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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. The result is anybody ready for another game a profile that's dollar 944999. Ole will play profile that's coming up in minutes. Carrie at your headlines on the way one hour from now but first quick check into of icons for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right over gas that over Tony two million Americans will cancel their cable this year. That's up 33% from last year when more than sixteen million people. Drop their cable am what does this Netflix Hulu van Avandia or got to be man it's just there's. Aids is growing beyond just hey here's some old shows that you love right all these other mediums are starting to actually create their own content and there's no commercials on. Only Facebook's missed our relationships are they yet I am not surprised. I guess cable wolf moved to via what Internet business for us to death for a lot of little disturbing Allah cart when they finally figured out well there. Sorry yet there they are starting to. Incorporate other mediums within the you know my my cable much it has Netflix on a short my TV has Amazon moment so. I will say that I think that the biggest thing that always help people is sport. Always doing fairly early in the contract stuff that you like sports it's very hard to watch a lot of sports about the blue you have to bid that had eleven met some of those contracts come up. But even Twitter start to get on that they're doing all right put it certainly outlet football games I've been says three years if if I could. If the NFL had to deal with cable or I can download again I don't care if it's. Fifty bucks you know mama gonna watch every Sunday but they're going to be some weekends man where you know I have a little wanna watch a game and does not televised I have friends overruled. Hang out now watch game I can't do that then I'm satellite there's music contract they got so like. I would like to be able to watch some of those things on television without evidence that he set but I don't have a bit. The website 24/7 Wall Street looked at things like crime rates unemployment and housing and posted a list of each State's worst city to live and oh all right yamana. Time you have less. Says right here I'm now working on felt that I thought quite a while I don't stay at it depends on how you act act. It's a little harder it is that I thought I had brought a lot of those but I did have government sending out their loved her. What would you think would be the worst city deliver it what state. Of leases were sitting OK are we at a very that's the thing they're fifty to choose from they get a leader. Texas I mean I would think Camden, New Jersey is the worst avert El Paso is not very. Yeah you guys know Maryland. They Marilyn call I love Baltimore vote. Actually you know that's not true many think Frederick. As a curator Sarah began no no Frederick probably would get voted the balls haters that. Oh gone Hagerstown Merrill odds of how good job growth away that's where Marilyn groups. Bad who has way to describe them and that's being kind but he doesn't West Virginia. Allow it's a toss up between the first place in last place. It. Both foot the most beautiful places to live in West Virginia other just some really depressed other areas of have a difficult time. I felt I could I can avoid that. Put a floor I mean my mom hasn't had clean drinking water and over twenty years. They've capitalized and have clean drinking water in the last fifteen till the water would be a good start this thing and go for that. If we're the worst was the floor fourth place in Florida. You know that it does like reported that place. Daytona Beach. If they're effective at at the heavier brother when he got to Daytona is pretty bad but if you like bracing her life death. Anything that year end or so you enjoy it up plus they view of the beach. Jacksonville. Yeah that's pretty strong man but there from one of the greatest teams in the NF are they might. Hey it's their one and oh are you wearing their big kudos at orange jaguars at the epic patent was among killed one of those more. Then I'd be a little bit disappointed mile and labeling that OK I got an earlier you learn while they're hot caring man you went up for the jaguars are sleeper team would you drive a jaguar. Yes lord yes okay. That is the guys don't try to kind of cool turnout for their position after. Folks get you all know goals ever seen it it's really cool minutes sinks into the center console. That that trust and thousands of diesel oblivious. According to a new survey only 46% of Americans can name all three branches of government. Why. And health crisis and 37% can't name any of their rights covered by the First Amendment. Come on man whose. I mean just come up. I knew them and I never gonna make teaching to you in elementary. School memories like this is an argument might never have dinner and I think. Did people learn it and forget it or is that just the way they've learned it was just kind of regurgitate that never actually learned. Felt on that might do I got no idea probably how you learned probably what you yourself. My guess just regurgitate this is spewed out over and over but so people retain it but. It just seems like did he cure just a little bit because it is so influential wonder everything. Well and how many people they don't take the time to try to remember it because nobody in this teenage pastor remember anything. We've all got the information superhighway in our pocket for goodness sake itself. You know if anybody asked was the three branches of government it takes me two minutes says to look up that answer. Or you can answer in three seconds exactly by I didn't know that there are dumb answer