Book of Records 5-23-18

Wednesday, May 23rd

What are you famous for?

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I'm free music playing your pain. Famous sport so if you come through 54 years but gun shooting champion of the north. It's your claim to fame recognized. In the material world book of records. I think your book seeds for your claim to your fame. Kurt got us going right early this morning. First person report on the Eagles concert. Dune and all nighter than an all day or. And I am predicting he'll do another all night. Matt in the book for the most RCA cables boxes on says the boxes and boxes. They never do and amending it suggesting case then make it come back I am in their free throw the most golf clubs in the along the river. And has been waiting patiently game. What are you famous for my friend. Years and years ago my dad was good character ever in your weight down in Medford and it. What to guide the role in Mario Brothers. And went over there and I asked one of the body's at its new game and they were just put them in Oregon they're distributed. Distributing them and that was the first one he dropped off so he. In the couple credits on it and the first person organ when Mario Brothers. So that's great. Good idea did you put that on a shirt did you let your friends know I mean argues been holding this is a seeker waiting for the right time to revealed this claim to fame. While I would loved to have a master plan like that but now I told my friends. Every back in every backyard barbecue you're talking about that would diseases Oz oh yeah I'm nominee you'd you know here game nerd so yeah I was like polio Monday beaten did you hear how the first one Morgan Widmer Brothers. That's pretty cool casino likely get an arcade you have a high score right that's a cool thing but to be the very first few ever played Mario Brothers. In the state organ is pretty cool what day you're gone in theory Boyd's world book of records congratulation to go to key GON dot com. And download your certificate which is suitable for framing and and maverick I do quickly before this weekend's Memorial Day barbecue that you're gone too so your proof. That you are the first person who's ever played Mario Brothers and state Oregon. Thanks for Colin and all right our body extent he what do you famous for. Ready to close. At. Its I don't. Or seller. That. They do via. Pretty avenue might not thing. You don't you know I'm gonna make it an opening night of the rose fast on going all those great rides. It. Let's look at. That I can. Well I guess you got to prioritize. Day went and I I think that's worthy of gone at least into the bunker records is gonna make it into that no matter what you. Which your name. Yeah. Toothless Dave. It's. All right need another place you've been missing men that did this.