12-05-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Gets Stuck

Tuesday, December 5th

Mens Room Question: What is the damnest thing you've seen happen to someone else?


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This is the men's room. I was president of by united five point seven in New Orleans Gary no allies does enough parlance plaza drive 923 key GON. And of course now the Iraq. Down a lovely Sacramento California big Joseph Torre today drug charge drag out the coming to sit spend ten bands named after places around the world. And today on what you don't need to know we have the why questions from each. And every state and as we have a horrifying video. The chosen man dropping from a 100 foot electricity pole after being electrocuted twice. And somehow surviving. Not only that we've got a skydiving sanded and a Florida he was trying to come down on the beach they have this big volleyball tournament get nothing going on holiday themed. Kids are around the Santa Claus is gonna sky dived down unfortunately. Sent a sky dived into a tree. And then into a pole and then when he fell down to the beach. Crashed into the volleyball nets it's just epic I mean the aristocrats and our question what sedan to think you've seen have a to someone else 844999. Hole welcome back to the program shame. They deal what I Kirk I got they are rifles story three guys. And then really the pellet gun had met this story gets better where. We're out there weren't our coroner ruled you know early mid teens then we're assured me that the pellet gun on air the apartment complex in the somebody didn't know literally at the appellate until they call the police Saul. I had gone back into the apartment by the timing back. I think you list or five Cobb card that showed up and dame got my eight. Yeah buddy and the laundry mat part of the apartment and they are throwing him around that room up of war machine up the other. And she is beaten glib and you know what Adam amended their restraint when you come man in the any there are no I mean they've put to good welcome and I just missed the third leading by maybe. Two minutes. It yeah I don't know why buy enough money. Your money yellow lab did they know it was a pellet are gonna do they still only the first thing obviously improve the dog out Demi did they don't really still think yeah. And then there it is loud and you know there at fourteen year old right but even even the body don't know we big early on and LU is probably over a 180 pound and at times and really even a full grown man he was too big to elk. They eat they showed a bullet up so that I mean as they usually come and gallery anyway not. No cup war I don't want to hear from the stand and bang what he usually self tells the way here will happen. Look at that they take him to do. I think they held them until it is the law only able to get there and their leg below them anymore regardless Freddie. Yeah kids listen this is very important. An era below the age of eighteen years old they will hold you there and wait for your parents to show Raphael AT and they will haul your hazards jail wrestle your dad sits down and has that conversation about why everything changes on your eighteenth birthday. Understand the difference between what he's trying to say and it will could possibly have you actually get in trouble right I mean like if I got in trouble and my mom had to come get me and had to sit there wait for her to show up and watch cops waited much better than the hops cops all of my ass to jail cuffs and beverage is best brands might be mad at apparent loving. The company don't know you that they do not care and no one else imprisoned knows you're in they do not get away and and a pellet gun man that can inflict some serious damage to protect our kids bring god I think that man I think I know you play a relic or I don't want and that's the idea what got you know looks like you who got shot broke skin went in the whole deal for end of life they don't look at its African delegate. But if you got a camera BB gun you know that's not going to be as bad sometimes it'll break the skin but well as bad boy yeah it was like kids do dumb things in my right. Blair what it's like everything you know grab that hot Aslan hey what did you learn and I know what he didn't write that that wrecked only teenage boy would sit there and shoot a building if I was an adult you Billick would is that not at what you wanna write an okay weekend elusive we cannot do this it would you rate is that I can you imagine if I called jobs and become over man. We're issued ability with a PG a patent. Actually don't mail your lunch so I think that's dubbed the right of the woods once and then this thing you've seen happen to someone else say 44999. Alma. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's rooms. Oh our top speller and a lot. Since loan and pocket or not so little about nine years ago McCain was five. I'm we got to look clot a little bit. And he's all figured out helmet just director pants gloves everything. He's written around my house. Grip it and rip it and ripping bush took a little too quiet. Hit them get a bush. And the way he did it bucked the mob like a bolt. And put it minutes flat spin. So Stacey. Limbaugh on the driveway split about. Fifteen feet got back. Why do so but but I'll bite yet that kid. In a red forever. As it's sneaky Bob Ryan. He can't Danielle used to beat right right now are working your gold. As he eyes he moved up from the quad Xeon two wheels now. Oh he's god you also he all of his bike so he can't city. Would have just been honored. Last year anybody hey Barry needs to expand chief priest