Bathroom Etiquette

Thursday, December 7th

What is the etiquette when it comes to work place bathrooms?


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Portland's classic rock NET 3 kgo and good morning it's teary boards wrote. I have a comment are you guys yesterday you had your show. Regarding no region could dump. Yeah yeah good good diver at the Amazon. Amazon delivery person you just drop deduce threaten a driveway or somebody's house. Pay that I work in a warehouse where the I like four under par truck drivers and Renault and hope they don't probably more than once or twice a week. Based on their way but yet it probably older and a little longer than most. Got a stadium. I don't know. It it did they come and it just destroy your bathroom. Oh guided. Yeah I clicked upon this or not. Yeah like it's one thing when you can take out about trim its next level if you can Waugh did into the other rooms your house when you can take out a warehouse that if you. If you don't you wouldn't create man I'm so sorry you have to deal with that man every time a truck pulls Indy guys go for a walk out. Well yeah. You've got to go to other department. Yes your wife thinks so I don't have it you're all out but yeah I pretty discussed. That's a really interesting. Dynamic ram by the way thanks for the phone call I love the what's your superpower I can tell how often don't sound a bit because apparently it's a path back at the wow Lotta people a lot. Lot of people make dad does that well at the super car remain that is is you've 400 passenger never asked it's you know it's theoretically maybe possible. That opens up a really interesting dynamic and etiquette dynamic. Does he brings up a good point. And it's one of those things of you know when you're in a workplace. Like a look at our building its segment right you got. By two teams opposite sides of the building. I notice there are people that come to our side of the team just eases bathroom because they don't want their team. To know what you know the day had to use that that the bathroom. I worked in the building where there have been there were three floors into the floors had single. Single stalls so he would use a stall. You'd limited options on where to go in people from the second floor always came down are for the bottom floor. And they would always uses stall and then go back up to go to work in you know upstairs. I don't know the answer to this. Is that a place where you're supposed to be territorial because sometimes like I Iowa comic he. By you and our method. Wyoming you don't want also territorial about it. If that is on reasonable December there as I think it does is that the Q a I I know a person who is so freaked out by this. Use an off and I'm a freak about it like I don't like doing away games I am mama. A like a home field advantage right I gave up on it a while ago. Birdies to BO I know a guy who literally. Sometime mid morning will say. Yemen to make coffee run anyone need a coffee and leave. The place of business. To go do business in another. Does he go home now he even goes to the coffee shop that that can. There's all kinds of weird etiquette rules when it comes that kind of stuff I KG UN what's gone on. On a lot out. Yeah woods woods woods would you take well. I don't crowd let out a toilet and epic. Or pepper Al well. At home. I did get employee. Ought. Adhere to act. Or a little. Shock art shop out. Sheer act all. Actually pack while out. On. Portland. So she turned the there's a port here pat Shaw oh Ali oh I got it. Get up like little all law. Like Aetna at all. Even got. A whole lot like shocked. Then yeah. Indicated that but until that I thought I act early February and here. Well. On a. Now that is the greatest story and it's crazy why in at guys we're so proud of that as there always a moment in your life where he erected. Or you've done an epic one and you got to take a picture of a news brief eulogy got away with them that you yeah. NN. Thank you for the call. I don't know we into the etiquette question that. I was content I'm.