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Tuesday, December 12th

Mens Room Question: I know I would have a hell of a lot more money, if _____ didn't happen​


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled my. Now there's Iraq when a brief candle North Carolina and therefore dragon rock 100 point five the cats in Oklahoma City is Oklahoma. Joseph Torre today lovely Terry Neely Kevin rank castle walls and spent today with a ten highest paid musicians in the world and we have some acronyms and medical slang. Coming up with a return of the word we're been talking about the way blowing really take your dog by the medical slang some you brought them over the top of the show. Some of the says I met him a vet med my house protocols and erect penis lipstick. OK I you're not off the hook either I have a complete most of you veterinary terms as well I wrote it all like you're dead dog pound and I'll F own loan I'll trust me if you wanna get into that well we knew that it does not it's not pro my dog down I wanna know what they called exit. You looking and we know this is his time what you don't kiss my ass mammals could do what I got and came here for you know it's not mail my native. But analysts who is under or close of Latin America regatta. Stated government is brand still online there Brent now I don't know I got a question are just a hypothetical here aren't. Let's let's assume that Brent and I go in he takes me on a date to Ruth's Chris steak that I'm okay now. I'm not saying mistake is not mistake we know the price point on Bruce Chris is a higher price point sure on a dinner. Outback Steakhouse has a delicious steak. Alright not the same price point is a night out at roots stretching there is a steak house that is below the outback level there are few notches below there's there's a few of as far as how you teared Lincoln and vote and how many analogy paper stuff right seller is okay let's look. So Brent. I have blooming onion all right I get a steak and our way cougar borrowings maybe. You know I wraps it up pump political brand with a delicious buttered they have done they do that buttered and it's kicks ass right. An inning and I steak everything's wonderful maybe some Aussie cheese Fries on the side. Don't know. Three apple 'cause there's blood you dig in my days steak is gonna come with a potato option I can pick what I want I'll try to take. I think you could GA rise you're hoping to get late night so you're writing your tunnel you don't care how good or you might current head I would be shocked I'm secured three appetizers right now but here's the thing okay to not you all day so we eat we have a great time I'll probably do a couple big fosters and among the whole deal may dirty enthusiasm day and I'm thing in the new pic of the day that the tab okay something to myself all right. I would give dead like ten million kids in the election. I mean we have a little lull did not all we actually is but I would offer up a little myself okay. Now if Ted takes me to Ruth's Chris Ruth's Chris Roos cruise Crist nice. Now he's really well you know I think there's like a hotel is now pleasant I'm saying like odd to me now like are gonna be thinking to myself. This is really good this is rent like Danielle yet I'm and it's gonna have to go the whole way. See I'm the opposite you always say it's only happened a couple times I so Alec have a rule like I gotta be dating somebody before we go to like a high end well steakhouse parent but. Twice I've done it and I screwed myself over now because I was so excited that I even asked this girl out and got it to eight that I think we got to go big time. Right first state took it like that high end steakhouse and stuff and then we just kind of like. But he was no fun to see guys there is no chase that I we just. Beyond happy my guard up by a whatever a follow Obama all backfired no way it was complete opposite set of her feelings minus those shadows she saw right through you yeah it's his decision. Oh this guy I'll do whatever like he just he killed it. Cock yeah so were would you say to go on the first. Because well I ended making too obvious right. The first few out for drinks shorty wanna lose an Alabama put on every you know is coffee at first duke to coffee can I've done a couple and it's tough no restriction and under blue eyes or anything like hey Paul idea sounds horrible thing he got vision repeatedly dating when you're not drinking has done that they're the free why are court. The emotional want and north of no I mean I really didn't he drinks Ference is somebody short and then set up a proper dinner. OK so then depending on how the drinks and that's a generally I don't know. I eased over rules like three places near Ryan lived. So he. The way you do it in order. Yeah I mean why you see like a natural progression so Mosley the bar restaurants in the oil and what is impedes a first strike. So I had it there is just a a