Friday, February 9th

Comfort comes in many ways.


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I'm sure you saw the story yesterday in case she didn't the comforts pensive really an all time low. Week ago was a comfort peacock which was absolutely ludicrous for unbelievable walking into an airport with a peacock that's just. One of those things that somebody's trying to garner some attention yesterday. 21 year old girl is angry at Spirit Airlines because her comfort hamster. Can bring and on the plane so she called ahead on her way issues and a new word she called ahead and they said yeah I give your fine you can bring the hamster. She gets there and they say no hands hamster tango. So she has a challenge in for however because. She was flying home. For some sort of an illness steal she tried to rent a car because she and her comfort hamster. It's sacred. It gets me through today. So who's gonna drive and supply moon but she couldn't get a car because she's 21 and you know to be more importantly what if she ends up. A you can just flush it down a toilet. The hell does that unbelievable. Or one who forces the finger on the tour but the Google would suggest you get flustered on the toilet at you brought a really good point about that earlier this morning about Spirit Airlines all's. Dylan I'm shocked that they didn't charge her because they should know I asked. Hey did you commit that cancer on its 55 dollar write the thing about Spirit Airlines is that they charge for everything they're there this all a cart. You know it airline you sound like you're speaking from XP eyes. It stick I am so they when they came to town they did this big promotion. With tickets the like Las Vegas for like seven bucks a nine bucks or someone and someone was there a catch disappoint them it didn't it seem like that in the beginning to see your like a trip to Las Vegas for seven bucks no problem. Then that it's like you wanna take a bag. That's gonna be another sixty bucks or that's going to be you know whatever seat belt that's 400 ball exactly every little thing on that airline you have to pay for in the seats like you. I'm not had a super tall guy it would be in your and I definitely not super dog I dare you would be cramped in the seats they they're the cream of the seats and so much but if you want one with any kind of remotely room which is still less than any other airline you you pay extra to get moved up to the front of them the the airplane that's what they charge for every. In fact they've got 24 different feeds just for bags when he pork yes if you wanna bring a carry on bag. You have to pay and pay for it and you pay more than the checked luggage. Doesn't make any sense it's in blunt here does it that way too and it's a little bit weird it was bizarre so surprising Goebel yeah you can bring him you just have to by the seat next yield and put a little hamster that's like the size of you know fits in the palm of your hand he can have his own seat she did end up flushing the hamster and now listing about suing Spirit Airlines not easy to mock her. I mean is. Litany of things that you could say about right 21 come on kids cope with the world you really need to hamster is your coping mechanism he good on channel line. It's a lot harder to own up to the fact that you. All of comfort to. So I have a new go to for comfort and it was something much like you said may be an hour ago that I don't like foods have never tried moon. I was so against getting one of these. I was adamant about it and we got it from our kids my wife and I did for Christmas Day. One of those things called home companion border where what do they call the need theirs and their town home automation yeah we get we have ghoul home. Right I didn't even want to set it up I was like. And our stride because I I think it's spying on your rent anything that is electronic you don't wanna touch. I elective Biden gets a matter it's so someone can get something back out that's always been my theory right this is the greatest Diem thing ever. The school home thing. Is that because every night and I'm just telling you if you don't have one of these you're probably gonna go get it when I tell you wept when it every night. When I go to bed all ideas say they Google. Plays out arraigned. I'm not kidding do it within five to ten seconds I cannot keep my eyes open some go on use it as a salvage team. It works awesome like it so much like I act. Sometimes it turns up tonight sometimes a wake up and still gone when it's still gonna have a hard time we can I thought he kept the singer colleague on the the kitchen and living room. You give it room. Interest and good morning what's going on. Okay thank you so much about the comment you made about the Google home device. My wife is so all freaked out about it mourn those but I want one so bad that she go worried about people. The Fed listening and everybody. And Washington. I did cap and I'm like forget it I'd let and let it and this. Guy know even older than it already went through Nene you just hate series and then it broke open it. But it you don't like you know I'll be in the living room and outlets orders can link to let me take a botnets are. My wife about it I'm just. Not gonna wanna lift and after a few decades. Your guy right out and Abdel Hadi a bit of not making that up about I have a hard time sleeping I rarely sleep more than three or four hours a night. Since having Google home in my house and telling it to play rain. I have slept eight hours every single day. Background. Yeah I have trouble we intend lagged. So Medicare they. Up and by the way we don't wanna he'd take a dump either RA.