Book Of Records 8-29-18

Wednesday, August 29th

Reverend Weed?

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New York there. Amos board so he's gone through 54 years but yeah. You know the northwest hits your claim to being recognized. Its employees world book of records. Busy in here this morning. Lot of fame being down handed out here this morning 503733. Biggio when the final 37335466. In morning what do you famous for it. Give you all I want I. A Siegel hi how did you view that. Nobody in my wherever he goes no I Obama balcony caught it at the bright idea of smoke the joint. The word I would put a sock over at Ted. Loose smoke into the stock got her wrist and not enough bite me in the end. Well you. Surprise at all agree out. Like Peta sent it to this guy none of people. Maryann Garvey that the other Lawrence di Leo but. Now that my owner Abe definitely. Oh my experience it's legal grip. So you're saying get the stone might make you do things you didn't matter totally aware of any impact that the brits with a little bit all right would you name my friend. We don't you know I don't like wine I like it gave no brainer but you know the bunker records for a they only go another got a Siegel high. Yeah yeah yeah the morning kgo am what do you famous for. Money would keep our Beirut for repeated burger feet graffiti. What's one it would what are your most famous pieces of graffiti. I five back of haven't shot. Who tried to give a freeway. So what do what do you what do you typically paint when your grew feeding Emmy is a signature do you have a do you have a particular. Logo I'm trying to think of the guy. What was viewed they're losing. What's it banks the banks the gas didn't get tips up like banks the Euro with the with the what do you Tippett. Well what more prolific debate. Like it just on down ally it was a bureaucratic review the real we do at all KE MO now what dark. JEM mowed down with a Arkin is normally when GQ eight EMO comes around. You're not feeling good usually deal with something you don't want IOS. Are not remember ever. Did you see beat cancer and you turn into an artist on the you heard. A man kid free on all fronts scheme we're gonna throw you in to the Terry Boyd's world Booker records were if you know. For beating quick are they think you Mann appreciates in that thinking I'll have to get my buddy your morning kgo land what do you famous for. When any kitchen very payments and I feel very honored. My brand even it there there is a founding member of Canada writes that there are buried there recently. Biography. On his life on the session and acknowledge it people he has worked. And believe it or not I'm page to anything. I am mentions. I mentioned because. He'd come violent right or that the replaced art Barnaby. Idiot city. And he would give me that look like. And I have component bringing them hungry. Court iPad yet you they've only been a key 1518. He would use. Now there's an art there's even more to this story because there are you telling us the story. He's actually thirty Hutu your husband correct. Well. In a roundabout way he ash many years later what I was to eat it he is night. 87 I don't know anything Harris app. But yet. Yes and wish I had at the book. Yes everybody in immaculate in music they're in there and there's a lot Kathleen I'm paid 28. Which tells me that is really really cool you are definitely the rock and roll lifestyle we are throwing you. In to the Jerry boys rolled book there. Or 00. You.