Borrow tools

Monday, April 23rd

What is your line for loaning tools?


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With all like good weather this past weekend. It put you under one in two categories. You're either a bar or or a lender. The great borrow it took place this weekend and that's again gonna dom found because. I I feel yeah I I I will see this year creating good at landing. Some lay dead the few tools that you have relented to your friends your wing you have. In large amount of tools you tend to be very careful as to to a human stuffed. Well if you want America that we seem to aaron's there's the ugly little catch. 'cause people all around this fair city were on the phone call on the butt isn't on. Aiken a bar your wheelbarrow. Hey can I borrow can can have Mario lawn mower can I borrow your we'd be here where do you draw the line where do you draw the line. And just say now. I know. I think it's one thing if it's like the next door neighbor because you know that they can do is bring Eric back over you know where they are but if it's likes the friend from across the you know across the city. Cross town yeah the minority gets you one more that's a little weird I get I guess I did hear your theory there and gets worse with person next door. Especially if they hold your tools hostage. Tools are secret you cannot take command schools. And then hold them hold them hostage make him Levy a deposit. Hi that's not a bad idea. Because I really get frustrated if I land something out. And and I have a neighbor who Barroso firming. And the is a worst and returning it and then on top of it on top of not returning it. He kind of just leave stuff propped up on his driveway or just inside his garage door I can see my stuff. But it's a battle of the wills. Battle of the wills. Of Wikipedia. Of whether I'll whether you wanna lay and stuff. Or enough land Sturges walked into the garage to take him back. No because it kind of defeats purpose thing you don't. Then you know I was in become kind of complain about and then the candidate that you mean you saw her problem. That's. Why they're afternoon dude Crowley in the studio or the door open. Yeah you know tools are so sacred to Terri than that even though he has them around. I've known for forty years he won't lend to mount anymore. On it to you yeah now yeah I lived probably three minutes away. In Oregon city and I just needed a wheelbarrow for the afternoon and I just not under the Clinton loves this is where this came from I had. And Terry says a you know. I just really can't I've I've got like on and I've got too much to do and I just I can't I can't do it now I know exactly why. He didn't want to let I doubt I actually really given that idea in the end all and dogleg no that's not my whereabouts. Yeah.