Blank Box

Thursday, December 21st


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Martha classic rock NET three key GO Lange good morning steering Boyd's world and the solid he sees a lot of people. Been getting blasted by port par it's my wife and I got got nailed the you know. Unity you know piper he got busted. Not busted but he got like Didier get hit hard as he just had a baby and all the young diapers and food gets on off the porch but thank goodness. There is a hero amongst does his name is Jeremy Barrow and he has invented a way for all of us to get even report pirates Jeremy tells about it. The proposal to blank box and about a year ago. I'd you know like most you'll get a lot of deliver now and I'd be at work and I'd come home and the Packers I was liquid so expect gimmick or urged prepared. I go back reviewed a surveillance. And lots somebody from up above. So after the wartime and that's with W parked c'mon listen I was tired sort of weather and wondered totally level playing actual bit. They're thinking about it and it doesn't steered the I think you're getting shot that. Oh yeah. I'll take you were reported to talk about. That's led a shock and ammunition chug it muted is that it's not a scandal it was you know Iraq the chamber. Yet what did blanket pardon was so close and in any. Contain Bach. So. When they go to pick up the package vertically it cools. Simply hold back aren't and then. Everything Britain's history the opera. Now you have a lot of videos they have been up on YouTube which I think are are fantastic there's some that are really funny Wear them tripping over themselves trying to get away. But this is a couple lower like they're they're kind of nonchalant locking away from from basically gunshot. Have you seen anyone just not even react to it at all. The other one better it is like community. The reaction expecting that it happened I'm sure like in shock it is that they don't know what to expect. Yeah I no longer the Big Apple Q but they still don't beat them get away with a Barings collapsed but if at the end of today at that point. So we're talking to Jeremy bureau who is giving us an opportunity to get even report to fire its tells the naming your company again Jeremy and how to how to we get a because I want one. Purely to sit in my house and and get the entertainment of watching these knuckle heads trip false stumble and hopefully face plant on a concrete driveway. Well right now currently has pulled out might you have. Some some entertaining shirts though that they had don't such my packet in the press box. I'm actually you have right now I'm on my garage should trying to catch up I've had I mean over what like good time last week I had six orders Nomar about the current get. Though. It's been a bit this is looming for sure if you get all the view. Buddhist bubbling Loc dot com I get away it was going to argue when I had her name to that that if that you mean email and mortgage down and should be caught up about 23 weeks. Jeremy and tell the ought to hire hire staff because just because it's the holiday is think about the way the world is everything is Amazon. So that this is this isn't seasonal this is 365. My friend. Yeah I did you really it and worldwide and I've had request rom you know also all over the country and all over the world. Canada or Europe Europe Russia. If you get one from North Korea can you actually put real shells and there are. Yeah you. Dennis Rodman deliberate. I. It Jeremy is there a pleasure to talk to you and we will not touch your package are promise that you are.