Book of Records 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th

Booger injury

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It's time for you to claim your fame. What do you famous for nominate yourself at kgo in dot com. Port call serie a match at 503733. PG a way to always. Records. If you're not familiar with the book of records this is all about you manage them bragging rights you're famous for something you brag to your friends you've you've you've told stories about. Something maybe could be silly it could be a great accomplishment they could be anywhere in that spectrum. But you're famous for it and you deserve the recognition. Bottom line is if you go to kgo in dot com you can see. All of the people that have gotten into the theory boards world book of records also there when your end there is a certificate suitable for framing that you could. And in home you can hang your place of business this comes to us from Jason friend of the show Jason. It's titled most expensive bugger. It's the great bugger flicking of 25 team. He says I worked construction as you know Terry. Concrete dust gets everywhere including your nose completely true. I was in the outhouse and dug out a giant concrete Borger. I flicked it into the toilet and had an insane pain down my hand and arm. I looked in my hand in my middle fingers just hanging there. I snapped the tendon for my middle finger down to my wrist. Several doctor appointments surgery and die cast for two months. That bugger cost me. 5000. Tell all wow that's some serious. He says my knuckles still twice the size he should be Jason. Just for telling the story. You ought to be in the theory Boyd's world book of records hoop Agee and there were the most expensive bugger. What are you famous war. Yeah I feel I'm the guy that. Byrd got the most drinks spilled on him. Yeah that was ever Alice. That is a great record that you hold that was in theory tested that it would take 1010. Ten times 1010 women. To get it is clear idea right. Yes exactly right but it just occurred I told my body's. I was in the book of records from baton everybody did need bet that evening Jesper right ahead. Successfully. Tested that theory. That they had it right by 1973. No all. And as a present to me the next day when I picked my car I had like a hundred I cannot out of a 144. And he'd like tackle box then my back feet. That they had I not put my card and just eaten a whole bunch of White Sox hamburgers. And just talked to from the back he's got my car that morning. It's not like onions really bad as lot of rappers. Our marriage are big and act out and I mean he definitely slightly a bit these are the hamburger over. As plugged into private. The beginning at present for Bailey autumn after Dario tested by a series you know. That's the I'm not sure. No that's the great record the most white castle rappers in boxes in the backseat of a they know that's fantastic and throw. They go you're in tune times now into the Terry Boyd's world book of records manatee we had time for one more nomination this week for the Terry Boyd's world book of records give morning kgo and. They would you give like give him a book again. I can go back and privately eighties when Comcast cable first came out. Everybody had the area. The same old clunky remote control around their TV's. I think we've probably turned off everybody's TV in our neighborhood. Look TDs and one night I think. I used to love that I you see that many repetitive arm me in my friends used to do that or we walk around because all the remotes work with all the different boxes. Don't walk around and you sir aiming it through their windows in surging into the channels through the video. A couple of. Lead sneaker added by that could all else is a pretty much the same style where I grew up in the neighborhood. We just sneaker ad and I click the remote control on the throw unknowable ever driven term opportunity to Gerald. A lot of that is an awesome thing to be famous war what's your name. Jeff we're gonna put you Booker records are. Where the clicker bandits. I. Now you know you can always nominate yourself do you make EG ON dot com it's real easy to do. We'll pop you in again next Wednesday we do it every Wednesday beginning at 740. If you were able to get in and the phones were busy just you know she was an email or try again next week.