Borrowing from Costco

Thursday, January 11th


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I don't even know if I can even look at you anymore. I had to look away doctors Portland's class or Rogge made the three key GO way and forgot you're sober well you know get a good morning ballots Gerry Ford's world you know I did see you as a very buttoned up guy Jesus sign ironing your underwear very. Family oriented but you fall in line with the lady who returned in Christmas tree took costs go after the holidays in Costa gave her money back it was a real treat. She bought it was dead and she returned it it it's all over it she said you know dale died on that money back yeah. The men and now Matt needed move cross country claims he had no money so he. He'd are aggressively borrowed a boom box because the U haul truck did have a stereo and it that's a long way to go gunning music. Got over their return to but it was in pristine condition and nice packaging everything went completely normal is no big deal. At the time when I was nervous were you nervous taken aback like that I know you wanna feel like I'm again FBI's probably I used to work at the store that a ticket back. I'd he's not nervous aren't there at is that store stone does yes all right and I guess it rightly it's not okay. I don't support it great how. But they did to get through written you know and in early in my life starting your career I know for a fact you're not alone and I can improve the team here in just a couple of minutes I kgo and what's going on. I would call and I actually work out who lack Elba. Comment to make on whom. Oh win that cup you know he had the funny thing that I've seen over the last four years is every spring a we have a bunch of nice. China and I guess barbecues. That people come and buy. And they would use them all summer long and never once quit in them an income you know October November when the rains are pouring. They bring them back. Serious. I am totally serious completely filthy gross greasy you can impact. Their money back. And then what slip obviously and then always. Or home why did you keep track of of returns in people's accounts. Well I'm not we'll tell what we do or not. So are so so Sony is right they come and is covered in you know melted animal fat and the smells like bacon and stake in burgers and dogs right. And they have no she game. Real in this thing in. None whatsoever and yen you know they ask why are you recovering at our goal doesn't. What works is that when you go to work. Don't like it anymore are makes a funny smell all my turn Enron obviously is playing. At all accurate or cut back and mr. about it. Why how many of you think you get any given year. Ali kind of varies but it and a good dozen ethnic. Location on that I've seen many as 1213 back back there and what you. We're going to be picked up wouldn't take back. Is it the high end girl people or the ball low end to real people. It's it's a across the board makes no difference at all. Yeah begun 15100 bucks for comptroller oh yeah. That is high and freak in believable hate thank you by the way thanks for Colin no problem I want to with the biggest borrow is. The Christmas the Christmas tree is ridiculous but borrowing a barbecue at that level and you know there you know or you are you're probably listening. I'm water and what the biggest borrow might be in our audience this morning.