bit. And then just earlier about a couple months ago he just bottoms so they white beat. 1252000. I am and it's nights at about the same motor Iran is yeah there's an exact same era. Kids fourteen years old say it is money. It is biased. How big dog thoroughly amazing mom as he cut grass what's a don't. Dutch dress does things round macros. Some a lot of stuff on opera. So he mixed mixed client didn't. And how much money you are you paying for different things around how. I. You may run well he said he'll likely go to George used opera house earn some cash. Well you blunt words grandparents. You know worries lives. Andre and he just in ourselves go whatever so long and offer help we needed any. That's Farrell makes you play my own practice all those single serve as John Zogby the federal government I don't know what. There thought and I'm getting him into some amateur racing. Our ambition or another we got. As to why you see out there to have Pacific raceway they have a get checked or. You know amateurish it all on track so it's dark so I think didn't then in the in the springtime so he's another man out of oh yeah it's it's going to be a blast I can't wait. Yeah that's that that's for records you can do it burns ever give you anything cool like that now right I mean well and freaked him remotely now not even freight can remotely begged god being cool can you tell you look a little OK they they're icu whoever you see the videos were elected dad gives the sun a guitar isn't that golf thank you really appreciate the said the problem what it is like I. I don't know what it is about the way that I grew up with a way that I grew up was. Anything that you were given was kind of like it was like a real pain in the ass and it was a burden. And you know like elect. You're only getting an Atari. You don't mean it was never like I can never feel good about that here. Here's the Atari have a great time I was always like getting one present and one present only route to work overtime and right exactly leave the house. And I know who do you have any wow Chris Smith usually guys who have some are male and yeah. This Marlboro miles out here spilt now look so many cartons I. I look Baghdad and visited in my face courier I say god how much are you like a more rural Iowa my body in a Marlboro miles canoe. I don't look at new look good basically my head as tense and had a backpack and all that it was far it can do is good stuff. It was just for a make it like to do what I'm going to happen very good start off. But when you went camping in all. Other people you want to violate so you're a smoker ITN the appellation felt I had socks look Israelis Marlboro and Rabach back in the back in the early ninety's you still smoke in bars so the guy that I knew was a barge and neglect and and you want to miles. And I like now I'm not collecting inference that's kind of how he worked as his racquet literally just everybody we are they don't want the miles into the miles he had a backpack get a cooler and a great promote the cooler than actual like plug in into the year. Marlboro car announced he had good stuff it was. High quality as stuff you really do it now Andre you legally you can't do it again encourage anyone to wanna smoke more cigarettes is the idea CK LE he can gimmick someone into wanting to smoke more you know and well it was the most fronts still business goes like camel Marlboro work come to duking it out. And they were making these great offers from and to retain at all. Camel cash you'd JC points you can get a yes. Jay-Z money yet she flicked a bucket but they had good stuff Marlboro had good stuff and he has some wonder governments like women. People as welcome packet they're not smoking in America today with booze now I don't think we're local what do we get. I was think cores later somebody does leave the same thing you can see plate a part of the package and get like points of order cock relic. Yeah I don't okay are it may well have gingerbread points in an inning what wouldn't what did you redeem them for one for you beer. If you drink a six yeah Kimberly of these labels I think I look look look if I went to subway and get to attend subs a woody and getting after it and other things stand up. Nestor so frees up. He now. You do it here for free is a shared. Well how does say it late with your talking about you collect the points that you get stuff yes this seems like an oval teen scheme. What's the noble team scheme ever Christmas story get a drink on the oval team to get the secret decoder the idea pageant world team and I'll definitely did general manager Rick like the points and eighteen redeem for mormons who read yes there's no wrong Brenda like a punch card or even redeemed for South Beach. Not bad road and half OK I know I usually don't hear we're cordial with sausage I'm probably a major red points. When it calls to give assaults right now. A million. Among the million Honolulu I'm ma'am it well there's a thousand board members back. It's a home loan no way. Still mayor I'm no great power all in all be dead battery again it was a reverse also do they all know teenagers go all the beer garden. All right all these points not to divert our state what the identity thing that you've seen happen to somebody else 844999. Cola. I. I just shot ideas not a real big yet. What is not a bad idea I like they didn't come milking and pointed up at Arkansas he's given one million men usually read dollars. That's winning the suspects are under G Obama Girl why wouldn't go by the sausage of they give them more like I'm gonna go by a thousand years among almost got ready to face a dilution as a waiter I. A pilot