at the end it. A new study ranked the ten most looked at most and least stressful cities in the world police stressful is Stuttgart Germany. Lead us very special yeah. You know I'm an afternoon having sausage the flip. We register for the such a time. We do the with the most depressing city after she left to be like oh stressed his really molded the shoe on Leno does what it does it also has the least stressful city in the United States I'll leave social in the US and we know the place yes you do. At least I'm alone in San Diego vanity. You guys are on the right right coast. Right support beautiful wet Seattle Washington all pumped up out that it if it's okay all right with just missed at the top ten at number twelve in the most stressful city is Baghdad. Dahlia I guess I was okay outta luck right now Ottawa yesterday I don't know where it and it puts a stress city in the states. I don't have that here. Somehow organized as I'd say from the and as any questions I don't know the answer to only read the news sorry. 34 year old pianist in English and I guess. How relaxed he plays the piano rather well I publish them and are and he's in England and he recently said that he was going to play piano in public nonstop. Until his ex girlfriend took him back oh boy that's not gonna do you might die down and somehow throw up I was released I had shot of the night done. She. Would be able online biz we call them a Psycho so he stopped. Still it's great isn't up. Plus it and he's got on standards of make believe world of real world what's the movie what. It's the labor all the chicks at the he said the suits you when some eighties and anything OK so as head of the vote there weren't turned coat it got to a boombox over said he standing outside those girls windows right. In in the movie may be seen romantic. In real life you're going to get arrested because you're really getting creepy. Al wasn't limited Dustin after the fifth at the well he's at home and it even start by asking is this romantic or just weird and I think it depends on the guy. No. Just saying you're gonna do something till she comes back when it created write a romantic gesture would the idea that you are already together or she would at least not in late. This is like we've broken up I'm gonna do this to you come back. Yes let me think that is when your weight because now that it knows his trainer and good journalist naive I mean under the serenade you with a piano until she takes me back. C romantic flew the reason why it's over so now you seem unreasonable if it. And a little I don't know it right what did you like I wanna play the piano for her. When I see her and it should take me back I I'd that the little romantic. Feel like obviously the stand in the Middle East elsewhere layup got over the until people get annoyed enough for northern taking your RD annoying her in the first place now she's embarrassed to right. Aaron Miles they ready for this chart somebody in Connecticut who won 200000 dollars in a lottery last year. Just one another hundred grand on the left by playing the exact same numbers fall coma. Yeah they're they're going they're bound to hit man if you keep playing it on every day man and you just gonna have a subscription to where you play the same number every clock theory you'll get there and yes. Right a broken clock is right bush today Isaiah stuff and finally trail has come up with a name for their new. All available Keller and what does that tell tale about a one hour now that you might knock headlines are on the way one hour from now at first the day goes. Street sense. She's thrown out of it at least everyone how profile this is playing a shark and mild at the simple game where every servant you real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth. Our. And as you listen to a story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make less good it is you think makes the story a story. As far hello Brandon welcome to the men's room. All. Our guy. You release on permits you understand how does your name displayed. Yet there. Fantastic oh my god variety here's his story now Amanda's been charged with robbery after a magazine salesman reported being held at gun point. For a sales proceeds his phone into the blocks. The twenty year old suspect is charged with felony robbery in misdemeanor theft and if convicted he faces possibly forty years in state prison. Now the big things that he was approached by the man who want to buy a magazine but he did them about. To be invited to bring them back to his home to get the amount for the subscription. The victim got to banks to demand car or another man in the drivers seat turned around and one of the doormat. Now from grocers for parking lot the driver drove them out of town may eventually stop somewhere out accounting for the driver threatened until the Victor among the first man. Who invited him in the first place. So look we're not gonna kill you we just want your stuff so again it took a cell phones while about three to buy some cash than they kicked him out of the car. Victims that it won't do house to resume calls balls while won't block anyway. They were able to reach the robbers who coworkers phone they reportedly agreed to give the phone back for 200 dollars and planned to meet a restaurant. But to a red phone sent a message that you begun to victim better quote not play any games. Many quote veteran of cash falters and tell the guy as he walked into the restaurant. Alms and found victim's wallet. Is. It's his. Phone and vehicle nearby. Anyway the question is do you believe that this magazine thief his black whites make C or he's. And guys just trying to I was magazines in the ground level magna in a lawsuit god or smartest dad gravity of the way college is always align these