BofR 8-8-18

Wednesday, August 8th

Friends of Show can keep secrets.

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You know we do it every Wednesday we give you an opportunity for you to claim your fame. You're famous for something. Started off because quite frankly. We've always wanted to be in the Guinness book of world records but how many was get in there. Read Jack did constantly it. Not a lot not a lot of people make it by those 3733. KG UN is saying get in its final 37335466. In morning what do you famous for. I can check with. There are disclosed. Famous or break in the most football helmet in case. Okay now do you have any long term damage from break and all those football helmets world. So people's Lampard I think creepy yeah. Well I gotta tell you how to how to how did you break all those helmets was the we we don't just go helmet to helmet. Yep our own loan most aggressive. Football players in my school. How many promises to break seven level of one woman was cracked. All the way to revert back going like major you know it was still on crack. We knew when you were done break in these helmets did they test you for contraption it's. It all they did that quite often takes her other. Wow that is really an interesting one what what's your name my friend Richard Richard we're gonna put. Which unitary Boyd's world Booker record for the most broken helmets are at. I offer and then buried like goalie nobody. Really dropped. It's another Wednesday. He would claim your fame 503733. PG a winners or phone number here and like I said if you brag about it your friends make bonnet view. Or your parents continually. Bring it up as an adult. Your famous sport in morning what are you famous for. Way too. This has tried every day and and what's going on a man I want my wife to be in the world book of records or you guys will what is she famous floor cheers broke until frank and bill. Or pretty electric button for the window on every car that I've ever own. She's a little aggressive with the aka. I bet over thirty fires and every attitude brightened at the and I don't know what that there is about it he then stood on purpose Betsy. She breaks them by regular job offer break an animal law. Are just break it but it's thought don't work. Colleague has been married. Or here 45 years thirty cars thirty broken handles or thirty broken windows here your wife's name Barbara. Barber's gone into the Terry Boyd's world Booker records for being the most aggress him aggressive window roller downer. Hurt as bad debt. Thank you man now you did very very few guys listen to all the time you guys wrecked. Our Booker records is about you in your chance to claim your fame. 503733. Key GO NS thank you do it. You get the ninth certificate AKA GON dot com suitable for framing that means when you have a party later this summer. Holidays. You can prove what you. Our or underscore what what you're worthy of bragging about ranked in the morning KG UN there. So that's what actually involves aerial if that's all right that's OK so. It's funny because. Byrd the longest time I'm younger and whenever you're treated my grandparents there's always the house. Hubert decorate up super crazy and you know we were always often and they always as urgently as. The DJ's house and that's how wants her mile wide thousands of the PGA pebble called and that's how we knew. And then. The other day we are talking and my grapple we'll. Tell me editorially yet Harry was given that like who you know I'd never heard that name before you know it in regards as ever so accused Jerry. He like the PGA. And then suddenly I was like oh my god. I've been trick or treating at Terry Boyd's house for like the last like twelve years. His house is all decorated for for Halloween every single year his wife Laurie. Just goes all out for Halloween yet that's my that's that's my wife's project Lori land then you know. She made all of those characters yourself by and they talk they moved and we have with flying go step fly around our entire property that I had. It's often viewed I would put I would point with the best parts of all the other out and if the party ought to respect your privacy level I won't say where but. But it and you offer but going there with a with the cool if they can't hear me when I was younger especially even think about locking up your door. You can always hear the or if you're the greens still a. Yeah yeah that the fog machine in the big dog and all that other stuff bullish outlook which your name Brian Brian when you come in this year to go trick or treating. And stop buying instead to have an candy will have a cocktail how's that. Eric. Apple ranking gradually Asians were put into the Terry Boyd's world book record our thanks thank you my friend and yet. You know I think Leon also give my wife and not for that right putter in the book of records because in Ryan for luck on an out. But I'll have someone who built it yeah yeah I mean did it hurt her displays every single all lanes are amazing the thirty started. August August is where the the tide turns in in our home NN I start to live with mortician Adams now at at the next two and a half months Leo we'll get them both and not into the book of records. Lots of people waiting to get into the Terry Boyd's world book of records what are you famous for. I am famous for wasting the world's first network. EG call your arm awkward or. How is it possible I would project manager or Cingular back out our build the network. When it got underneath it all I was chosen to do so the first call it would be it would boys now. But I want it can be like voicemail third one went my wife she answered it. Did you feel a little bit like Alexander Graham Bell and away. At the tribe noble people keep telling me that. Yeah like is that that was this'll be I forget the Hui was talking to a the other end but it's like I hear me. Yeah that was what Watson that's it Watson you'd think you'd think I can remember that who knew they had computers back and I thought. What's your name my friend mark. Mark from where. I'll call Barbara. Which is cool and probably following the radio dot com app did you catch mark pause there. I can remember the guy's name Jude your stupid bet that was the dude your stupid laws.