Autonomous cars "You Just Have To Wrap Your Head Around a Crash"

Thursday, November 9th

Autonomous cars are now ready for your use. What could possibly go wrong?


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Just got to wrap your head around. That there it's going to be some crashes. That's what Gould companies. Caution to go yesterday Wayne mow their car manufacturing side. They said about autonomous driving cars they're here they're ready they're ready to start solemn. Dating give a price yet we haven't seen it they say we after wrap our heads. Around being okay with them crashing because they're going to well that cars crash rate now. Right. Yet but there's that false sense of security that you can stop it from happening right red book but it you can't stop someone from hitting new. No you can't and and that's it that's a fair statement I just I'm on the fence for a couple of reasons like part of me says. This is going to be great I can just get a car like at you on a plane and go to sleep and wake up wanna get to my destination. And just trust than him and get their safely. That's my that's my that's my move on an airplane. I don't know if I can do it in a car I really don't. I don't know if I can take him map mean maybe it weighed on the road win with me really perfect the cars. But think about the amount of people that are distracted when they drive anyway. Even though there's laws against the cell phones the cell phones are still a big deal. The of the eating in your cars the it is shaping or you know women putting makeup on in their car in the morning on their way into work. There's so many other distractions that are happening anyway and those people are driving the car. If they were in and and anonymous caller. In my and a view that big a deal Jonathan's with the he says right now we're trusting old people to Wallace in the left absurd and young people who act and. Knock out there I'll take my chances with the robots I mean we've all seen weird stuff you know whether it's. You know some of the plane a musical instrument or reading a book I had a Booker in the newspaper yeah on absolute I've seen them with a book right in front of only you're driving black white arena booked. I'll tell you the one thing that really intrigues me about it is that I can actually see. And taking in. What you Seaway drive and on the road like that's always been the lore of the train for me. I know it takes forever to get some weren't trained. We get to take it in you get to see what's happening around you I'm always the driver I don't know if that's the way it is in your home but in my home. I'm always driving and there are times especially warm round of the coast. I wanna look at stuff. Yeah and you can't you know Casilla you know like even if you peak over the cliff for a second pretty soon you know you're on the wrong side of the road are going on right. So your always gonna you know if you're being responsible. You're paying attention to what you're doing. The it'll take me a lot longer once we do get autonomous cars it'll take me a lot longer to go on some of those winding roads. What can I don't trust them I'd be a little bit more freaked out a tea a tale world will be the rub for me. I don't know if it's like cruise control your car where you can set the speeds that you want to travel that probably not. They're probably gonna follow the letter of the law of the speed limit and that is gonna drive mean that's their enemy drive you dessert that you your speeding doesn't get you there that much faster now it doesn't but it is something that's in your mind like when your drive only Ike they'd just feels like you're not moving at certain times and it and it keeps you safer. May be an NN and like him and maybe you get a bunch of stuff done that and I I fear. That's what that's too strong forward I believe. I would miss the experience of driving all the things that you cannot be when T Charlie about right. I think I might miss some. Do you think they'll come up with like the way they do with go Kart tracks do you think they'll come up with tracks you can take that it of non economists cartoon to be able to drive while they haven't evident PIR you can go out there and and put on your car that would become of a bigger thing for the average person who misses. The deal went dry and it's actually drive a car I don't know would be weird I editors this embassy gonna sell those cars were but I believe. They're going to be available for you'd buy. In the new year 2018 and intestinal I guess in Phoenix for the last year elected to drive and all over Phoenix. Nobody in the car whatsoever they haven't had any problems but they remind you. They being Gould blame all their car manufacturing side. Got to wrap your head around that they're not that there are going to be accidents. That's going that see there that that's going to be their go to when they go to court over reliability. And we warned. It is a handset that that's exactly what that is. Portland classic rock many people read the airlines say we run out by that lame O car. Here's some breaking news. On autonomous vehicles less I mean literally seven minutes ago a lot of you republic I'm done I'm ready I can wrap my head around a crash what happened. Well in Las Vegas they've been testing this little shuttle. But shuttle bus that's autonomous completely autonomous they have I think if one person on board. To you know if something goes completely haywire and they got busy right away well it would listen to hours after starting it gotten to its first accident. It's a minor accident and it wasn't that the via shuttle's fault it was the semi and that he got into an accident weigh it and he's got a record had a. At a man was and why you gonna come in contact with a cell line and yet I that ad ad now it's my mind. Honor percent I'll stay behind the wheel my foot on the gas pedal my foot on the brake.