write more legal analyst yeah emit the drug ever I don't know what I have no wonder there's with the line was always the college. That was when they that was in the bank for years. What else did you say what else what other reason good look on an open the door and I you can see in my face in minority don't want anything to all diesel college are right out. Sony Vega. I wouldn't know it may actually. Final answer. Final answer he had explanation as to why. Yeah give them in there are to blame group but lo and thankfully my little boy that you. That's the spirit. That that I feel great I worry find out the run and her blind why you lazy or Asian gentleman for whom the fifth. That was it. You're listening to the history of radio network. Did you know. Should the men's room. I does now profiled as we got the door to door magazine salesman you know the guy knocks on the door he's got the clip board of college things got all the magazines you can possibly get and now he's losing his job to airline extra miles. You don't like he tries this and got his name anger the Karl tobacco gets money. And now by magazine for and it turns out there's another guy in the car they just driving to someplace shaken down to Dole's money is all the phone. They somehow make contact with a sky and say if you give me 200 bucks and give your phone backers on the back whenever solicit the sting and Abbas to these to journalists and Brandel we ask you look do you think he's got the black white makes your agent you made the comment I. I'm gonna say let's say because we blame over everything else why not this. Our thoughts are man. Quite like why don't Lawrence start blaming them I always thought it was might just the freeze would say what what part. And it's a symptom like we're currently we're bringing it done. Aren't so toward the end of all of this. The guy who's been robbed man responsible how's he hasn't coworkers foam they called the salzman. And suspects agreed to give the ball back 200 dollars will be big restaurant school logos in of that better not play games committee quote unquote better at cash. Yeah I just can't marry white and white and bright and happy playing games to spur to bring some cash. And how relativity is not tied to our TV tower dance and how. Countless hours in front of a talking at the end of presents. Yeah that's so funny people not on you what you watch funny people on TV and stuff. Now will you watch comedian do you think all comedians are good it impersonation to accents and now all of them have been awarded to one of those with a comedians that choose to do it yet the pretty good that. It's about people could just use certain ones very well sure they do that all the time. So Ellen DeGeneres very hilarious person. Pretty funny. I know she's part of the best daytime talk show there is content more I'm nighttime talk I don't know what if they re plated a Dinah probably give it a shot that some of my home during the day I don't it's your show. You know. I don't know at the end of the day the you're the target audience nobody I mean and she's funny I would guess I would watch her show that I was at home and it would all go off her sick day eat our they may not sick luck either FBI share price for your home one day give Allen a shaft all right that's perhaps if there because she's is funny she doesn't like a nighttime talk show. But anyhow jet out baldor and all there are baldor and obviously a very famous last year for doing Donald Trump and Allen struggles they are a little bit with her impressions. I am horrible at that Howard accents or anything's a true you don't do that I'm terrible yeah why I don't know but I lake name an accent that he wanted to do to trump. A like a person's health club to see them. Two huge but. Not too kind actually know. Not too sweet and you do it because you and them. I'm and we gotta you know. Good stuff. And I actually I think I can do I can do look Colombo. They don't act a bit. Pop me man I don't bother you put that. Those are good even in Colombo and. Is this I mean am I what I can do all of the Andrews sisters singing at once detectives that's really salvia pentagon. Don't then they are the. Maybe then Columbus to lead going smoothly and this is just. And harmony. Colombo you don't know with it was easy for dole kid played by Peter Falk fall good looking guy. I remember it was always one more question it is when your question did you ever watch a Father Dowling Mysteries. I remember really no one's done ever so all right I'm pretty short came on Friday nights or something like after. Colombo Colombo a phone call Faulkner who I'm. Because my mom would watch it Father Dowling Mysteries is basically a priest in a sister and a nine who do you call that system. Yeah Bob what where we on this day and tell me daddy it's just the mystery. Played by Leslie Joan and behave with so how crime brother usage once upon that yet. I mean I. I don't know how old blood but I am pretty sure is Friday nights I members who severely like oh yeah okay father Dowling McDowell yeah I yeah but our exactly it yet because you're only the third person outside of me my mom I've ever seen react like well yeah I think that Obama and Emanuel watching I guess he. It was the dad from happy days. Hello Al. And a better days than I ever watch happy days that we did after happy days. I mean would he did sadly had meetings what he did before he's got to get started we've all seen that show was only on 89 to 91. Your grandma my mom report earlier this short lived. Just doesn't seem like the kind of show audience and fan and an miles an otherwise out of doesn't say I'm not sure I was into what it was nine or ten wins this you don't really have a choice for what to watch that was a big time for back on stuff all right is