couple bars they had good food and got one that was a little bit cheaper. I did you go to the deeper on that stuff it up into it at the bidding on what you thought the day might it like the would you still leave that Ruth Chris velocity on a life. If she was really really hot you're never figured the cheaply is right right you don't you're still one of the better bars. If there was assess the if you could parent isn't that what happened is that to say you go for drinks and then defend the next guy and he didn't know how would you explain he's got to figure out lake. It isn't always somewhere much trying to look far above. OK and then Greg is he better be careful to the social restaurant tomorrow we should go to you go to a lot in in recognizing they say. There's losers general you realize stuff. In the royal. I actually ask questions or goes is the thing it's like. I now study ladies masters aren't you a table right that's that's what I got your order from Baja Dorado Sunnis made the only drive. Miserable I was and I know I never held a lot more money of blank didn't happen 844999. Hello hello Dave welcome to the men's room. I laughed. I don't Benedict the good days are humans and Bob lemon somebody very scary it's. I stayed positive like yes he didn't have a billion dollar public advocate bit. So I don't you have more money. I have a baby that. It's eighties and if you learn it yeah I'm guessing cocaine does that grew to lose. Almeida a little bit here and parents is okay Dave let's use a different era than as far as. These stigma if it took cocaine is seem like that it was more free flowing it was more available like you would never gonna all party now and someone would break out cocaine. Temple on the table if you didn't know everybody who was in the Truman knew what was going on. But in the anytime you can go anywhere and it wasn't that pretty proud I I was too young mobile wasn't pretty prevalent. Always everywhere you couldn't guard yeah that would be and thank every. It's more than we. I don't think like even like when George Bush. He's like oh sure contract go purely like. Of details we think he does he didn't bump me thank you were in the if you're just anywhere in that decade that there would be no way they did you cross paths with now did you did it. But it did it was always available and I was there all the time. Dillard would bear all the time. Everybody I knew he did it and yeah I would add a whole lot more money it's easy it was found that stuff of dreams and we. I don't know do you could ever remember seeing a commercial other guys do enough. He didn't do well in the cards thought that knows. How to going out there knows. No honors announced. All men they had ever bigger the AD this senate show and all that stuff a lot I watched my house Mike Collette new car might vote. All god thousands and out of the. College when you do all manly and in the course of the week how much money redraw tumble. I'll let up probably averaging quickly it needed to brand. Is you basically doing a decade without having interactions. I avoid it at that kid without having anything that I did feel a need they had EE NE thing out pretty not as a symptom. Well I'm are now you're gonna go okay how are long events that you've done coat. 98. 89. And I bet you literally sickened through the days I please marry you better make sure that no one's life doesn't callebs on the interior and I had not I. Now I could do the decade of the nineties did I go left the the date of the oh yeah here. Are. Yes as a business process that's. After eight meant you know what it and it's I was born in 69 man. And guy you know I was a teenager and ABC it it's like. It was a great time to be alive just based on what we thought we were gonna start the engine right so don't 141516. Years old and man everything seemed really. Really get people who don't blow people having sex with that African Matt supermodels like it was just the thing man it was almost like. The late sixties came bags all the drugs and sex right. And as as a young man and a white man I cannot wait attorney doing things like. Everything was a party everywhere everything. And wants it and I'm telling you man when you lie it was you wanna talk about the most crippling thing you've ever urban goes. No one had ever heard anything remotely like it probably herpes was the thing you wanna doable. That was a scary to say and man once they introduced aids in the world may explain what you want on the bad. And the sex Strayanov from the Coca and away it just kind of sucked the white man it's like. I'm two years through younger looking beautiful couldn't be anonymous so let them party looking like the bit Miami the city those buildings built on coach if there was any eighties and one of one of the major players in Miami. Donors whatever it was like you know odd man Howard University environment it is real football team. And so they've they've they've put all this money