Book of Records 7-25-18

Wednesday, July 25th

The 100th Nominee for The TBW Book of Records is?

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Today's big game. Gary Boyd the world look at records we will go over 100. Nominations. By the way. Do ways to nominate yourself and go to cagey when dot com the very simple you look for the big book of records where they're check out all the record holders and I'm already claimed their fame. The other way is to simply Collison 503733. Kgo in its final 37335466. Let's get going we're too leg in morning what do you famous for. Walter Reed and lucky number 100 let's see my wife. Tells me I'm all was right she is currently ever write yourself. Ha ha ha just a boy they sound really backwards yeah yeah. The rest of us don't live in that paradigm where you live. I don't know if you tell my friends that she doesn't like to back them all right. That's a burden to carry believe me I I know I know I know first innings he knows what is what is what is your name you. Steve we're gonna put you into the teary Boyd's world book of records you are number. 99. I don't think those lands us first time you were wrong just. They already have a good day of my friend. I kgo and what do you famous for. On sixteen bit of a football game coded for elder sixteen lines. Six being able intercollegiate football game moment. Sixty and a lot of give it to myself and etiquette to upgrade and her possible through with his name and Stewart. And who is he playing for Yucca Valley community college Indians. How many years have you guys been clowning him over fumbling sixteen times in one game. And banking anyone they think clowning me I he wasn't centers while walking in the wild forward. Real policy needed to and he didn't he wasn't doing his job and the U fumbled it. I've I was quarterback could mean that I could I got the record and not the only community college sports lawyer entered a reported world. Because here's the reason nineteen year out there is life with triplets. Eighteen years ago she the first born equipment sort. If you add them to. About one month later it was if she's in the get a book of world records for longest between the first born and the last shoot in her last child. Wow. Are you know what I gotta tell yeah I weakened a written a better story here because you're number 180. Into the theory Boyd's world book of records. I. Yeah crap beat up as. I listen I didn't go to work you have to really. Well we appreciate it thank you so much and congratulations. On being number 100. Okay that's long Stewart I mean I don't asthma the air and you can do to improve. Knocked in his life open it and it's a sixteen holes and everybody's gonna give him for other sports I'm good. There you go number 100 you better call up let him know my friends. Mary and thank you know much it will obviously. I think I'm not. Well I guess I've Danny is excited so lions filled into the book mad just gets few be the nominee tour. You know your famous for some than 503733. Kgo when that's 5037335466. Good morning what are you famous war. Well I can guarantee in the wake up in the state Oregon drove around with a second cut build on the front of the car without mark. Did you know about it. And. Though Garnett is finally got my attention and said hey. Or over my problem. Over and over a browser. You got to still burning your. Sure yeah what are I wish it would have been a hundred color it. Ran low grade they're good he'd tell us what police department what type of car you were in. Well and I'm Victoria and early part it. I think he's a worker. That's probably get an idea. That's so did. What a name would you like to get if you weekly Jim is officer build the yeah problem. The for I appreciate. I appreciate elicited a minute or are your veteran Eric we'll think they Omaha. It has to Portland metro area. I'll and a earlier do I should build a thank you for being on patrol. You're. You know how many people are gonna try to use that today. They get pulled over yet and if you officer dilute these kids they don't recommend. You don't and don't tase me well you hit it is that we get out of it's it is there. The your runner the this. Visual of that is is still hilarious.