athletic and he just kept. A snowbird and on the Groenenberg Merv Reynolds learned some of mount him boy it's gonna take it's going to be the best sauce you've ever happy he'll just by the time Donald Trump junior is president you would you join Xbox that was the only Saddam Hussein accusing have been somebody else 844999. All of Margaret calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Jon Bryant charged right casualty innocent then today ten bands named after places around the world a little geography coming up today. Ponson spent our question what today and this thing that you've seen happen to somebody else 844999. Omaha hello Travis welcome to the men's room. Below yeah yeah. I was about fifteen. Years old snowboarding are long. There were. On this particular run and it took a left hand turn those relatively sharp. To the right there was a very American drop offs. And trees. Pretty healthy trees they weren't there are really like that's so I gradual belong to little longer on current slow and then I here's some comment. And I look out and there's a girl flying. Down amount nice peace and she is a local rock and negotiate about the dole. Can I say. Saw let her go our way. And she hits this embankment and goes right down all those are often military how far down are you species well. She. Oh just probably airborne third period of thirty or forty people Jesus. And then so I was asked Gloria I'm gonna move over there and unclear ultimate art. Unload as you go dig a little butterfly and man. We are so I include in Nigeria go down. Into the trees the issue living. And I did about tourists here are under extra in it against a tree. And it straight up. And I don't hear anywhere. So I keep moving down and I'm moving down and go onto the treatment outside our nuclear had locked up and he's still panicked. And she's not quite sure what's going on there were issues that area. But it immigration get a neat thing as you just freaking out so I helper are. There out up on the up on the road or at around this and make sure she's not broke in and sees. Pretty much OK but that's about where where we left or did she ended up. How for a way and received from her skis and found. She uses so did another. She's about forty yards down. Yeah down from where excuse Bledsoe. Went airborne off of the embankment. Somehow techsters skis hit the tree shaped our doubters keys and tumble down and then those aren't about to retrieve it I don't know how Schmidt. Well that's that's very thing is that's the last thing you want is an entry we had a guy that we used to work with and they were. I guess doing some back country stuff. Out of bounds and an idea that they're coming out about the rate. Out of bound lay up out hello and explain the sounds late in the season. And don't get and die as there are gone down around or someplace he's the mine he wasn't a snowboarders. That was not the only guy is that was not his he has learned that. Year I had gotten very good. And they had gone out made on the back country before but is anybody that rides and all would know late. The back country at the end of the season it is just going to be stuff there that hasn't been right there's and analysts potential and a right so the snows melt deem this an act and get. So I guess they end up going to run and he shoots over what essentially is a waterfall. Correct that again the week before I. Not then there is a recoverable snow and ice old so that's the problem with going in the sense you know it. Right but right things and grow drastically changed and I went over to the end a hundred feet or so and yeah and then there was a Laker upon below the waterfall was. Yeah our other buddy does looks down lake he stops at the edge this drop often looks down and that he sees that the bottom side of a snowboard. Beneath lake. That's not right and the other guy now easy following a hundred feet. Now he's submerged in this frozen water down there she flicks dot the other guy gets down there polls and out. I mean I'm not saying this community how he is alive because I'm. No I mean you saw how far the drop off right usually drop the that he was in the water for a while many of the medevac a mound everything. The new Holbrooke is broken jaw he reminds his job is to talk on the radio rights there's no problem he's like Mormon my former malls we can't release Charles wired shut the way he looked like it. You know warm and that I don't want to sound like this guy but I honestly guy and I mean like I'm glad he's all right but. But when they said then wires Josh like I think there's like adapt quite a different people I think I. He is now we don't his mouth that was his mouth look like jaws from the conflicts it was just all the metal like it I think they want to inside and everything else man but I mean. Yeah you're right and if it and everything and nobody that I think they have the lake boat operator and his head definitely released right sure some them I don't know man yelling I'm not Q how that guy survive that is amazing yeah that's those those that are here amber it's also did yeah brazen show. Well None of them should have been out there and ain't got the what you did five and dime once Seles today in this thing you've seen happen to somebody else a 44999. Alone I think we laugh about it quite well that's just the thing Palin globe wasn't there earlier we think bill corset wasn't there wasn't wasn't that late this we still have this one element that we still play that he did in this is that this is a writer so this is his the guy went over the cliff and we have to stand. It's. It's Ozal for his mouth when that dam that was hundreds more at bats yeah