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Friday, September 14th


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I beat good point very kgo and welcome to the press got Joseph Billy's brief part 24 or Wednesday June 8. Tell available worldwide kgo and dot com that I still like if it was some lives. So here's the public service thing I was promising a bit ago Oregon health and science university of launched a campaign it's called hash tag pass on packets. In hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of both laundry detergent packets KC news reports there were more than 17100. Laundry packet exposures. Between march 2012 April 23 team in the first four months of this year nearly 3800. Children five years old and younger were exposed to the packets. More than 31 kids per day. Most of that happening with kids in the three years old because their brightly colored and bite size. And you do not want your kids eat neat thing they can lead to vomiting oral burns swelling and even coma. If I even had packet while but it went back to good old fashioned. Pouring detergents so what can really measure my load. Meanwhile reports in the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell death they were greatly exaggerated USA today reports story that Goodell had passed away. The story went viral yesterday after somebody hack the NFL Twitter account. Subsequently. Made the root of obvious after the league denied the story that we were quickly deleted. Beckett yelled Wikipedia entry was also altered that mourning her this morning. Fifth listing the 57 year old cause of death as deflated lungs clear reference to beat Tom Brady deflate gate saga. Finally North Carolina cops they decide not to arrest the guy who stayed the bank robbery if we can go to jail for them food. The news and observer story says mark Foster walked into a suntrust bank in Durham, North Carolina handed the teller a note demanding money she doesn't see it done. Associated Press is the norm button. Didn't hand over penny. He had goes and takes his seat the customer service during which the cops and they recognize him when they arrived from a similar run in last year. Last time around he admitted he simply wanted to go to deal they can have three square meals a day by the judge refused to grant their wish sentencing in two years' probation for the non violent crime. I am really those are every.