songs. And asked him is ever blow him away when he sitting back there has you know he's watching it go down because he's playing the drums this massive body of music. Did you know it was. It's aggravating. A body of music in that when you went in over rights you know. Credited you know the it's just it's just that your output up their. But you know it doesn't part because this is is certain is based on music you know. Not so much control. Of very very little. Space that the moon and we've been. Fortune you know it's fortunate to be able to to do we do best and he accepted sport and there were recovered from that era. You know and then that we get to read it either separately and you're an eight switched their spot circus tour. And bill chaplain you know euros but the ban so. There's so many great solo. No peoples from an accord or print it out there so. I think there's a couple of other really being too quick but. There is an iffy because there are so many problems. And you know Robert Plant or. But in large part of the often critical of China grew up. You know or a jury captive of and so people or those great writer you know and Peterson turned of course stroke. A local broke because of the songs are a couple. You know if you haven't it was really pastor of the bet it was it was agree there in our agreement was agreed to and BP. One of the greatest of all I know is that because that was part of it is a bit or artwork architecture that was designed to be that great. Which they did a really fantastic job like he can't argue the body of music or Chicago so. This concert that's coming up on the 21 Sunday night rah rah revolution all. To get your tickets you go to revolution all dot com. There are only like 800 seats available also in cement and there's the that he can only fit so many people in there to begin and when you go to an event like this yet you're gonna hear all those hits on this incredible music and you're going to help these families out that are. In a fight that is the fight of their life Bryant who. When there's something like this is going on a jam session more than likely breaks out. And that's what it turns into an event and that's where it turns into something that you can say. What a crazy what do phenomenal night we had and decades from now. You'll still be able to talk about it revolution hall dot com as we get tickets because when they're gone they're gone there is no second show. There is no hey guys two guys have any extra tickets. Only when they're gone they're gone so don't hesitate October 21 is a date it's a Sunday night revolution hauled dot com.