Christopher Titus Talks Controversial New Movie.

Friday, October 20th

Christopher Titus has a new movie called Special Unit. It is controversial,but very funny. He explains how this movie came to be.


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Corporate credit Conan. Mr. Titus what they hey let's chat about your new movie special unit and sound and iTunes let me just read you a couple of reviews of its so far are great. This looks completely stupid and I love it. This movie is gonna big god awful. But I can't wait to see it. I have to tell you a little bit and pieces and I was able to catch and see before you called in today is completely. Not PC but unbelievably funny. I was shot usually you know. My brain that it does not agree with the world some right some and unlike OK this is a crate he promised you the credit disabilities act Wikipedia her or undercover detectives. And I played Nick Nolte mug shot with 40% more scumbag is were. End and they came it's one of those things that every studio that read it said it's funny and there's no way we can do this is a leader of the civil actors. And my character and treat them like. It would it would special little flowers and it makes the matter than being ignored is being treated like that York keep puppies and that's what happens a lot was able like oh you'll look to wheelchair. A to drive it like yourself that shall good. And they hate daddy the worst. Well that makes sense to treat people like normal individuals were talking a comedian Christopher Titus and his new movie it's called special unit to Moly that's a big controversy as a matter effectively be taken to showtime homo shameless in the crazy Gallagher family but even showtime pastime at. I was up possible. I think they don't know how to deal with that there was that we didn't figure that sort type I came and took them the idea they said we'd love that would make it your right I wrote it. GMAC in there are sitting there the president showed them he goes man I either this is really funny but man isn't he can't do this. So it could become central. And we had a couple advocates over there admit that we did the pilot took six. And then it got done and people were like this is really funny and we don't want to blowback from it and the thing is if you look at the reviews there's no well back I got up. Second disabled people which is the biggest minority group are on the planet which. You like there's like 21 million disabled people in America they're like to thank god someone did this these guys and you know bad ass cops carrying guns. You know and in the movies stupid funny to maybe I pitch shot by one of them by accident. Is pretty funny. We're talking with Christopher Titus comedian Christopher Titus. And full disclosure Chris I've I've got a special needs brother and people don't know how to act around. People's disabilities what is what would you rather I guess epilepsy and he's developmentally delayed. What do I get that many people wanna people people have this weird major discussion argument is we are new Egypt to send an idiot I noticed I think they've been hospitalized. Don't stare don't look don't bother them. Which really it's ridiculous that people act that way Christopher Titus comedian Christopher Titus is who were tucked into it's his new movie it's called special unit. You've downloaded this weekend on a rainy weekend at that off of iTunes you're also going to be in town this weekend Sunday night and helium. Doing your Oregon border to border tour so far house although we'd. You know you just know little time you needed the contact that's available in Oregon pretty much all the time. I I'm doing great men and I'm that you should America and I wanted to Russia was to bring the country together so politics but at the UH yeah. Yeah right well it's somewhat got to talk about it and we're so weird about it but talk about politics right now like trying to organize in a racial code on an eighteen. Or two. And this integrated knowledge did exactly what it is. Well so I am and it's working you know I've had a lot of conservatives come up to me after the arraignment you know you know there's couple jokes may be bad well beyond right. A lot of the fact that Christopher Titus you're never worried about controversy your new movie it's called special unit you can download it this weekend. Awful by tunes but that door whether an open mind. Banks may end in you when you brought you should watch and watch we're meant thank your pursuit that you. You'd think I'd like to hear what you think of a new music and anybody who's who who's advocate for some guys goalie or as a disability like. Holy crap thank god. Yeah you know you don't get on registered there Chris sifford that is just invited you for asleep or suggestive talk thousands. And your brother you and your brother thank you get so much now populated by.