and almost all this money from the Irish stuff. And I think we got like. Howard should back her some of somebody they hired as big time coach and his original even though this is a teeny tiny little school. Gals cash now a man who goes money. Look relentless blitz like Canada a good football program. And then they hired after that Dennis Erickson not to assert some sort of the hired to. Jimmie Johnson's job palace and Mary switzer but I mean they they started to recruit and all those teams that went through the U and all that stuff like oh my and they started to recruit the city yet and the whole right there huh. I'm battle all that he was basically just kind of built on this infrastructure money they came from one industry that was the industry at the time. Miami owes any success it has to cocaine and Andrea thank you with a live they're pretty open about men like what Randy and oh. Drug military drug deal of them you love her opinion compliments centrum centrum has all the violence that goes with it but you talk to Miami native like look. Don't miles is the big drug but we know that what he's doing is illegal we know he's probably responsible for shooting this person not person but on the other hand skills of bill fifteen elementary schools. And the industry pay. And I got to church restore all the Stosur of oracle. We don't care we don't ask questions or make them money from those and Miami I mean it it blew. Specifically to go to cocaine the Big Three in the town started ominously lanes of people. In malls and stuff like that but right yeah right like nobody really cared everybody is on the take that after awhile it's just like. All right well you had. And right with them was on the war Wagoner something right slaughtered for you at a mall and had all these weapons and stuff that are really driving them and I would like overly far right unlike Obama okay strong ally couldn't you give you a lot of leeway but you can't do that. Act as a few cities out there pretty fast Las Vegas there's a reason it's a city that never sleeps over and is not colleague anybody America's Butler. Now they know which is kind of an irony that doesn't help all you can leave. Your coach and our values the way it is not fair it's the debate. Cop a link. Message from the pit question. I know I have held a lot more money if blank didn't happen a 44999. Oklahoma library calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. That is true and what's my. Show me love return dailies and brag gas oil since Wednesday with a ten highest paid musicians in Laura almost coming up right after emails and our question. Heads a men's or blank question today. I knew I'd have I don't have helped a lot more money if blank didn't happen with a 44999. Alone O'Brien welcome to the Mandarin. Yeah. I won't do it all O'Brien are human I'm doing at all model work already. Good for you. Don't ever let it yet and it's so. All saying that it the most money on her why won't let Moneyline. We'll have to keep calling it you don't know that it. You know I'm ready tornadoes but so Lou what crypto currency as a word that you make money on the show lose money on this. I. He could be a millionaire now it didn't want war. Know when it first started IE what is working out of the lead early early. And I would save up money that you acorn and yeah like they've got about a hundred albums. And what can form their. May need need five dollar six game. Right. Hand is how all Canadian pair 151000 dollar. Dan what did you did you sell him. It's all mind when they hit she's hungry because I didn't think it would ever gonna get back up sir gal like all week. Did you well what did you guys job. What I thought so yeah how much money did you get a 200 these are actual energy 181000 dollars. I'm what luck man either way you came out ahead I know it's not only could then just when you look great now but surely you didn't lose money. So what does that tell you just happened with. I would have been one point five million dollars. Compared. At which it sounded like it when I felt. Man melody I'll give you some advice in the end it's much easier said than done but as I've got an older what I realized is don't ever do the math. Once you do the math I would you could've had vs what you got out of some think you. I've only ever since frustration general John Kerry. All I cannot pay per car. Went a little towards my upper Kucera at side he does limits start or via. Yeah. Just pretty much. It is dwindle away really quickly and we're gonna carnage. Com I'm still got my. What is it it was a doctor. You know that's awesome and you could be a millionaire but instead give a Plymouth duster and I bailout dreams do go to drug related thank you they make Plymouth anymore. President Obama does play I don't know. But does that mean it's dodger orange gene works Chrysler but this Plymouth even one of their lines and did you motto don't in my model Oldsmobile that out and we're