Blake Broadway

Tuesday, February 13th

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder is at The Keller this week. We caught up with one of it's stars Blake Price who plays Monte Navarro a very twisted and souless man.


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Portland's classic rock 923 kgo and good morning scary boards rolled. And out if you don't know by now I am and absolutely am a huge fan of the Broadway series it to Keller. And I kick off tonight you have for the Iran is gentleman's guide to love and murder. It's arrogant or Broadway Show let me just try to entire issue about then our next guest is dame. Is Blake pricey plays character called Monty Navarro. In a gentleman's guide to love and murder. It involves money and involves greed and involves incest yes if I have a got you by now play tell us all about Monty Navarro. Well Monty. The the beginning of this show we find out that year right after his mother I think he tried that he's. In the water line become pearl a hyper and in on the early 19100 wanted to let you know but the status position that money that would help you that. As well as the girl that he would love it also very much is. Status is important to her as well so. He's a little downtrodden in the beginning he doesn't have as his mother just passed wait found out that she's been talked to side with the family. There's the woman he loves it also does that popular side when he told her. There are illegal in the comedic Rampage to knock off all eight of his and we members to become a girl I first. So that he can opened his mother. While also gaining the money gaining the same and also gaining a girl so. Aaron. All of the characters are played by Warren. One gentleman James Taylor of them who play is all that our family and every single murder is. Even hear him laugh and they're all so ridiculous so yeah that the basic premise. So let me ask you this and by the way we're talking to Blake price too is not playing the character Monty Navarro. In the upcoming. Gentleman's guide to love and murder at Keller. And when you were explain that I immediately went to you the board game clue colonel mustard. Aren't in that conservatory is their sort of a tie here in a weird sort of way. It has that kind of a deal with the arm just because of the Schumer and kind of the quick witted that that I mean especially if you look at the movie on it and and now. A play. It's. It definitely has that kind of a field but when it comes to the murder mystery. There's not really Warren could pick just because you know there's no I'm not gone well and marquis who will increase the narrator story. Talking to the audience grew much from the get go to audience member you've basically become an accomplice to all of these. Murderers every single comedic ones you know I'm I'm basically looking for the approval of the audience and more often than not get a compared to does that fine. As an actor to have the interaction with the on his cousin and you get the response. By it when you start to let it hang out there with other people in the audience. You'd never know what you're gonna get. A 100% it is it honestly. Acre mocked it it took it one other thing where are all of my life I've. Our wanted to play maker Corel like this that legitimately just a look right at the audience and tell them exactly what's gonna happen and still they are surprised. Still caught. Caught unaware of all the things that are happening I mean that's that meat is about as pure. Form of theater you can get so yes it is exhilarating come in every audience respond differently. Like looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Keller as a gentleman's guide to love and murder kicks off I'm definitely gonna interact with the as a matter fact actually brought the play. Wait did to a halt. Walls are well we'll know who to look up org and America.