dead. Was like their other seven have a Little House on the Prairie. And yes some eight there was an old so I haven't. But here's the thing now one of that but I'm saying like you're there is what Mike shows are based on the religious thing but it was oh what was Mike Lamb surely Angel you. That's a little haven't been later I don't know Damon I can't remember the way to the that I don't even. Was I would have been I would have done out of cold and there might read this guy's nothing Easter presents a pre and non mobile into solving murder mysteries curse only got all kinds of mystery they missed a lot that was right underneath their noses. That would. Embassy it was a lady it was right there man at the X Foley as those won the bright which brought a Colombo I like tech isn't regulated. The club as a reference point that it's pretty hard to take if you didn't see it. We should be most people that was that old guy that had a cigar and always ask one more question. I don't know how to make an assembly that it is telling that and now it's to loosen. I. And I need. If he if he heard I probably dating Colombo. Do you guys remember the previous presidential race who dissent. Now I do not going to think about that so Donald Trump who don't know as president so what's he was running on an endowment. The out of you remember this he was running against Hillary Clinton knows that. I used to be secretary of state democratic senator from the State of New York I'm not track it would this would go on. So I lost the election. Some people know she was heavily. But let's look at our exports she was heavily favored I don't know where your game trump. A bump up playing Smart baseball and their dividend to districts. So basically Hillary Clinton lost the election and she is disappeared for a long time all elaborate fund jungle alone hang them get the other go to an error. Arkansas for awhile here order some pizza you know do that we have not seen Hillary lately obvious decade imagine she was little upset she lost the election sushi spot she's talking Anderson Cooper and explaining. Alternative ways that she's dealt with the loss because it seems like you've been doing a lot of yoga to. That's like an alternate nostrils breathing wolf hybrids that's right that H 47 in your book you talk about all of alternate costs will be can use what is that and then. Dare you give you demonstrate well that I would highly recommended but you know I mean you're supposed to try that I wanted to trap shut my eyes on you know on national television. But you know you do hold and you breezed through. One and you hold it and then you exhale to the other and you keep going. I can only say based on my personal experience that if you're sitting cross legged on video coming up. And you're doing it and you're really trying to inhale. And hold it and then have a long exhale. It is very relaxing so I don't think can do it in the middle of hurricane coverage that may be some other moments you can try it I I found it quite helpful. I don't lie to. Seems odd to me do you I would like yoga a lot of it's never. Democrat is brief I'm one thought aberration bills were in a bathroom got to bear one man is walking down the hall the true quiet he opens the door. Those Hillary and her younger pants and I'm mad doing what she's saying as close sin and a half load a sort of held breathe in these assays. That's got diamonds she needs to get back out there this is not what is now a suburb for. I mean at this point no honestly I would huge shock if they even live in the same house the people really thick and I have no elevenths you don't think bill and Hillary live in the same owls. Nobody expected that Chris in an idea now what you think that that crash Mandela could think Philip one of those couples no offense that well. They just they they stayed together because it was easier yes but they like even when they interact bleeping nothing about them body language wise to me says like Alyssa is a couple. No there isn't a good idea yeah they've never and I got a couple I I would guess the bill does not cry when asked to find out he has to go embezzle if are. All right I gotta go do is grab and Africa. I'm a big offered to a circus and Johnson are going to be here this assumes they have like different schedules and such are so I don't. I did not think that was great and yeah I definitely think I'm an integrated admitted RO but I I don't know I think they've always been in a matter what man image of those trick is warm and Fuzzy but all things considered. Based on what your careers been I don't think most through warm and Fuzzy about time you reach the intimate. Now come on important. Yeah proud of this sick Americans they don't agree you know there's one thing she never did again after a certain point. If it. Go longer odds go about self offer live. Don't you grew abortion. Come all man. The other night and had a hand in hand telecast. They raised over fourteen million. Or that our that it aired on him but by the time they were done if people still donated they had over 44 million Tony go to Pope but there's a lot of people who need that and I will say. Credit where credit is due that is an impressive amount. That was a lot of people. JJ watt alone brings 33 million concentration and damn think about the idea that JJ watt period right my I mean I. Absolutely he's a likable characteristic if he doesn't get like that NFL recognition for whatever it is giving back of that block courage awards or whatever he's got to go ahead a coach given him. I get one mind one million yen thank you Roger you know they don't well there that it's. About them. Yup I think that's pretty cool that operates the right it was on all the networks I was on the I cable there as well. Obviously a very serious subject