Accidental Samsung Text

Wednesday, August 8th

Two gems from the accidental text.

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Careful if you have a Samsung phone it's accidentally texting your latest text you many people that might be your contact list take for instance the guy in Georgia whose Samsung phone text that it tirade he had. About his boss. To his boss yet that's not good that's gonna get dressed fired that's when ended up happening until now. We had a friend of the show or Mary not her real name. Colin sailor guy probably have the worst. Accidental text known to mankind. I don't know if you'll agree or not but just take a listen. I heard I wrote a really pretty happy rapid epidemic hit I don't prep and and I had been acting like he thought because of where I was supposed to go on and it it. So you without your rap artist you're only as you know let's be honest what more parents are there comes a window where your just not cool you're not plugged in. And any sort of wanna be able to do it see you wrote a nasty rap song that you texted to your kids and what your boss. You remember any of the lines of that rap. Generally and the error. Going to give it a shot let SE weight will be your filter. OK I don't anything go to London. Palmary kids at the time by the way. Yeah you know you get you you're not quite at that window yet are you met yet upon out of the cool window like you're still plugged in. To a lot of things we're gonna let you know who Demi Lovato is and you actually probably care yeah I know Demi Lovato has but I and I'm I'm. The rapid Lee leaving that court. I remembered it. And they did that. Oil out of the challenge I'm out of that hurt it again complain we're looking around to remember and declare that and where in the crown. Which end of the teenage. Appears well. Yeah early in the email here. Oh. That is that that is just beyond fantastic thank you so much Harry seventh straight day. Use I just absolutely love that. He's you know you've been there year I been there where you think your cool and you're really not cool and you try to do something and you think is cool. And it ends a blown up in your fair I don't know if I'm ever gonna get to the point where I'm making have become filthy dirty rap and some 813 year old you don't know the desperation of wanted to hang on to cool as a parent. Good morning kgo and. Good morning guys. I called because is that they apparently acting. I want tickets are you guys goes again and roses in the to work. We're all excited and attacks my wife with a picture of all my glory explains her how excited I was afraid. After the concert or. Give it to her she was driving that's my daughter opened it. Learn yeah. A oh. Yes and she's so we're about violent political slight errors started screaming oh my god does her own count. And it didn't just signal to make things worse term mother picked it up for so. My other mom daughter one shot being on don't legal name. Just ought. I have a thought to ensure that way do I think that just. The worst I've ever done. Yeah that's neck in neck right there when did you know you got your father of the year and we had mother of the year. Just people who are you. Yeah oh awkward relatives actually beyond Lydia look a little awkward around mom in law and daughter finally coming around which you look me in the high against the well. While sea isle and see that's that's one of those things where I think I'm glad I didn't have any daughters because I don't know if I would ever be able to live that backed down. I'm like you I'm very low tech in I didn't want on their head that they got a Fermi two years ago and I I haven't limited extent that I don't believe so. It's let those looks launcher and members keeps expanding and understand it meant I appreciate you guys to show love realize. Not very nice we will be right back love all of trying to push it up on the phone. I'm really low tech when they got me on the allow me think it's my job to try and agreements. Got it's the dance that. This button right there is this junk photos as. This is one of those things man I mean when you are we near the low tech men unity of no idea where you don't that's is dangerous. It's just dangerous. To have that kind of technology in the hand of someone who admittedly I know firsthand. That says the low tech it's dangerous.