Concert Sneakers

Monday, January 22nd


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NET 3 kgo wind good morning teary Boyd's world is talking about sneak in in the things in concert seems to be the number one thing Steve says when he was kid stock backstage tour and Ozzie concert got past security and got to Ozzie is in team needs securian GeMS leave he thinks. Ozzie scare the crap out of them ran out out there right I mean Ozzy. Ozzy at that time. Early mid eighties. Has such a reputation of the month Cobb gathered there of them the bat bright spots like back on my god I just meant they might recruitment and it turns out he is a pretty affable pretty nice guy I kgo when. Guess they. Back before the Rose Garden was built for the motor sinner I guess now. Yeah. I'm an RN I got put on call for the day and I have to pick it is said the they gave it to me so I went and buck's opposite the memorial coliseum and bought a ticket for Bruce hornsby and Huey Lewis have they have the whole power power there planned played with him step. And it a generator walked through and go I just punch through the door to go into the hallway ever to encircle the that inside of the policy and and I put my foot let it just clicked but not. Not shut it looked like he listened. For a he didn't he can't go look at Iowa and and I went right to the very top of the entire sound check before lights went on the security guy gets you out. While that's pretty cool wow that. Say that tops my aide the next Led Zeppelin story by a mile. I. It was it was it was pretty fun thing anyway you guys rock on man. We're cigarette sneak into the things would you sneak into. We are all right. I'll here at the at the motive senator. Memorial. Outlook tells I just knew and. A step daughter and I we went down now we have a figure on the sub in the nose bleed section Norse and around. Outside our the garage. And restore opened up this site at our staff are okay because Monica man. Andy Lester I didn't era polarizing. Which lies right at the bull and related. Starting gate and once we got in there we've realized it. Timers audible or writers and you'll his life was Eric and as next certainly President Carter 00. While I turned out to be really Lackey is normally when they make them play they go here just put on a little bit to make up in this clown here.