but does Seth Meyers that's kind of a funny or little look on the hurricanes and report. I love again its assault on Florida this weekend which meant it was time for these slapping rain jackets have cable news. A couple of people that hadn't actually been out on the beach is not despite the warnings then they should not be out here. And I just somebody who really shouldn't be added Torre should not be out here please. You should not be out there. If if if if and I'm happy I donate my guy about this doesn't wanna do their job now ROL know I'll man when I was little I was upset that job that's not true. I would still do today they let me. It just seems like you're low man on the total people don't really and all so just hear me out I'm a short fat stocky man yeah. So you can put into wind. Then it's not bad it's that I mean a bill to laugh here's the shorts document and Ted's whole zone in the win however. That aluminum dredge game lived through 130 car problems and our own husband picked up by the way do it dad turned out to get the dead cannot take that ladies and gentlemen the best thing about the whole deal is is when there's those disasters in NRA and these stations still gonna be on the air no matter what it so basically what they'll do is they'll find a hotel for you that's close he and you can undo the rotating shift thing. But the great news is is that. There's a bar there there's a restaurant. Half the staff is there and you just Jesus didn't slalom and then you take a nap then you come back and go back on the air near repeat this cycle for about three or four days and you know once man of the slightly what Norman though. And Mara put given hotel be shared some of Towson I mean is America. I don't I don't. Dan by the house okay and and that was the thing man also okay so in the bosses tell my got to do that someone would mind and on median home with those of the severe storm and all this is like look man. We need someone here will put him there are very very little extra cash from my guests tell my fill and it is like. In your tab everything in my hotel man has put it to the rural we got to cover it. So no more can I get mad at the bar and I got smash don't we use burger my god it was tremendous. Funny ironically enough my brother when he was going to school accounts and in his friend who's been that same exact bar around and buy one beer is the happy hour had a bunch food. A lot of golf all the hope that our. It Lou the order like a beer can sit there from 46 yo snap it's it's it was a decent bar man put a deal I have phone. Yeah right I mean that is it and you'll think about it now but at the plate and I think when I was in my earlier twenties. I thought about it a lot. You had a plan and what's happy hour because of with the food situation food mart dragon is all the money I've got ma'am have you see the freeze Bob Fain a much him no good good I think it was the whole disease thing. People CDs and its way in sick yeah I guess you're right the whole idea of both Susan. The crowds have a soft spot in my heart for I aluminum tray with that little blue light underneath it. You know here's the thing and we used to emulate the serving tray yes but when you look behind the line you know like when you open the candle that blew job like hey how wherever they're Grassley. And a spoon in the utensil or you know me and she gives your portions and GMT it. About faith no one's wearing gloves is tells them it's just some dude named Jack and it gives into the bathroom program chicken wings it's not true sees it distractions jewels exactly. I don't read literary embolden those rest just in to say please everyone seriously larger employer not right. Employees only Jews figure of dishes. Obviously you guys remember Larry King you're the host of was just Larry King Larry King yeah yeah I don't know losing blizzard in suspenders on CNN for years yeah I mean he does he was. How long was he there with 500 years. Use several I meant this will tell how grateful I got a journalist in New York City throw in thirty years before that before that show you he's always been on the radio for number most of his career than television. Yeah well Larry King I think just to broadcast that a DC creation digital rights I mean that was always a weird conversation I remember my parents having. Mr. Shockey my father just for some reason hated him for yeah. It is constant that night once every two or three years black Erica thoughts on the street today the am Larry King. Anyhow I guess Larry King was diagnosed with a lung cancer recently but apparently he's RDP. EE obviously he's encouraging people hey going to check yet. You two were smokers and I don't know if you've heard this yet. In an interview with Mario Lopez on capture. Larry talked about being a heavy smoker for more than thirty years and he said he was smoking. Three packs a day today down wow right that's I think there are your first smoker I was late. Three packs a day seems like a ton of you know the differences a man when you first started doing TV though you could smoke on set. So at any give up so late. What are the girl a break or not you know be doing an interview which of the Whitman has bread and butter I knew every stalk into a mean you know Richard Nixon normality is. Eras and grow from and he's as Jane and cigarettes or north to Mosul footage played dude old ways at a cigarette in his hands so bad said. One thing I know to be true he will threw three packs of cigarettes are probably smoked closer to. That these other donors under two it would burn down to keep fluids and that's just me and you wanted to nobody missile is smoke them and he says in the interview that he would slogan mission our. Wow wow man I mean he I don't care. I mean he's going to launch with a 10 