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Tuesday, December 5th


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Portland's classic rock 93 kgo and good morning it's theory Boyd's world and over the weekend I had several people last remember the story about a month and a half ago. There was a runner in Colorado. We don't under the do ego. She would run through neighborhoods and then. Or business on people's front lawn like she was training for a marathon or something in the halfway through it just kind of hitter. And she is a good about in the I think you at the same on three times and it made the national news and aisles and she disappeared. We may know. Where she has resurfaced. But before we get to the story. A lot peace and think your thought well it's the off chance we're gonna have to play this holiday GM. And smile and brown he comes from news ten. He owns screens and tweeting your bets the bones a president. From down below spreading joy when I. He's seen those love inside of you because it. Our and I try to grow up after the outcry in the news B twelve for a moment. Amazon yesterday and it was an Amazon released this it was one of the driver. At a had a big release Amazon has to contract out to people have to be able to journal is deliveries I mean there's a lot of deliveries there's so. Some people go and in the old golden rants maybe you all man. So there subcontractor and they go out and a the go down they get their allotted amount of package as we get paid. Probably for Bob per package for the delivery. Extra packages they probably compensated for extra drop it. A pair of elect and by the way this is the complete opposite of import buyers yeah. When legally jumping out aren't taking something. Yeah they're they're leaving you an unexpected gift and thank goodness. For people who have all of these external cameras on the homes. Because we wouldn't get all of this great entertainment if it weren't for those cameras. This lady apparently I mean it was just overcome by the Collin nature. You gotta go I get it we've all been there and interview saying you haven't been there then you're lying to yourself you. Can be as simple as. And I can make it one more exit. Committed in a few Danny's right at it it is and as at as though. It could be created in Delaware there's nowhere to go as soon as you push it for one more and no pun intended one more exit. Pots assign against Nomar services for 26 Y a and now you have a dilemma which is exactly. What happened to this lady she's the woman was dropped I was trying to away the drive with this woman with a Nicole was sacked there was five or six houses that she could have knocked on the doors that. Look this is kind of an emergency and I can you know only mean to what is ground them for you if it's one of those things where. I would imagine there are people listening that are out delivering packages right now. This time a year I sigh guy yes. A day in our neighbor and I just happen to get up. I thought I heard another port Byron taken place in our house and they were deliberate and it was well after 9 o'clock last night so if you're coming in early in the morning and this has put men. 101214. Hour days and when you're on the road your road warrior. I would imagine you have to kind of why you were today. Thank you know places where you can stop awful on the way it's not like working in an office here you know you get a bath in. You might have to wait a moment or you know you want a sneak in before everybody gets your kids you wire but is now. Know when you're out delivering habits you know where every hotel is the hotel on annual bodies hotels usually have have decent bathrooms and run in run out. Less Schwab is gone probably I've always voted some of the nicest bathrooms and a you know on the West Coast. Or throughout the truck drivers and you know we can always use. Well I already know our our direct area so law and keep what you call me. Emergency pocket. In your reading. Now what are market grew so so woody yeah yeah yeah I can't order. I don't know what it is or so ago. Well quit with that I got I got a question Erica acres. I I know a lot of that we use the bucket when they go camping so you're driving down the road and you use the bucket or do you pulled with a shoulder. If I can't you do worry rest area or entity. About group. But if you can't you'll just keep driving and good. All of north. Are forward. Is that pretty common thing in the truck and world that you have liked now a present bucket. One out and when my wife and I you if you legalize it we always got a bucket for emergency. Yeah I would imagine you know I I that that was a relate to Liu rattling and I said. You know job I'll push it one more exit then you see the sign no more services right 26 miles everybody in there. And then just got back in the labor then almost curtain if you walk. You're. It did at the Braves into. Let them Hillary gets the more often it happens yeah. It ought all Greek port. Slogan hey thank you for the golf man are already out there or. Then you to say it stands a reason we think a lot for granted. When you work in an office building might have been a bathroom. Yeah our decision like I I totally and I'm not throw on this. Amazon delivery person under the bus when you gotta go you gotta go I mean if she'd been out on the road all night delivering packages what do you there there's so many other option she had been somebody's door that's how do I lie to you to somebody coming your house and use your but I don't know but at least make the effort don't go other drive what. They're grass she at another studio hey she is. That's always she hit it made it a little bit better she had a scheduled to keep you know I mean look I haven't I'm a dog owners so you know you have to clean up after your dog had she won't and she had a plastic bag. And then picked back up it would have been a problem cheek she would've been a responsible. President and deliver and in the whose garbage Richard booted him well I think they need take it to where you got it going you're next up you don't you don't drop in in the neighborhood where you do is dropped and that's probably cardinal rule number one.