glad it went away when that and why Oldsmobile. Pontiac Saturn Tony and Tony Antonia for sheer menace known. Yes Scott what the thing is like look. When those cars there's always going to be one car that's a great car on the lot sure so does the beige Chevrolet doesn't mean you should not or could not make. Just a Pontiac Firebird. You have them release the whole line only to grand dam and all that gradually the one iconic car but they had they can still make their car. Honey it was funny or Chevy. I am also a judge her by General Motors general Miguel Cabrera right your goals you'll be all those coming down a little older I'm been in business and other lines he may or may wanna keep one of the cars. I DNA tobacco to a to Africa he was that age that's not the worst storm right now at Sox. Just in the bathroom now worth so much yet we climbed Kilimanjaro that February. Majority did a great environment restore your idol Iran or is everybody has some crypto. He's got in the same bat and I need a total when I was a senior in high school my summer job I think of some money. In bought into since crazy weird being called Cisco Systems and right which I don't read the direction crime I suppose Cisco's just doing condiments and stuff. But anyhow they put up a little bit I sold at a with a problem obviously Cisco Systems the masses think Jordan and out and well I mean that's my investments are game. Now there you just don't know 979 Peterson like that out by put a bunch of money and do accompany my marriage cola bought two Olivier Linux and Red Hat. And I had him for a little while I like spent like 435 bucks on there my my Brothers like what are you buying into my hands much crap original films. He's like well give me a tip and I don't have attributable anybody as they got mothers and so he bought Red Hat well he president held and that paid for both of his kids' college Danielle. For an out any god and man I'd like he knows it's one of those things were out what date did you cashier's out there has changed the I I I've basically probably sold it to them bought something else that I thought was gonna make me money in some of you sitting there and yeah. You know I and then losing it all it was one of those things where whatever the first what was the first. You can get online I was. E*Trade account. My purchases were like. Forty dollars fifty dollars you don't mean it wasn't like oh Roland deep but Bob buying three or four dollar stock shortly and so for me it's like all manner toward insurers and urinary next time on baht about wanting more aware of the deal was but I had a bunch Ellen and I just you know like. I don't know don't lose themselves though. What did you enhanced. It's. You know a man it's like an internal. I don't know it's it can. I wanna say it's basically like a system as far as like people are losing their mind right now on the world of a computers I'm sure the premium the radio on the way and I think it's. I don't know can they make operating systems Hoff I think it's an operating system that I act I've never used it so I don't know maybe I haven't don't know. Others are blank question I know I'd have a hell of a lot more money if blank didn't have an 844999. All hello Jozy welcome to the men's room. How you oh god. I'm very techie he title we're not even any whatever it. Does he justify every time reminds them nobody was delayed bottle blah blah blah blah. I know you'll ebitda. The IR pretend it didn't happen. Try to do want to work. You know I worked part time weekend at a level that's particularly to try to help it completely unfit Amman and don't know wait till I'm at work making a few bucks an hour to go by that brings you front and speaker or this past couple weeks with a new Smartphone eco beat me when I'm gone so much money spending. And he spent 14100 dollar on her lap QB. And that was when we can debate like you've got a new washer to keep people close but keep it every chance he gets every one we get. Got a got a little. You look like gas here is good you know on look at the sizes things are we're gonna watch a movie in style the night. Yeah I got a new market and take pictures of you and your had to include polygamy rather than when I this guy like an audio video store. Oh yeah I'll cook. Actually I went well kind of yes Circuit City. Oh well I'm not well I yeah. Does that you Joe's name. Right now you can really make no matter asserted that look I've got I've known five of those people in my life. Okay who protect gas no well it's it's more just it's just more gear so it's not really I think super tech I think like. You've got like the list iPad lets iPhone all the right or whatever it is like it I met in the world the more audio visual from what I gathered from years so basically what it. If there is an art still behind it it. Even mechanic it's. So if there's a five point one stereo mixture it'll put a six point one in which means one more speaker. So every