taking up possibly get backing yeah I look at Jesus Christ man that is impressive that's. Right and I don't so that oh he smoked all the time during sex you got any rallies eating. Well you still think part of those guys used to smoke on TV it's not just like caught all the time. I don't know. Yeah I mean maybe they did we is that number I feel like the act of smoking a cigarette even if your regular smoker yes if you're gonna call they'd be more apt to call frank dead. I don't call iris McDowell I was I'm an underground I think a lot of the smoker I think you might have had already thinking about best. Vehicle has no no matter how golf doing that if necessary if if if if my rock. If it's been awhile but I California. And highlight your day highlights my day. For Jimmy Kimmel to wheel drunk trump. Love punish yeah. Bring me vodka. Didn't shed. Okay. Yeah I'd say yes you have. We are known to notice. Tickets go on. Me. Moved. Of them rather thank you very rare bird. Good here. You're and I don't know why. We're about my god you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real arterial. Florida warehouses and on film why pleasure yourself then gets punched in the face. Krill announces the name of new color which sounds like gave beautiful place. Can actually brings back the school turns like another zone and they get suspended for three days these secret you're the washed up after Harvey will change or so many ways. And charges have been dropped by bikini contestants do hurled as DD insults at each other it is time for your head. It's time. So here's my icon at God's Sharia after two grueling months of online voting. Numbers were checked and checked again. And despite the irrelevant popular vote the I'd Toro colleges made a decision the new Crayola color will be named. Beautiful blue blue blue so blue beautiful blue. Who think that if it's an absolute open and are there to fifth fifth diluted the blue mayor Booker was admirably of him while trying to get reaction to the yeah a little blue. Girl you're the most beautiful thing I've ever lived live it was weird isn't screens here it is green spirit and if it's a this as an unemployed man they include Bluetooth. The newly crowned fellow American of the Bluetooth. Who hopeful but the you little all of so beautiful the red white and beautiful to smirk soundtrack take you right dead so the government for Miss America. You are they looking okay avatar and the baby beautiful beautiful proven methods. Because she's so beautiful. The newly crowned go make its debut later this year as a replaces the old and tired dandelion calorie poly and which apparently wasn't getting near enough traffic. So they need a no other shade of blue I would hope they know who's not using what's crayons. Go to Mattel points he would say I applied her own good and you're out to reject you agree on coach you are using the homeowner Doran go blue for holiday now placed white yet. The army give black construction paper that. Nobody ever has black construction favorite but only in school and I'll fight my kids that are redundant color you can imagine there. Any got a construction paper white show that was always the pristine condition frail in my box that was the wireless. First Bob a two shot lead detective Beck and protect mile wide Cologne. I. Fascinating innovative mix through the other coaches in this young buck this. Black one however was the fifth now do you know just ground than it has been heavily just abused a thoughtful and the brown went up but you don't want to brown apple. They're right in the box at the effectiveness of I don't know I don't want to hold out. But and I don't know what I wanna build to box facility to a it's just. Parity around the world in Florida at their normal is good or bad it's a Florida man darn it I know I did. It amending it is the man give home at midnight to hear moaning noises coming from his wife's bedroom. The couple that. The couple had our enemies are now as you borrowed. I'm losing you travel more on value of the that the political. If you the double had been having issues Lillian got that she might have another man and her so I decided to force his way inside. He discovered that as well I was really pled ringer so shortly before she struck him in the face of tremendous growth. We do not from Rome police were called as she was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge. And everybody thought his wife was cheating on invasive in his office door yeah I mean who often go on employer owes her an IMF and the woman alone answer I was there. That probe. At point's class in your relationship if you call the police on whoever your significant other is. Isn't it just kind of time to say you know what maybe this is working out for you really don't know if they open it. I mean I business and we'll let us know what's going on in their Smith the 'cause they don't Florida in Jacksonville we colonel looting has begun to men and accused Iran or pulled over when an officer side Jacksonville a look. A Jacksonville electric authority pull strapped to the top of the key pieces and I Claire looks to fix it's not clear restoring service was his intent that. What do you do that they specifically threaten to beat ozone Lolita OK because there's no other scrap metal up on her thing discipline doesn't allow him. Regret I got you fill a revolt pick up some runs you know how's this for a in Arkansas won't nevermind we don't know about that story I can rent that's a big headlines back and I. How are they right rivers generals feel like next after the return of dead vs the FCC and bad jokes on the way a profile that's yes indeed it is all true we'd be all about this bench. But it tour return again please do what you do best and poorly this thing it's fair beautiful.