Bill Prescott talks to Paul Rodgers from Bad Company

Tuesday, August 16th

Bill Prescott talks to Paul Rodgers from Bad Company , Free, and The Firm! KGON presents Bad Company and .38 Special Wednesday August 31st at Portland Meadows!  Buy tickets by clicking here! 


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Paul Rogers I do I beat good good good to hear your voice again you know you and I go way back to 2014 now. How went back and I always spoke when you're on the road promoting the the royal sessions. Oh actually write again you did so at the lovely Oregon coast at the chinook winds casino. How beautiful yeah yeah out. I'd love to make an album it was straight. Because I think I know the first summits like you would have been 1977. Memorial coliseum with bad company one of the first brought out of never. I and what are the what struck me about seeing you two years ago is I mean you're got a smile on your face you're a fit man your voice hasn't wavered a bit. Is that purely blessing your view what. Do you have some tricks because you know it's tougher on singers than most anybody else musician wise with where as we get older. And you sound ever did as good as you did in the seventies. All man thank you very much I appreciation that I love what I do I think that's what comes down to England and I don't over do it you know what I do. Probably with our company and and sometimes they go out with missile blasted. I do about twenty or thirty shows on average a year oval this year it's been able because we did 25 ways. With Jo Walsh and we're gonna do these seven. And then within maturing into the multi ship but generally speaking I can do about that he shows. Internationally. Like I find that keeps it keeps it fresh from the into the band and for the firm's. But adjusting I mean we all survived the seventy's the mean even in your past where you did you have a history of liked heavy drinking the smoking or anything like that that's your voice well this. I must admit full much since I I did do a whole rock general thing because right. I thought that's what he did. We all did. Us radio guys are guilty of it do the record companies loved spoiling us and taking less to party with guys like you and all that night. I know I don't but he nowadays I think that the party really is on stage in I've found that term. If you kind of old would do it every night you don't wanna be ready crawling on stage dvi and hung over you don't know ought. It's just not on genocide realize that long time ago. Call one you know continue on and and Beatty. And it still flies basically I had to keep it together that way so you know I pulled back from all of that and I mean I'm actually quite clean living guy. A lot of resolve now it is I think it's just got to control that you know you've kind of you've learned your lesson. Yet that somewhere along the line there is a combination of of knowing when to quit whatever bad habits you might have had and also just eighty being blessed too because it. Give me your voice hasn't faded a bit and the fact is that you discipline yourself makes it. All the more appreciative of the people that actually have to spend their harder money to come see a band. They leave a pol Roger show going that was awesome or bad I didn't show. I think you're right now you're right I mean it's it's tough for everybody and edit won't spend. Money. And they want to I think really rocked shall or show any any kind of show wants to involve you so that you. You forget all your troubles all the world problems. And and global warming and apple saying you know and he just for a little while you kind it is irreparable about a sea of hey. Don't mean to sound like that's a cliche but it. Kind of it and one of my favorite bad company saw incentive. I think if you offer somebody come to ride to somewhere else and you'll vote together. And it's a beautiful trip and I think that's what that's what it is nowadays. Now so government jumping ahead to later on this month we will get to see bad company again along with thirty special kgo and is actually presenting the show what Portland meadows. And I'm curious. Do you know I I found an interesting statistic just recently it came from Rolling Stone magazine but they posted the results of an online poll asking readers to name the ten best super groups of all time. Did you know that bad company is on that list. World then that's cool. And I I had to do my Iraqi history for a second because they're hurt or criteria being a band formed from people from other bands. And of course you came from three along with Simon and met with the mop the pupil bottle thinking crimson so totally fits that criteria area. But you're there with good company like. Crosby, Stills and Nash and young in the traveling will berries and cream. Oh beautiful all met all of the traveling Wilbur he's actually. The cream I shall cream when the fledgling band leader and not what they just started out I opened my home town and in middle struck and I stood right in this part of the stage could you could do that in those days and stitch was the high if you like it also was in the club. And ginger baker was right it's sort of media Clapton was such pollution that's. I mean you know how they would unbelievable what do what do creative outfit anyway and they totally influenced. Everything we did from then on you know. Now who always see and and bent up because I understand the Simon still playing drums right. Yes Simon's overcome how at least is playing guitar. Love Howard lease around here has you know we also have all of his history with heart. And he was with even a meg company for a long time now has me. Yes he has you know he's been that they invest so bland too we go back a number of years now so. It's easy I love he's playing mini crisis the way place in the solos and say ready for love. And and all of the media I mean just cut the field going on and I'm running is a great bass player and we have rich province so it'll be calm. From you know he's in the. The black crows a perfect match. I don't discredit actually week we will make mixed up he couldn't make the American tour because. I think you know he's health and and the travel and all of that he just took one look at the schedule and I. I don't Megan good boys celery. I actually 78 was I met him actually they asked me to do an award. To take part and awards shall. Jimmy Page actually I was invited down match play. In Seattle a whole island was at the the EMC in musical pro. Excuse me is people. You can see the guitar Hendrix played at Woodstock there. I did see that it was. Just like the holy Grail legitimate. Access. So a lot of people came down to play and which was in my gun that night that put us together for instant. We played for Jimmie and everybody had a great time. I felt I should too rich you know we should do something down in the future some time and little knowing that it would be this quick. As it would mixed said he couldn't make it back in the coal and rich city had left it. Now I guess I. Having not even heard him play with the latest I do is concede he's very organic and it would be a perfect fit. Oh definitely haven't he brings a lot of creativity to that it could you ask me how do you want this do you want to only get to play exactly like the record you want. I said well another structure which the structures is dissent within that structure. You know you plea to move around and be creative and he does and it's its interest in I'd love to put a short together that this is. Going to be. You know all of the hike with for the music and American. You know. Run. But the path movement on shooting stock can't get enough broke off obviously there are a lot of songs they. That company you know rock steady and got to include those you know yes we did it deadbeat status or is it that way you economy. We'll also take a little depot where it than something like crazy circles and since. They've taken to different places. Well we can't wait do you take it here. Bradley Paul Keith Gil how did you and presents bad company and special August 30 specialist August 31 at the last day of the month. How to Portland meadows tickets available there Portland meadows dot com and I think ticket tomato as well. Hey thank you for calling me again I'm gonna do next you know out of left too bad of an impression Paul Rodgers for that company in in a whole bunch of other cool groups thank you sir we'll see you in a couple weeks. He would show by.