7 11 delivery

Thursday, December 21st

Perfect for late night snacks.


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You can get excited anymore when you hear the or that being Don could you how it time they don't do it anymore. Have you noticed that I haven't noticed today at my house there was knock on the door the ring the doorbell and I have to be perfectly honest like the first. Five or six times may be at the first ten times you're excited like your kid on Christmas party. Edges here now it's like man stuff like amateur I don't even knock or ring in my house anymore that is dropping off fighters here the truck going if I'm home here that dragged on opposite and it's like okay I guess that doesn't attract younger boy you hear the roar of the diesel clatter I kind of moving away from your house and it is it's interesting how everyone. Is trying to find an angle for home delivery. Including. 7-Eleven. We've had a low. We have here and look at all content and oh now I will readily admit. I'm not on Amazon I don't do it my M it's mile wide fees Amazon crime. Or Wal-Mart whoever she buys from with the she buys the stuff like zoo Lilly and other things show up in our house right. She pretty savvy at it. I imagine there's a minimum. That you have to buy before you get like free delivery or not. Well a few of prime I don't I don't know crime is probably not I don't know if there is if you pay for prime that there is it with certain businesses guy you have to buy something like fifty bucks more or more in the and it's free delivery. So Mary's that brings up the question about 7-Eleven. You say anger how stoned out of your mind how many solar that we need and how many beef sticks that we need or are you deliver that pregnancy is it like sitting in your captured his big daddy are mine and her a we have mineral water present an eleventh we have fifty dollar minimum. I want slim Jim's. You wanna big gulp. We these mojo votes right. In the store drone and some VR goggles are I think it's. Eleven there's a side of it now. That doesn't fit within anymore I was in there this morning getting a coffee and I notice that they have their wall of Christmas. There wallop Christmas at 7-Eleven used to consist of roses that were actually panties right they have to give to somebody. And like truckers that little right right and then giant cards like as if pay. I really don't put a lot of effort in all the big part of that rightly realized that those guys wait until the second meet at 7-Eleven for our Christmas show the 7-Eleven and sell it has a whole row of on the caller Christmas I'll even have like a little mini Christmas tree. They have VR goggles virtual reality goggles you combine they have drones which I've always told you if you if you can go to 7-Eleven abide drone. Drones are gonna become very came through all of that they're gonna start falling yet this guy. The whole purpose is 7-Eleven was to be communion soared quick enemies candy whatever you do run and run now. Get some smoke skated insular beer or Coke or whatever get on with the day. The the fact that others would bring whole public like they're not convenient enough already that now they have to deliver home. Think about it man I mean by I just it just hit me I can call 7-Eleven hop in the shower and as I walk out the door my copy could be there I don't have to stop anymore. Are you gonna try to come here to do well yeah well. Why why would I walked out the door myself eleven guys there it's almost like you know 7-Eleven Butler and how correct yeah.