Bracket Terrys pick

Monday, March 19th

Terry did a March Madness bracket for the first time ever. No beginers luck here.


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We're talking about March Madness getting your bracket filled out Matt says no later than Wednesday. But really completion followed a tip off Thursday at Wendy's that I would never do that Manson Wednesday I sound like I know and I'm talking about when you. Matt Wilcox of the king of March Madness winning. Free pizza for a year it's the first year man that's crazy is out I nausea. At had I known that all this gambling was available maybe go to gotten into its anarchist almost gonna shoot straight week. I have never given a crap about March Madness on to stop the biggest basketball fans. Denning a phone call from pushing boss. You know we have that we we ever really pushing boss. Better and better father bracket the big thing I think the baggage tags if a lot of brilliant idea. Yet painting you gotta you gotta Michigan involved in the steal some China your crash course not just hit me up on Nino says Terry what's to get. Beer. Games and gambling. Blind fill out is your best chance of winning. I agree that in it's always really cool because it usually coincides with the Saint Patrick's Day too so the weakened Missouri kind of of the kind of a fun party weekend and they need to get to sit and watch you know basketball if circle and my understanding is if you do participate in March Madness you get Thursday and Friday offer its four day I let it now right. Ask people think I'm not a lot of work gives I'm just ask you know if that's a case I know that there are eight billion dollars at stake here you always talk about how in this building nothing gets done on Mondays or Fridays. Not so for the biggest you are big date that you are they're gone now number three days a week Thursday is going to be apartment this week. Is the real. See me at at all right so I'm planning entering Thursday and Friday off I'll forgot something because once I'm committed to something I'm a 100% all that it absolutely Karen what do you have Tuesday. Hi I'm when talking about March Madness. Here we well there are a lot of things about watching. The implant eight. That are wonderful and another that capped the important it up. So what was OK so so break it down because I gotta tell you I'm a newbie to this and I'm about ready to un unveiled what I believe is going to be. The final two teams and you can bank on this stage get all the time. I. If that bet that's what a lot I'd say you're a good thing I don't know elect about it ala eight. I married at the jobs each and every march is all about the net is my. And for your your your watch and play. Number one thing it's wonderful op is it a question and in her she then tapering each day. Because in her column. On the court and card. Early. As she is that well it. Up. Well or not. And that they are out at all I am only there Burrell. You know it's really interest your hard sell me their Karen and I and and I have. Since I got into building this morning between UN Matt you really now. Sure one might pendulum around I'm really embracing March Madness to the like the old Davey and Goliath story so well. Take this to the bank. I'm going to share with you Matt Wilcox and my final two and the overall winner actually I've taken my teams just like a pick horses by the name that's not a guy names. You look at their uniform I am getting over time. I don't care monster that I name and because when you combine into it sounds like a really awful disease. I'm going lips come Iona. Let's come Iona. Will be used to funnel millions of people let's dome and Iona lipscomb my own that would Lincecum. Went. We are. Winning and winning it all. And that was a tough bunker there really wanna go with the zags but. I think there's yes let's come Iona Iona will be your final two and lips gun is going to take it all take it to the bank.