Chad Smith pt 2

Thursday, November 9th

Chad Smith talks of his BLD big let down.


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Portland's classic rock and he usually hanging Ngo landing in morning hearing voice broke Chad Smith drummer. For the Red Hot Chili Peppers is hosting PBS's. Landmarks who live in concert. It debuts in most cities tomorrow but it won't debut here. In till 1 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday and it's really cool because this they're following the Foo Fighters there in Athens at the crop. Let's get jet as a performer did you get jealous did you wanna pop up on stage and perform. Would be LB line of credit and say you know yeah I got a little tension and that's actually. I did in the middle of the show knock Taylor off to drum stool and started planning and that was really from the that I somehow touch. I understand with a guy was your jobs. Other guys in my body that known forever and moved traveled together and play not just shows and touring and there that it actually they did mommy come up and play wanted to numerous songs. We talked about it I was so what's wrong you wanna play and I've you know I've got jammed before now so I go to say whatever. And that was seeks to overcome rescission. And then they get to the venue there's sound checking. But meanwhile Tom up walking around the minister of culture are looking into part denies she's talking about though is great stuff I'm here from like from the bottom of the state charitable. Group promote the third we needed to send checked asylum like well. Yeah. So that didn't work out that. I was happy for them and they look like they're having a great time and then I think you'll see that you can't tune into the show on. Friday that's going to be getting a ticket look yeah things because it if it's on TV head into the weekend on PBS tomorrow night. You know I'm glad you brought up you know look like they're having a good time because you're a dude looks like you really dig what you do. And so does Dave Grohl it almost seems like you guys had ever really cool chemistry is Davis happy is he seems to be all the time. You know I'm not now with Dave all the time but when I do you see him. He is very genuinely. Happy I mean. What's not to be touchy about. If you've we you know playing music doing what you love to do. He's got thousands of people singing your songs I mean I don't know about trying its chili peppers and means a great job with the luckiest people. I think he he. Understand it like you know we kind of one a lot various stars. You know being able to do you have to do and do for a long comment and it's great when you find your passion an early age and and then he did as well as myself from being a drummer. Has community vote. It's like. The guys that could produce circles around us that are playing and how they dance probably and we're going to be you know. Be part of this very. Thing we call. Rock and roll. Which is citizens can change people's lives and it's fantastic so yet nineties he's a genuinely good good guy come on mom come and I'm Dave Grohl. You know what and in your humble because it let you guys are both excellent drummer Janet Taylor ran at a time when he's so here's the deal next and greater Portland. As a Jeep into the real Acropolis and I'll let you haven't been to the Portland Acropolis how about we go to lunch and steak dinner you know what I'm saying. You know bring the landmarks people and more will be part two Acropolis. Portland say yeah. We'll be you'll be pounding on some difference in the in this 100. Terrible. Thank you so much. And a nice guy Chad Smith drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers by the way. The PBS landmark live concert series. Debuts here in Portland on Sunday at 1 o'clock in of features Foo Fighters.