Cheating Day Nov 18th

Friday, November 17th

November 18th is the day we cheat the most. You're either in or out.


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Tomorrow one of the most historic days in our country you probably don't realize in November 18 the basilica celebrated in all I'm not celebrating it it's one of those things you probably not gonna find on a calendar and if that they encircled. On account and start asking Gore's you need to ask a lot of questions and I don't know quite frankly is Saturday makes it more convenient or less convenient. For your this tradition to carry on. I got wondered as I have one foot in one foot out on it and the biggest tell you what would tomorrow represents. November 18 is the most most unknown faithful day of the year. It's the year were married people cheat. Almost 72%. Of the time people that are in that boat that are willing to cheap. It's the David if you've been thinking about it or you do it maybe you are you know it kind of in the process of setting up another relationship that's a day that you're gonna. You're going to be in a pull trigger. Yeah you're gay you're gonna make your move at at that point. When I say that tomorrow. I'm not sure if it is convenient or inconvenient I'm not a cheater right and this is not my thing I'm brutally honest. If amount amount of minutes up the huge deal with a right. I sure I mean it's the weekend I guess you could throw some cuisine you need an excuse to build pull that off credit I would imagine. Yeah I would imagine you know. Your if your dude your your gonna say your running counter bodies or something like that big golf golf climbing golf there's five hours you know that yeah you know you can probably get away with something. And I'm not done you should believe him not. During the week though you got it work right eye and I I don't know. I would look over here late. I you know I would love to know from someone because you know there are people that are listening or serial cheaters and it's somewhat cathartic when you actually admit to what you're doing. You don't under the hospice of Bob anonymity. Did you and it's a cheating happened between twenty and 60% of couples. Mean in that that doesn't surprise me it really doesn't percent it doesn't surprise me at and a prominent be full. Disclosure here on something in my wife and I's relationship. I believe the reason wind neither one of us. Have. Wavered at least the best of my knowledge right I know for me haven't done it. I'm very confident in my life hasn't done it. We put it on the table in the very beginning of our relationship and we're dating. I've flat out told my wife and we really were beginning to date at enough I can be monogamous. And my wife's answer was brilliant. Yeah I mean neither. But what have you done and that time because sometimes I feel like I'm dangerously comfortable in my my marriage with my wife comfortable now from. Almost auto pilot. Comfortable Miller cruising your lulled into a false sense of security. Guy and I'm I'm I'm very confident that she is not out cheating I know I'm not cheating. But I'm I'm. Dangerously comfortable that this relationship is gonna last forever like in my in my right. So you're not putting in the effort so I might not be putting in the half ass she might not be put in you know if we're just we're just comfortable were very very comfortable. I think that that can be dangerous I think that you you know and in use saying it when you for serie dating your wife you've waited on on the table but what have you done for the last twenty years. Just work it work it work at a proper. Hello I thought I heard a pop up. Get hammered. And a lot of love that I felt like you said it was twenty years ago so I felt in my twenty years ago or thirty. Maybe maybe you're right now I. Beak I'll do my point being and quite frankly I don't know if I have done enough. Well over these last twenty years to make sure I think by throwing out there on the table. Eight took away the a lower at the sneak. Affect was gone right you know so that's part of I think for the birdie getting advice they would have you done since then because in the very beginning you have that we we taught we taught us that we talk a lot about. About stuff and I once he constantly but we do these were almost in sync or like hey you know it's like a relationship check everything's good and you any issues. And what we've thrown some things out on the table towards each other at times in this twenty years that. Might break other people's relationships. It made our stronger to be perfectly honest well it can you share with the biggest thing or maybe the most recent thing. Like I have I have a penchant for wanting to live on the edge. And so that means you well I'll like places that could potentially be dangerous and you know I mean we've. Rocky mountain cliff slid down low like you know I like others tell you that way swingers club yeah yeah I went one time we are in Las Vegas that today we you know I'm just curious I want to check displays out. Did you years ago yeah we went it was it was a blt it was a big giant deal went to an outlook that just went and what are you expecting. I was expecting the fantasy fantasy that you would see you know on any website that you might get on I was expecting that close well. That ethic a what I got was like I don't know it was not what you want it. Let alone give him on your neighbors. Not even acted it just wasn't that did the experience Emmy we were even there let the first thing I noticed we weren't even their. Twenty minutes because when we walked in I noticed. That's for sure my wife was the hottest person in the room and and I noticed all eyes were on her I quickly added up the numbers and went news scorecard is not going to be in my turn to my advantage. And it and it than you probably went in for the wrong reason. Oh absolutely I went in for the wrong reason but it was funny because my wife again you kind of split like I wanna get out immediately just. Oh no I really I'd feel very comfortable I wanna jiji news that I was Wrigley I'm comfortable played me into the corner which was. Brilliant on her part and I have never had the curiosity got Cary and her at data cure your curiosity inner worry.