time they do this like eventually you got this circular system is fingers surrounding me everything you've got a good buddy you'll upgrade on all the stuff. In the bigger the TV the better however the technology is as far as being ill and not so much anymore because it's all digital now but any kind of separate player. He would upgrade to buy into whatever that was like gore super duper duper duper duper Blu-ray. Many by all the damn movies super duper duper duper blue write it and I just read only for Wal-Mart super duper duper blue by the day I go Bruins almost purple. You've met the high is Dan crap did you could possibly get. I I Jozy what would fast food joint you were there. Talk all you Rezko who time and time is on now favorite I would woody and make for yourself that's really what I want and I'm gonna make. I you know I really look bad. It's about popular notebook and extreme things they have this summer. Hello again I'm big fan of the chicken soft taco there with the order makes you press. Yeah you can do everything is very it and now know I think radios and get too much rights throws they're don't breed. I thought from you for dirt talk goes there's cross reader does that happen. Doesn't have priceless the soft shell tacos are so damn big it's like every. And mayhem on Middle East is I think it's so good and I really fueling the one we often futile Mexican fans didn't he talk to you one thing as some would also be able to get a burrito and they've of that talk comfort of our Slater yeah you can do damage to give you all colors are probably better than if F. I did jazz. I know I now I know a lot more money a blank didn't have an 844999. Lola in just doing tonight's got the good stuff this hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. What about all time. So I spent too much money. In the late nineties early 2000 those Poconos kids. Half a football on Coke dude did one lead to the edge. Could we all go Duff one night for the blue jacket blue got a kid. Now I actually got the code named Pluto would cheer them bloom whose kid then kids in Sorkin good here yeah. Are kids. Their day am I am gave up one haven't you picked up another. All right yeah I guess so what are their ages right now. Are great older slower change their period of the area and Jay are you done. Yeah I'm done she might not be but I can't make anymore to both you and you got to take care. Yeah now probably pretty good idea. Yeah slowed up okay now what it was and it's it's yeah we're all these intentional or. What I mean or do that and an accidental what was of the not a lot of attention on my part. So what I really bad I mean he dissent and a hard time in my world the world were. I mean who isn't the same woman. Yet lord OK and it just miniature two seniors and our air we just want these software fertile you are using protection at the time against. You know he SNL I mean who live birth control in this Bill Burton told that you feel you know okay. Now look man as easily anything else I would have been very difficult time remembering to take summing every day. Right now a lawyer or no I mean like anything else that it's not an Agassi fault and that sort of leaving her. Beauties of a problem which is just you know you you to you don't put an arm now and then hope something happens. Because I would forget to put an arm. If I knew what he put the sun and get up in the morning and then made me you get laid but in the mall only that you're about to get lay of the flag thrown I can remember and hang on Vermont are gonna cry about. Sex is as though like you know like you wanna have sex and EU open goes for certain amount of time but there's also point time where you would like to go to sleep. Short and when you put that condom on your basically guaranteeing this then take a lot longer for you'd be able to falsely. It's just it's just it's a longer process it is just sort of what it's like is that when you see a movie that you wanna ran. That's an hour fifteen you go oh man. I think I can make it through this and the EC another movie it's really wanna see. And realize it's like 245. And you're like man you know I upfront falsely about in this Miller says there the movies really good. Like if wade didn't go to sleep means I've steps I like no worries not a are so I go to bed twenty minutes late July 20 minutes of extra sex. It's turning things are going well. For me a couple of them yeah I think so you'll just get their own head. Billy and the effects a lot of times like you can you can he did not perform at the highest level short if your team your head that your party. Whenever I think this inning with condoms as a single person you got to use condoms so sure if I'm pro kind of but I can. The state and how much longer unlike any yes I get out of your own head he they design the things pretty awesome these days they do says that they know whether the mall what you need to come under rated go home yet and good downside is just so massive. You talk about the disease is. Oh ya I wanna pregnancy you think the downside is huge debt. Big downside. If you're just trying to con. They think I'm it's the opposite of what a player you're drafted within upside if misery a mob likewise did not know I have held a lot more money if blank didn't happen 844999. Allowed. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Well which I doubt it's. A low. Cut that back up so. Yeah I know what that money on. Much. It by the air supply electric to grand. About so about a thousand dollars a month envelopes. And and one I'm gonna guess that this stuff the jury getting at the time. Players and if you're asked right like he would because nine times by the time billions to someone like me so I'm guessing that the value of this was probably a little bit higher. And also not from me I know that that's what I'm saying I am pretty sure I don't have a pretty sound. And I have worked there about. Bob played really well 88%. To tell guys to lose the last time Dunkirk. Senators remember the hammer in New Year's Eve aka iron and didn't need it. I love the holidays and you plan on doing Coke this coming to New Year's Eve and yet it yet I thought and it if you use oppose like a sour they got they they they've busted a submarine outside of blood Texas. Yeah. And I'll. In reality. Yeah how long they they got one of the submarines gonna. My dad does not it's amazing isn't letting me know the ones you guys did say you know what. Let's build the submarine and does do browse the Gulf of Mexico and we'll deliver held it steady. Guys all have bought backcourt. Yup. Okay club member a party that objects all of this get Al east. The couple took offense affect our. We sure do have mapped out sort of do unsure. You guys are made in Mexico and a smoking a cigarette and they have I think we'll pull moan ya. Basically it's like a revved up golf cart and if you won't waste of the other and I give them in the eyes like do you do you smoke the marijuana. I might vote yes ma'am and I do but in armor for a car drowning or advocate. Pulled out of phone calls a wife OK so we go off the beaten path keep in mind it's just that this gas powered. I golf cart and he's only maybe forty miles an hour and now we get we get cut it off the beaten path an hour and residential neighborhood nurses. Kids play and all the stuff and I see him looking comes to his right to passenger side and a real outlook were pulling up to her house. In order to be twenty people standing outside maybe we're missing kids playing whenever. And his wife man she has an old styrofoam big Mac container from the Donald. And when he drives by slows down a little bit she throws this thing in New Orleans in the past Gershon. Gates I mean honestly you don't even stop like this thing lands as a robber ran around we keep driving normally. This can't be for a moment. And he got it pulled it over the there's a marijuana ma'am like this is money these guys is fantastic Andre ad in the US you know I just I wrote in a golf cart picking up and you don't even stop a new literally blue bars house there's wife. Very nicely laid his best I can tell mover drugs yet over drugs and that. He may have visited relay there was. That's I mean you Georgia Heyman. What else do what I mean who's got five stars back Fahnestock and if he overall drug experience right. Fantastic miserable I question I knew I had to have a held a lot more money a blank didn't happen normally tip. Oh absolutely not I'm Yahoo! zipped up to hello peach welcome to the men's room. Yeah not. Yeah land. OK I would save more money if I hadn't gotten married the first time. The first time how much money do you lose it from the divorce or during the course of the marriage. During the course there's Corzine got married I was playing in my love because she had two children from her first husband that always gets on. In Saint Louis post maintains. 1700. Dollars a month in child support and stuck here okay this is good. But then after I married her. We're actually stopped paying child support to over the course you raising her two children. I used behind about a 125000. Dollars. These up because you moved in or did he stop because he didn't have the money more money start because she got married. Now he doesn't have anything to do that. Don't tell you that I did not only now legally beat his behind hundred ING would be taken to court to issue is who afraid of him. Religious schools to legal reasons are a better luxury it's for their entire lives. Yeah right we'll just have to when you don't go to turn eighteen grandchildren yet. How are we with the knowledge we had they had a child decide and then after I found out that you've been an affair with one of worldly friends from high school. I decide to get a divorce. Donate. Do you need divorce. Are my child support. I pay is 3800. Dollars. On months. One child. All one child Tokyo about the 125000. Plus