he engaged he said that with no medals that that I got so messed up. I remember. I think gave him a hug liquid Tahoe lake morphine or something that is what he needed. Yeah usual all waiting to be mostly what is Senator Obama are more afraid because. My best guess nothing quite. The big league you're in trouble with that what's been doing that you've seen happen to somebody else hello Steve welcome to the men's room. All are bitches and so I mainly have me stationed in Germany. It's back in the eighties. Little town called back cause they'd signal HIV. And now we're on the field problems where this one sergeant I guess you get bored. And so he came up with this slide for life. An out of probably the he didn't player puts a seal or any thing. He was just doing it on his own so it's like keep tighter rope has slipped a tree and he made up his own handle. And legislate for life thing. And Mike Keane chief score board was the first one. To go Soros dating back to watching him and it's about thirty seat he heiress is is. Can only get zip line is that what really before that okay. You may have let his own zip line using that handles it served. Did work the polls were used for camouflage standing and stuff. MM I don't know I Cuba homemade zip line like Amanda yeah I will hold your beer I'll go and who watched. I was supposed to go next I'm watching very closely but corporal what is doing and Kirkwood is about six to two cities to big guy. And so he starts to slide but he gets caught up in the branches. And so we're down you know on the grounds inject yourself loose. Jake is so he shakes and so blue so many balls. And now about ten yards away that when he hit the ground I felt it. Through my boots and everything that ultimately ground. And we ran over you know my would be okay and in the fall he or just gin up the back of his hand tour you can see the white. And and his hands are shaking in these kind of holding it in the world just like a leg you know golfer you know told you need Americans they'll send. I've just never forget he had a bruise and he had done his back like a week later it severed half his back and it was like black and. Blue purple yellow green and how much trouble do you get married you said this was not cleared by the superiors at. He you cannot just say it's so much trouble that he's started drinking and a few months later he got a deal up. Went downhill after that. Okay yeah well man oh man that's on every word I'm not. I went south through a quick. No matter how it started very dim and and I don't think that Weldon the whole thing just it's fantastic evening haul is he had to go homemade zip line. And started drinking the way he said that two senate so sad Ford and what do you lack. Then he started drink and yeah like they've got to and then go into. It's different once he Dan is saying that you've seen happen to someone else they 44999. Cola. Pelosi Al welcome to the men's room visits Dallas all. Al snag a lot of travel a lot dinosaurs I don't. Lou advance. Fighters and heard Don I mean he is as Manhattan. About ten years ago I went in which so Altec its admission training. And why we're there we weren't sued these seedy strip club. So they can lake two trailer parks. And what this live on cute detail glad actually it's over. And we were down the strip club of this golden time and should quote obviously very quarterly net on the street. Solidly support exactly cabinet pick at you my buddies. And while wait here in the shadows waiting for the taxi cab this hooker comes out of nowhere at shadows. We're very very next to nothing and armed the book to know more. Half and so I'm I do know proceed dumb thing in the first thing I made sure I'd like whoa old beatle attraction. The two guys to. Can confirm that. Oh yeah. If it. And your song and yeah yes yeah so that I'm I'm numbers and dumping so addition the calendar is toward me CEOs look serum that ever. You never hurt me ever again. Now let all my guess is long and serious. Now you realize you stabbed and I'm a big goal for us filed a crazy. Yeah I mean until it weighed 8000 Al. They she'll put a foot long butch is not actually children. Yeah it's crazy anti things that you were not nice to rise delivered I don't know who's now on had a law. There should be 35 pounds a bug make it but if she's crazy. It's just reeks of danger man I shut bite you know if you are rabies. So next thing you know is she surged. Looking toward the issue charge changed me around with cars are on. The night and they act like a little girl obviously she's really small but tonight is pretty overwhelming. It's. Crazy I get it well this toderat she followed one hold hammer on the car and my buddy you're going on and excel with the law that. You crazy it is China's army. Is so they alert the attention to bouncer who kind of yes and it now. And he pulled out a side arm and an important gun towards her he would like club the night you do it started as a well she lunges toward him. And he'd drop kicks or write this stuff I mean. I mean they do. Yeah exactly they did he could kick I've ever hurt relayed out Iggy and channel it got a belly Borough. Outdoors. As I'm going Imran Khan who are easy. Okay. That's an that guy kick serve my body trying to disarm the night off so that what do you do normal guys who have begun over there. And he did so again the microwave plumber is you stand there would not seen her hands and then the other bouncer who didn't have a again. He picked her up in huge collection her skate into the Concord it's early days. Yeah I would like all I got a person that I was all there today addicts and lack proper share. I know you're dead you