Can't live down golf

Wednesday, December 20th


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A lot of emails on the subject maybe people are are worried about sharing their direct experiences from them and talk with thirty can't live it down sure any LYA. Peel off the scan above minority somewhat healed wound. Listener Kevin dropped an email on us right. He said you're leaving out one that you were involved in because I was there and I saw it. And I was hesitant to bring it up because it involves a former boss of ours but since he's a former Boston doesn't really matter ranked. Sure. You know we we end up doing a lot of charity golf tournaments right during during the summer rank and and it's fun it's a good time. We're out one at Langdon farms this is like eight years ago. Listeners. Kevin must've been one of the listeners are replaying in the group. Advertisers. Dignitaries. We actually even had company brass like above. Our boss. And it was out Ellington farms and we started on hole number six. If you're not familiar ruling in farms hole number six. Is a very tricky par three not a long hole it's elevated and has a big sand bunker all the way around there. When our former boss got to the tee box and he said you know I've been feeling really didn't go to have the flu. And Aaron kind of jokingly hey it's summer hiking in the flu in the summer read on on here don't get us sick grant to study was down exaggerating it. All of a sudden I see him. Ron to the golf cart. Peel out doesn't say a word. Search our world and we're we're you know he skids to a stock. For a on her. Well like I can't hit in a cat box uses it for his own bath room and it looks like world's daily they're gone all my god it's like he was can open. And it's gone he calmly. Stood back up gotten a golf cart and drove home drove through our lack got a hard luck it will leave after. A move like that's one of those things you cannot you can't live in the same city yen. Is forever known as the cab end. About it so the big deal would we well. On a Megan there's no none of us yet we are trading at her balls liberal what do went into the bunker and out the lob ball not gonna join one. Alligators and crocodiles for your ball you've come to a deal I'll tell if not for the best Bartlett. The tee box for the next hole is right next to that green. We sat and waited for the next group to go about it. Like who I god they have a deer problem on your. See what's going on man I cracked you know what in your golf story. In its truth and the guy peeled off his golf glove. White threw it down and look up ha ha ha. Thought they were almost identical I had a guy a group of course and I east player of all time. And won't go to bartender so he finally shows up by stone creek were already on the first hole he comes out. A look at much to do do you look rob. He would do I get out of 330 we had an after party. Sergeant bill may get as high hopes so anyway you as they would play about three holes later and next thing I know we can to the tee box. He goes runner up on top of this hill is all crap. That's what he did didn't make it Mike like yeah. Just did in my shorts. On oh although I don't know it then then he got a dilemma do you carry on or you just go home absolutely. When you dilemmas do you carry under go home it's how do you get your car can get a ticket and I. I don't know much you which cannot do it in the car I'm good classmate. Fifth. I. So we got a number two emergency we need another guard Zaire man. Abdul lick all the guys looked the prospect of a bit of guy he needs some help. That's not enough to make just golf and that's for sure. Hey thank you so much appreciate elicited. Never play with a sense. I can understand why he that you're not a golfer at least an avid golfer that's why that dilemma wasn't an issue for you have a good round. We don't matter what Canada or anything boys.