whatever you do now it is for about seven years. And 2000 dollars a month. And not are you already rich though with a kind of payment you know what I'm tired army chief who had teams area awfully Steve saying matter among humans had a little. Money. I know I now I know Moammar money at blank didn't have an 844999. Ole hole belie more your calls on the way you're listening to the men's or radio networks. Age is your. True. Now that is the biggest deal to us. If any sense actually broke 1000 dollars or the DJ equipment during a nightclub performance Saturday night a source says he jumped from a speaker. Two of VIP table and then the top of the DJ Booth and he landed right on top of the mixer. It was replaced the show continued supposedly he offered to cover the damages but the club's owner but in my books and had if it's anybody else did that man to be kicked out to be student. They have Alex you know he can cover man yeah you know they can tell legally or renew most of thousand dollars like that pride and stay that way for a long time its eighty cents. Yeah and you gotta be rich act that way and now spread to jump from what he he jumped from wherever he was would be Ozzie payroll VIP table then on to the mixer right like you have to be fifty cent to do that every other day and we and then you break the DJ equipment off the hook if we had done any one of those things we are physically thrown out of a club those guys. Have those guys and have a lot of money and new era and musician weather here and actor whether you're you know whatever the hell you are an athlete. The amount of money eating even if it's like Ben Affleck playing blackjack or poker or whatever he's doing. If you just if he just knew how much money was lost or won from a night of partying a one. VIP 98 or one I would get on a Learjet night and I can't even imagine the total cost of just one weekend with some of those guys do inspect. An amazing thing is our. How much money they make purses are literally have to spend right so obviously they're gonna spend a lot of their house in a close and do the spotlight when they go out because of Ben Affleck in spite of the fact that he's a multimillionaire who. It's almost wrecked an James had Phil for Metallica I only said this years ago but it's like look man what Metallica first got together vermonters city teenage kids right. And we can barely afford. Any equipment and all but you put everything you've got. And a minor equipment finally we get signed we put out master of puppets and we become this monumental large bags like now I have more money. And I know what to do it and suddenly Gibson guitars like henin. It's all free it's on the houses like our major weapon free as now maybe like I can afford to buy a god dame got cars like. One you look up the mayor and for the love money so one of the things he's done Gibson William now twelve guitarist a year or something for a while and he would take it like underprivileged kids are or to a flight schools are that I should teach guitar harmonica school kids are glad I don't need a free guitar I'm a millionaire you think when your broke put your main together. That's when I could be used a few free guitar I. But I but I'm more shocked to find out what people make I guess it just have I don't understand that but it how you make that money and how it. Hollywood but Casey Affleck I think it was. He's gone through a separation or he's going something where at least as financial documents were made public yet now based on child support or spousal support whatever the deal was. And last year he had Melissa Manchester-By-The-Sea. Was a the movie that he was and yeah okay with a pretty critically acclaimed movies. Very grew quickly and I wanna I wanna sitting in his until I read about it in Gaza and I believe it's good attorneys I run like me depressed I proceeded. But last year press last year he made 400000 dollars that. I figure this guide me 400030. Mean millions and millions and millions of dollar loan in a movie star no hidden but he made 400000 dollars last year and is thought to myself why I just I don't understand meanwhile his his brother isn't some flop right now with the Justice League thing in and probably they valued and I mean you know dude who pulled up like 51 million dollars. I know I have a young guy held a lot more money a blank didn't happen 8449990. Look. Critics like movies they probably don't pay the past. When a warts. It's not Beverly what it is like when you watch him on the Golden Globes and Academy Awards and the people around. Sprawling mess actor best actress like the movies are telling you about like. Yup heard of the movies. But you know who think you're never gonna want to can only played seven theaters death silicon only turned LA is that Brian castle we will sit and spin on the way with a ten highest paid musicians there are no RL that's coming up. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.