Bernie - Face Recognition

Thursday, May 24th

Are you being recognized by the police?

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So Matt a lot of people up in arms with a Amazon here because Washington County sheriff is using these facial recognition technology writing can just pick up bad guys out of whole crowd home of people. I asked bridges to the former Multnomah County sheriff to join us this morning his. He's our go to guy would all things that involve police Bernie what do you think of the steel. You know Michael technology. Terry are appearances and so my truck unfortunately pushed it when many decades ago the return that we it's something new is introduced into. To control law enforcement and picked all the we've director depressed. Do you they have no official Rick this is always controversial of the usual suspects in the case. Law enforcement and the ACLU. Bernie for those of us are familiar with how this technology works what does it do. Well then start with a reputation for identification on the face very influence of that if you told by the F face services unit. They have more he. Lower. 62 million. Soared 64 billion. People who from UP databases. That they have put into the computer is that its name brought to reliable sources fact. If you watched. To what last week in the royals married. Amazon's recognition or security system. As what was being used certified to whoever is in the crowd. So it it works it works well the question is how we need guys and we do need to because the potential for abuse is is there sure. It's interesting they bring up the royal wedding because they they use that to be able to put strollers have peoples names on that on the TV like live TV. You you saw who everyone was and I wasn't someone just sitting there you know in their head and knowing that wasn't typing up the name that was that recognition. Facial recognition software Ernie is there really in need in Washington County Forrester recognized celebrities that are floating around in Washington County. Because the fact is that this is really good. And again we trust our law enforcement people to use of course is CUC's things with the crooked and tip as to keep refute their communities say. But the people who OK if sector assessment should crimes they know where they are. I didn't know where they fit in jail. I would wanna build they confront the community if they're a suspect in another prime otherwise perfectly those very successful ruled the world party missing people fighting machine children. There actually is a very very for the rest if uses said that no buckles tumor types of 4000 terms of months in their face services unit during the course of. Bernie. Now for the really important question Bernie when you're taking a shower or are you a guy who physically washes his feet or is just the soap. Running down on the floor of the shower good enough to clean your feet. Well would do that before. It so I the that's what most of us open wrote most of the world issues and diplomacy would say how much abuse cystic and so. And then you're standing there you wash your feet Maine don't slippery you're gonna fall and hurt yourself. I didn't let. And abilities. You guys are he got enough guys you're absolutely heathen that is correct this.