know and raising our salads is dead. Salad that's where our fearless go by order her ankle is that right usually I did bump Powell about like that he would get. And then they would like to have Michael Jackson thriller video. Is all he's a good to me like you normally get like. Learn ask. It's. Is he stood up and see how that my gosh what I've still needs italics stumbled across the street. And it has relied Glock obviously I every part ever separated. You can't see you gotta cut streak they're expired cop cars and human and independent teetered on how they know ladies. Luckily luckily this tackler. You know enter and that the cop car and then take off and they questioned just let it wears crazy. But there was grace had a bad night and I did not see that's why don't I don't stay sober. That's why I will stay sober at the bailout says god regularly and imagine what comes that he around so when you're drunk. I'm not pretty articulate what is the worst thing you've ever citizen one. Out here this I had a bit but it's. The please millionaire friendly. Out and we are sideline Saturday com. How the target due over the radio. It's okay that's okay and bunker made eagle pass on that one. He got and we're gonna go ahead of it and take your word for you got the pass out a good dad did. And you know he's the guy that actually said that how loud that's that's a bit and she's slowly grew up boots and Michael take on the ground. Ha. She fought back it up the cuts the amenities are I don't know like goddamn man once it and as things you've seen happen to somebody else say 44999. Cola. Hello Austin welcome to the men's room. Or oh yeah. All right so. Actually this year not played for a local junior College Baseball team and don't. The I put out duke the duke. So very first day of practice Erskine B tryouts. Eight kid is eating chalk talk so about ten or fifteen feet away there. And I don't know why I don't know how long you play baseball or buy it. He's the baseball and leaves his head on the open side of their health screening disappearance. Let's face. What they line drive right in the eye sockets. Old old that he just dropped to the ground like a bag of potatoes. I know I was surprised that he didn't but the sound was such. It's such showed solid sides like expelled they in my soul when he got hit. Yeah meanwhile valued like a pro am I because he's a little known that you guys use aluminum bats and you go. I know actually it would actually talked OK so that's so that's a good thing because a lot of what is probably. Not them harder. Yeah I mean they can no opinion is that pretty good hitters I would it would be good stroke on base. All soft toss was always a bit down the side pitch and what do you see in a net. Sharon talks. It's there's I mean there's a lot about content he and whatnot but yet so you lose all looks awesome move. Well see that's not cost is going to us under the ways they could get picked yeah oh yeah definitely politics aren't the air that's higher but. Decayed immediately after he gets hit. Put his hand over it I ended I'd never seen so much blood come out of our pockets boy. Speaking at a player loses vision blurred the point where he had a hard time. So he he'd. I hung out for about a week it was just kind of open now and whatnot and then was able to kind of eat. Many tried out and did not make the team all know how partisan race Welker thank you. How carted into her life yours. I am currently support. Okay pennies don't you go or did you move on up to the big leagues yet so it got a bit. Well once once they want what's the ideal thing to happen do you did you get picked up by major school or that you get draft enemy like what what what are what are your options right now if you wanted to continue to play. For me did you go you go around but I had both stepped forward schools look over to you players because they could. Only College Baseball book or any kind of the idea. But why are you can. Uncertainty and actually that is going to be my last year. But I mean for her. A lot of do you want schools they'll look at pretty did you go to like out of lower Columbia at Washington that they're really good school or are eaten into higher. Higher levels. But yet why can't you or your school days you definitely if you curtains kind of like expecting to look. They look at them where they can but I at school because they're monitored. Yeah and plus not all that with the kids that are get out of high school or they might take a full rights and was gone. Or they might just straight to the pros which happened a business and it's like it took a farm team where you really can recruit within the collegiate level and still get decent players who have moved onto the professional level or play in my early fall under four years old you're committed for what is it two or three years right and yours now they're basically there. What is the Allen is a damned thing that you've seen happen to somebody else say 44999. All. Silicon drug charge trying to out of coming Anderson spent today we have ten bands named after places around the world a little geography lesson coming up and what you don't need to know as why questions from each and every state Margaret calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. Skydiving Santa plus the mega grand entrance while taking an elf on the shelf to a nine year old girl. Unfortunately he crashed into a tree and little light pole before hitting a Florida beach and breaking his leg. Greg Crowe this was dressed as Santa Claus during these Saturday sky dived to deliver toys to the Tampa Bay beach bums operation Santa charity volleyball tournament. But as ABC action news video shows as he neared the Gulfport landing spots he took a sudden left turn crashed right into its free. Vera light pole. Then onto the beach then fell down among a bunch a volleyball net some our question what's the day and the thing that you've seen happen to someone else say 449990. Luck we got a couple comments here it says I won't plug up. I want solid guys swallowed him hot dog winners in his mouth hole no jewelry. That does seem safe at. Can't we say we're a man that's what they saw what I didn't know my kids were little cut the hot dog cutting hard but don't cut it out you know a lot of only children opt out got a lot to me down. Now and I just show don't want one night OK who's never forgot it. A solid guys set off an ejector seat in the hangar. Every ounce samples body off the roof pillar happily it on the ground I don't know yet some umbrella dictate the new Domata bull he saw aides say in the body is a cowboy. Among but it took a foul ball to the mouth broke off eight teeth but since he embraces all the teeth just flipped over. Yet every car all lower the ball on all of here yeah all they all know he thought back over all and I was today losing you've seen having someone else say 449990. Hello Kevin welcome to the manager. Hey how are gone and wow. All I. So this is kind of similar to one though a book or just say youth the pellet gun. So me my buddies or playing and how much rent out. Drunken beer spoken to you know get a little bored. Slow but you also that he breaks up the pellet gun and it's. Q2 powered. So my other friend agrees to first getting shot in the leg. You know do it and Lisa well nothing cheap bats. Didn't go far enough. So to step it up a notch. Decide to do point blank to his nipple. Old and he he was okay when this idea he was like yeah let's do that. Yup so. Yeah leg may be a centimeter away. Ticket straight into it nipple. So go and so lead pellet tilt does Jerry period net bull and get stuck on the other side. So measure return is little to a black hole. The became a funnel. Yeah well heeled over in dean's still a feel knuckle and get a little hearts spot behind that. So the palace is no middle level. Yeah our duke Collins led yeah three out of the lead I don't Baylor in his mental it's still there. No testing ground they're like stuck behind the net all. Does he share the sort of people like a ladies detrimental to them aren't very Olympic. On I don't know how much now about it that the time yup what does he do for a living out dummies and a surgeon or some. No it he's. He works at a gun release trimming on a pot farm is trimming Allopod far. How guide that things are part allegory project to reward that I feel like the guy who wants to get shot of the nipple doesn't seem like the guy who's gonna be I don't know your lawyer who are right on an inlet at a police officer later in line for a better and that's why noises here joy we say people don't change much so they just don't know it. And then what is it then this thing you've seen happen to someone else say 44999. Cola. Hello Steve welcome to the men's room. All adrenaline 00 jobs. OK so. It was probably my second or maybe third trip to Iraq. And big mission had been blown up late. Two days. Finally launches a director turns dark and it turned out to be like just searching you know were saying you know. So it's all over we will invest where we where we live in. There is strong which security aircraft malt song on one and there's not been. No he's on mind. And then rolled up you guys on the target probably five or six guys. And so. I'm walking towards the missile. And the guy there rolled up on the target they're welcome them over to the kind of the same area. Sort of look over. There Rasheed got an Eagles got stopped. And there are you know put on a certain zip ties on his arms. And and he's like dragging a leg. And so kind of distant look great as I got closer to home. I actually know what what was going on this lady whose calf muscle would only attached by the bottle turned into. Yeah finally there are okay alone. Man that happened. Until there was a time that happened. Oh yeah I guess apart so Ali you're from and this tour tortured dogs scenes are in our media on the mission so. No one of these guys let the dog loose and that dog were to cut most all the bottle it's a loses it German shepherd what government won't get in literature were okay. And you know the model Armon bullish chili like no big deal. And none dare do most got stuck and you know. Now I'm in the mode where you know you're so tired now everything's funny song talking crap on the way. Walking and rhythm. You know you should stop doing NPR news. You know being a while so you don't get a look from the guidance that. You know score or news do over where they can go to Lebanon dinner plate shut developed to kind of look you know. Well yeah. I mean. Why would win I know guys like most McNamee do you know will do a bit out I would think that. And I'm loving god and ask for a lot of sympathy but I think if the German Shepard and his rip my calf. Awful my leg at least can yeah I mean courtesy and just to shut up for a set a cap on the Achilles tendon to me electing I'd rather almost just lose my knee. The to have that thing ball up I've seen it happen one time in high school and happened to the football game via our got another team. Is que les just snaps and basically rolled off. You don't mean bread into his cap really title and I've seen in the back of his meaner and it pops all yeah it pops loud. It's horrible what is the bad news thing that you've seen happen to someone else 844999. Hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.